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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Sona tells Ranveer’s bhabhi that Neha is angry at this time and words spoken in anger are not true. Bhabhi says if her mother did not teach her that bitters words changes relationship. Sona says like Neha, Ranveer is also angry and is not remember how Neha left her comfort zone for him. She does not want their relationship to end like this. Bhabi says even she does not want to. Sona says she will speak to Neha and bhabi should speak to Ranveer.


Ishwari cries sitting in her room. Sona enters and says she can understand what she is feeling. Ishwari says like any other mother, she wants her daughte to be happy, but why there is no happiness in Neha’s life and she is ready to take divorce, even now society does not look divorced woman with respect. Sona says they should speak to both Neha and Ranveer. Ishwari says she knows what her daughter needs, now she will not let Neha away from her and will give her the attention she needs. Sona says she can understand what a mother feels when her child’s house breaks, but divorce is not a good thing and they should not help Neha in her adamancy. Ishwari says because of Neha’s adamancy, Dev could become successful. Sona cannot understand why Neha has so much bitterness in her heart, she ignored Neha and is the main reason, Neha wants divorce from Ranveer and wants to start a new life, so she will let Neha live her life the way she is and will give her right. Sona stands silently. Ishwari says whatever is in her mind, she should understand that only she can understand her daughter, so Sona should stay away from this problem and should understand that this house is different and has deep roots involved as they all have buried their past in it and they cannot forget past. Sona was not part of their past, so she cannot understand their present.

Sona goes back to her room and scribbles something on paper. Dev comes and hugs her from behind. She says she wants to tell her something. He says he does not want to listen anything, now it is only his and his wife’s time, says if she knows how much he misses that resort night. She says she will shorten the distance between them and writes her name on his hand. He writes I love you on her neck and kisses it. They both look into each other’s eyes then…Tu mujhme mujhse zyada hai…. Sona says let me speak now. Kichu knocks door and says Ranveer has come. Sona says she had gone to Ranveer’s house to speak about Ranveer and Neha. Dev asks why did she do this. She says she wants to get another chance for the sake of their love.

Dev and Sona go down. Ranveer asks Sona why she involved her family in all this. Soan says she just…He says she should not have, earllier Neha sent divorce notce and then Dev came and challenged him. Sona says she just wants to reunite them. Radha yells shut up beng…bahu…she should stay away from this. Ranveer says Neha is not a child and if she has taken a decision, why Sona is interfering. Dev shouts at Ranveer that he will not tolerate anyone insulting his wife, Sona was just trying to reunite him and Neha and does not have any bad intention. Neha comes and asks Ranveer why did he come here, must have insulted her and her family. Ranveer comments. Dev shouts again. Ranveer says Dev that he will stay from his family and they should stay away from his family and walks out.

Radha starts yelling at Sona again. Mamaji warns her to shut up and at least respect her old age. Ishwari yells at Sona why did she go even after warning. Neha yells why she cannot se her in this house and is behind her and runs from there to her room crying. Ishwari walks behihnd her. Neha cries what did she do to Sona, why she is behind her. Ishwari says calm down. Neha says mami was right, Ranveer was not right for her. Ishwari says it is not her mistake, she loved Ranveer and did not see his true colors. She then says it is her mistake that she did not see her daughter’s future well, now she will not let her ruin her future in the future.

Dev angrily enters room. Sona sobbing says she did not want to complicate things and did not know all this would happen. He hugs her and says he knows she what she wanted and what Ranveer wanted. She says she wanted Ranveer and Sona to reunite. Dev says now they cannot, if she did not see how Ranveer misbehaved with him, his sister and wife, after all this, if she wants Neha to go and stay with Ranveer, Ranveer will be punished for his mistake. Sona says Ranveer misbehaved in anger like he is anger now. Dev shouts if she is defending Ranveer even now. Sona says she just wants Ranveer and Neha to reunite, it is a question of their life. He stands turning his back. She says he should be quiet like this, else she will use his own line on him. He asks what…She says that Sonakshi you will not understand. She says she learnt preparing each family member’s perfect tea, except him as he likes coffee. She does not want to change anyone and wants to keep everyone united, her baba has taught her this and she wants him also to learn this He smiles.

Precap: Sona and Dev sit near rangoli to light lamp. Mamaji clicks their pic and says Ishwari they both are looking so pretty together. Ishwari fumes.

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