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kuch kuch hota hai

Hi guys!! This is sreeja .
I am so excited that this my first ff.l guess I could reach you in the better way
This is dedicated to my dearest naina…
Let me know your views and doubts by a comment
Let’s get started
Shivaay-A business tycoon , om ru lovely brother, and he has no feelings about love.but may be he has a place in his heart for someone

Omkara-he is the brother of shivaay and rudra, he believe in love . He loves his brothers and dadi more than anything.


Rudra-He is the coolest brother among the three brothers and enjoys flirting girls

Prinku-She is shy and independent women. Her first priority is her family

Anika-she is a pretty girl and shakti friend daughter.she believe in love.

Ishana-she is a fashion designer and learning sculpture.

Naina-she is the sister of anika .she is so parctical . She is a model and fashion designer

Soumya-she is the cousin of obro’s .she lost her parents. So, she live in oberoi mansion

Remaining all characters are same as shown in Ishqbaaz
At railway station

Anika and naina is searching for the train and they came to their compartment and sit at their respective places

Anika’s POV-
“Anika” be strong don’t be scared of new people.you should be very careful because tomorrow onwards you r going to new place, new people, new college.you should be friendly with them.so, that they can merge with you and your sister. Be calm and be positive. Don’t be tensed.shakti uncle will u both nicely .don’t be tensed okay………….

Naina-what happen didi?…
R u fine….
At oberoi mansion
All obro’s and soumya are in the shivaay’s room

Rudra-hey sumo!!!!! How dare you to come to my brothers room

Sumo-hey cry baby!!!!! He is not only your brother my brother too.I too have right to come to his room okay!!!!!!! ( with angry wala look)

Rudy-hey sumo!!!!!! (By pointing his finger infront of her face)

Sumo-hey cry baby !!!! ( by pointing her finger infront of his face)

They both are fighting

Om and shivaay stops their fight

Shivaay – have u both have sense

Om -u both are behaving like a kids
Stop fighting
( rudy and sumo sees each other face with angry wala look )
And they both nods their heads ok

And then shakti arrives

Shakti-om . My friend daughters are coming to our mansion!!!!
So, go and pick up them from railway station

Rudy and sumoat a time- what is their names papa!!!!!
(They both see each other with angry wala look )

Shakti-Anika and naina

Rudy – naina!!!!!! Wow !!!!!!! What is her age papa!
(With naughty face)

(Shakti, om, shivaay, sumo says shut up rudra)

Om- but papa , today I’m busy in my art gallery so, o should go

Shakti-but how!!!! You must pick up them , because they are our guests

Rudy -papa don’t force om I will go pick up them especially nainaaa

Shakti-shut up rudra

Om-then lets send shivaay to the station(shivaay sees om with wat wala look)

Om-shivaay do you have any important work today

Shivaay-no .nothing Important

Om- so plzzz will u pick up them

Shivaay-no it’s impossible

Om-please for me just go na!!!!!

Shivaay- ok only for u

Om – I know that you”ll agree for it
(Shivaay looks on)

Precap-shivika’s cute moment and ishkara meet

Thank you guys for reading this ff
If u like it share your comments with me okay!!!!!!

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