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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 111


The episode starts with Suman feeding Diya out of much difficulty.
Suman:eat pls!!i need to go to work baby!!
Diya:and I need to go to school hm*hands on her hips*
Suman:tell riya bua to get you ready beta pls!!
Diya:ok!!riya bua!!riya bua!!
Riya:yes maharani at your service!!
Diya:riya bua pls get me ready for school!!now!!
Riya:ok..brush kiya?


Riya:fataatfat brush karke Aaja
Diya runs up cutely and brushes and comes.
Riya:bathe Kiya!!
Diya:uffo,bua that’s why I’m in a towel!!shower shower me shower me shower me!!*jumping on the stairs*
Riya showers her..
Diya is playing with her rubby ducky..
Riya:baby don’t move so much!!

After showering Diya Riya takes out her uniform..
Diya jumps on her bed..
Riya:agar Teri Mom ne dekliya meri toa Jaan nikaljayega!!
Diya:don’t worry mumma isn’t at home!!
Riya:Diya ki bacchi!come let’s go to school..

Riya drops Diya to school.
Riya:bye my sweeet angel*hug*
Diya:bye bua!!*hug*
She jumps off to school!!

Sona in her scooty is Travelling along the roads and dev bumps into her(by car)
Sona:oi dekh ki nehe chal sakthahai saale saare documents mithi mein giradiya
Dev:oi watch your language ms*sees sona’s face*
Sona is still rubbing the mud off her.
Dev:sona!!omg are u ok?
Sona:yeh dev ki awaaz kaha se aaarehehhai?*sees dev*
Sona:dev,you don’t know how to drive?
Dev:ramlal knows but what are you doing ok your scooty?
Sona:coming back from work?
Dev gets a call from ishwari.
Ishwari:beta,u and sona come home,we need to do the Diwali preparations
Dev:ok Ma..sona we need to go home and do the Diwali prep!!
Sona:stop stop gol gappa shop I want!!
dev and sona have gol gappa and have some romantic moments!!*tu mudjme tujhse*

Ishwari:aagaye tum log(they reach home)
They help with the ecorations.

Precap:diwali prep and diwali..romantic moments coming up:-)

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