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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Dev and Sona reach back Bejoy’s house. Asha greets them back in. Bejoy asks if their issue is sorted out. Dev says yes and thanks him and asks if he has phone charger, he has to talk to maa. Bejoy takes him to give charger. Ishwari gets into car and asks driver to take her to Bejoy’s house. Asha serves breakfast to family. Dev says it is very tasty. Bejoy asks Asha why is she not eating. Asha says her stomach is full seeing Sona and Dev’s happiness. Dev says how can she and feeds her calling maa repeatedly. Ishwari enters fumes in jealousy hearing dev calling Asha as maa. Sourav says maa and papa don’t get sleep without AC. Dev tells he would have slept on sofa if they had told about this. Ishwari fumes more seeing Dev mingling with


Sona’s family so well. Asha sees Ishwari and asks her to come in. Dev goes near her. Ishwari says he forgot his mother. Dev says no.. She asks Bejoy why did he send children out at night, if he does not know Delhi is unsafe even after 8 p.m. Bejoy says he wanted them to sort their issues. She says even then he did wrong. Asha asks her to come and have breakfast with them. Ishwari asks Dev if he will come home or not. Sona says they were about to come.

Dev gets his car. Sona waves bye to her family and walks towards front seat when Ishwari surpasses her and opens door. Sona stands in a surprise. Ishwari asks if she wants to sit next to Dev. Sona says no and signals Dev. Dev asks Iswhari to sit next to him and she sits. Sona sits on the back seat. Sona signals Dev to ask mom for icecream. Dev tells Ishwari they did not have icecream since many days, he will stop car near icecream parlor. Ishwari says she wants to go home soon.

At home, Radha yells that Sona’s family is so arrogant to send damad out.. Mamaji warns her to shut up. Dev and Sona return with Ishwari. Radha starts yelling again. Mama shuts her mouth. Dev says he went there with his wish and stayed there and nobody to be blamed. Ishwari goes to her room. Dev says maa is angry and did not eat anything. Mamaji says she did not speak whle night also. Dev says he will feed her, Yashoda cannot stay angry on Krishna for long.

Ishwari goes to Radha’s room. Radha is busy counting money and hides money under bedsheet. She starts her drama again. Ishwari there is an alliance for Rhea from a rich family. Radha says they are so rich, she should agree for it and at least perform Rhea’s marriage according to her wish. Ishwari says after all these incidents, she is afraid of marriage. She reminisces going to Neha’s room and seeing her looking at Rhea’s childhood album and reminds how Rhea used to perform doll marriages and even not let neighbor’s doll and used to Neeti nobody would find such a good doll Neeti’s doll. They both laugh.

Ishwari goes to her room and continues feeing jealous reminiscing Dev calling Asha as maa and feeding her. Dev comes with apple and tries to calm her, but she does not. He tells her a story about Yashoda and Krishna and stuffs apple in her mouth and they both laugh.

Dev goes back to room and gets ready for office. He says Sona that he fed mom apple somehow, but she looks even now angry. Sona says she is angry that they were out of house for whole night and was worried about our safety, though she will understand as some smart man told that yashoda cannot be angry on her kahna for long. She then combs her hair and says she has decided they will go and stay on tree and name their house as Sonakshi ose. He watches her. She says she was speaking to him. He says he was looking at her. She says he is impossible. He says she can paint this room maroon, can grow tree here, can name him as Mr. Sonakshi bose, but until she is here, she can do anything. They both look into each other’s eyes and he says okay Ms. Bose. She says Mrs. Dixit for him. He tries to hug her and she asks if he does not want to go to office. He says yes, he has many meetings. She says she wants to get a swinger in her room since childhood and did not want to ask parents though. He is busy on phone and says okay and then asks her if she said something. She says no.. and then smiles thinking of giving him a surprise.

Precap: Sona orders swinger and asks Bhola to keep it in her room. Radha asks why is she taking it to her room. Sona says she had a dream of having swinger in her room since childhood. Ishwari asks if Dev knows about swinger. Sona says it is a surprise for him.

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