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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 112

the episode starts with the Diwali preparations going on.

Nikki:sumo bhabhi!!sona bhabhi!!!hurry up we need to go search for our dresses now!!
Sona and suman:yes coming!
Nikki,Riya,neha,sona and sumo go shopping!!
music plays as They choose their clothes.


They are done with shopping.

Neha:blue saree with white intricate designs.
Riya:orange blouse with dark green skirt.
Nikki:pink anarkali
Sona:(what she wore for the Sangeet in the real serial).
Suman:what she wore for her marrige with aditya(golden saree)

They all come home and put down their bags.sona and sumo light up Diya’s from the pooja room along with ishwari and GKB.dev and shravan come down in their stunning sherwanis
Dev:black sherwani with black chudidaar and read chunni
Shravan:dark blue sherwani with black chudidaar.
Raatha bhar,laali sa..chupke se..
Ishwari instructs sona and sumo to arrange the Diya’s around the ganesha rangoli.
Dev helps sona.
Sona:no no dev,don’t put it there..oh Ma light it first.
dev holds her by her arms tightly and pulls her.
She falls on him while sitting and both have a Long eyelock..

shravan and sumo laugh…

They continue their activity..
They all go out to the garden and keep all the bombs,sparklers.ishwari and GKB decorate the area with lights and flowers.riya and Nikki start the sparklers..
Nikki:chalo let’s blast some bombs.
Vicky:no..it’s very dangerous..
Nikki:no vicky bhaiya we aren’t small kids anymore!!
Elena:you think u aren’t small kids but to your vicky bhaiya,you’re still his small baby Sister ok?
Vicky:bengali mirchi thodi kam mirchi hai..
Elena:just shut up..*rolls eyes
Elena and sona hug..
Elena:hi jiju,I hope you’re taking care of my sweet sweet Sister!!
Dev:tujhse better!!
Sona:laugh..u two talk I’ll bring something from inside.
Elena:sona stay with us no?
Sona:abhi ayi..Vicky needs some help..
Elena:then u surely must not go..*whispers*he has been misbehaving with me,he will surely misbehave with you..
Sona:*whisper*dont worry..I know how to handle him*
Dev:kya kusur pusur chalrahahi?
Elena:it’s girl talk jiju..
Sona:abhi aatihu..
Sona goes to the kitchen.
Vicky teases her Bengali mirchi double
Sona:*slap*didnt I tell you..tum dev ki choti bhai Ho..aur mein dev ki biwi..jaise tum dev ki chota bhai Ho,waise mere liye chote bacche bhi..so agar tum mere aur meri behn ki saath badameezi ki,2-4 tapad zaroor milega.
Vicky arrogantly smiles:but teri choti bengali mirchi pasghayi..
Sona walks away..
Sona goes to ishwari and sumo:khaana lagaye?
They arrange the food on the table..
Naan,rice,chole,palak paneer
everyone gets pleased at dinner.
Radha:jiji,itna acha khaana banaya hai.*excited*
Ishwari:bhabhi yeh khaana meri dono laado bahu ne banayi!!*cupping their chins*

Precap:Cute moments:)

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