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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Asha calls family for dinner. Dev tries to sit next to Sona, but Sona asks Elena to come and sit next to her. Elena looks at Dev and moves. Dev sits next to her. Asha serves food. Dev tastes and says it is very tasty. Bejoy says even he should like and he is seeing that she liking her damaad more. Asha acts as getting angry. Sourav says mom did not serve food at all. Bejoy jokes he should not eat. Dev says food is so tasty, he is planning to stay with Sona tomorow also to have such a tasty food. Sona says Dev has office and his mom would be worried, so he has to go.


After dinner, Dev sits on sofa and peeps into kitchen looking at Sona. Sourav sits and Dev says food was very tasty and he overate. Sourav says mom prepares tasty food. Bejoy brings liquor bottle

and says he bought this when he went to Massouri 6 months ago. Dev sees Sona going to her room and tries to leave. Bejoy stops him and he says he is stretching. Bejoy says he can do stretching while he prepares a peg for him. Dev says he does not drink. Bejoy says he knows he takes more than a peg.

Elena gets Vicky’s call and says if he is not afraid of Sona, she is here. He says he is not afraid of anyone. Their chatting continues. Radha enters and he stops. Radha says she came to take spon and leaves with spoon. Vicky continues chatting with Elena.

Sourav serves liquor and gets heavily inebriated and falls on sofa. Bejoy asks him to be careful and he walks towards his with wobbly gait. Bejoy then sipping liquor says Dev that he is going to his daughter’s room and should solve their problem by morning. Dev says sure and says Masouri’s promise. He goes to Sona’s room and calls her on mobile. She ignores. He knocks door and says he came to be with her. She says she wants to be alone and asks him to go out. He goes out and sits back on sofa and says Bejoy he could keep his promise. Asha hears that and says she will speak to Sona. Bejoy laughs that Dev is afraid of my daughter. Dev says he wil handle issue alone. Asha asks if he is sure. Dev says yes and says he will sleep on sofa. Asha insists him to go and sleep in her and Bejoy’s room. He goes. She and Bejoy sleep on sofa. At midnight, Dev walks out to get water. Sona remembers suddenly that she did not give water to Dev and walks down silently.

Ishwari waits for Dev sitting on dining chair. Neha says bhai will not come, she should have food and sleep. Ishwari says he did not inform her at all and calls Dev, but number is not reachable.

Sona and Dev clash in living room due to darkness and water mug falls down. Bejoy and Asha wake up. Dev and Sona start fighting…Dev says her parents are better than her who gave their room. Bejoy says why did not she let Dev sleep in her room. She starts fighting with Dev againn. Bejoy says it is enough now and asks them both to go out and come back only after solving their problems. Asha asks what is he doing, she told not to drink too much. He says he is doing rright and asks them to go out. They both walk out sadly. Asha asks Bejoy why did he send jama babu at 2 a.m. Bejoy says he even sent Sona out and did not do any partiality. He knows what he did, if they don’t be alone, they will not recoincile. Ishwari calls him just then and asks if Dev came here. He says Dev and Sona are both here and will stay here tonight. Ishwari asks him to give phone to Dev. He says he sent Sona and Dev out of house as they were making noise. Ishwari panics how can he sent them at midnight. He says he does not like troublesome children and sent them to sort out their issues themselves. Ishwari asks how can he send them at midnight. He says he sleeps at midnight and even she is disturbing him and disconnects call. Ishwari stands in a shock.

Precap: Dev walks behind Sona. Sona says he should not follow her like puppy. He says she called him dog. She says she called him puppy like he calls her rabbit and she does not want him following her. They both walk in opposite direction.

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