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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Dev gets ready and walks towards door to meet Sona at a restaurant. Ishwari stops her and asks if he is going somewhere, family has planned his birthday celebrations here. He sees his sisters, mamaji, GKB, etc. dancing and enjoying and tells Ishwari if family is celebrating, then he will not go out. Sona calls him and he gets tensed. Sona waits for Dev outside a restaurant eagerly. She gets a call and thinks it is Dev asks where is he. Asha speaks and asks if Dev Babu did not come yet and asks her to get int hotel. Sona says Dev must be coming anytime and she will wait outside. Her phone battery drains out and it switches off. She asks someone to give his phone, but he does not. She continue waiting for Dev outside restaurant.


Dev stands tensed. Ishwari comes

and says she was also reborn as a mother when he was born and she is eagerly waiting for 12:03 a.m. to perform his aarti. She goes to kitchen to bring something. Mamaji sees Dev tensed and asks what happened. Dev tells him that he and Sona had decided that they will spend whole day with family, but night they will be together and enjoy a nice dinner at a restaurant, so Sona is waiting for him at restaurant. Mamaji asks then what is he doing here. Dev says maa. Mamaji says he should inform her and go, she will understand. Dev goes to kitchen. Ishwari says she prepared sweets for him and is eagerly waiting for 12:03 a.m. to perform his aarti. Dev goes back sadly. Asha calls him repeatedly, but his phone is away and she thinks why he is not picking call, must be on his way to restaurant. Dev then sends driver to pick Sona from restaurant.

Mamaji sitting on couch thinks Dev is stuck in a confusion, a man needs both mother and wife and sometimes he has to chose one more than other, poor Dev is stuck in a kasauti. Ishwari hears that and asks what kasauti. Mamaji says he said gehloti, he needs soya beans gehloti kabab. She says he would have told her before, she will prepare some other day and says Sona is not yet home, why she is taking so much time today. Mamaji says Dev sent driver to pick her.

Sona continues to wait for Dev outside restaurant. She sees Dev’s car coming and thinks she will scold birthday boy for coming late. Driver opens door and comes out and says Dev sir sent him to pick her back home. Sona sadly sits in car and asks what was Dev doing. Driver says his family is celebrating birthday and he was with them. Sona gets more sad.

Bose family celebrate Dev’s birthday with a cake. Surabh says thank god Sona is not here, else she would have insisted for sugarless cake. Asha jokes Dev’s family is so emotional. Bejoy says how can Ishwari show so many emotions at once, something is wrong with her. Asha says they should get Saurabh and Elena married in that house. Bejoy says if she thinks of that, he will go back to Kolkota, he cannot tolerate that family any more. Elena hears that and gets sad.

Sona takes driver’s phone and calls Asha. Asha asks if Dev came. Sona says Dev did not come at all. Asha asks her not to get disheartened, he will come. Sona disconnects call and cries. Bejoy asks Asha if she got her boyfriend’s call. Asha says hope it was, Sona had called. Bejoy says she would have give phone to him, he would have wished Dev. Asha says he was so irritated about Dev before marriage, now he is fond of Dev. Bejoy says Dev knows if he keeps Sona happy, he will be happy, else knows I will not spare him.

Dev sadly celebrates birthday with family. GKB Radha tells Neha that good Sona is not yet back, else she would not have let Dev with family and would have stick to him always. Neha says she is surprised why bhabi is not yet home, it is good anyways.

Precap: Sona reaches home and gets sad seeing Dev celebrating his birhtday with his family.

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