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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 110

Hey guys!!i haven’t posted my episode for my 1234456789 years so yep ok sorry!!my papa wasn’t well so we needed to go to Mumbai for surgery and operation and stuff because his follow up is there!!and ya kinda forgot about writing!!so here presenting episode 110!

PS:I’m starting from the previous dev and sona’s marrige!!becuase me myself felt weird of the new Diya aka sona and dev so yes I’m remaking my track:-).so hope you enjoy my fresh article:)!!

the episode starts with dev and sona Wake up to a brand new day.

Dev wakes up and sees sona sleep with a smile.he stares at her happily and carreses her hair locks.sona gets disturbed.

Dev:sh..don’t start your tumi tumi in the morning.
Sona:how dare you make me shh..
Dev:sona!enough!im your husband and I can control your mouth.
Sona:why are you acting like this?
Dev:Socho socho,agar mein aisa pati hota to?
Sona:dev we can’t play all the time!!
Dev:sorry sona!
Sona:Socho socho mein aise biwi hoti to?
Dev and sona:we have played this so many times!!
Sona:acha,I need to go to work,so u do too and let’s gets ready.
Dev:let’s stay in bed for some more time no?
Sona:dev it’s already 7.45!!i need to be in the hospital by 9!
Dev:just 9!
Sona:dev my hospital is very far and also I need to shower and help maa in the kitchen right?i need to feed Diya also!!chalo!!
Dev:I also need to Leave for work..and u forgot to say You’ll feed jhanvi.
Sona:that’s because you’re feeding her.
Sona comes out after showering in an orange salwar kameez.she braids her hair into a French braid and goes down to the kitchen to help out ishwari and suman(from ekdv)

Sona:ok bye!!
Suman:Diya it’s time for your food beta!!
Diya:no maasi!!i will not eat!!mumma didn’t feed me..
Suman stares at her lovingly…

Precap:Sab kuch teek hai lekin kya hua dixit house main,jo ajanak se aya itna tension?

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