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Koi aapsa Abhigya,Swasan,Tanshi FF Part8,9


Tanu tries 2 open the suitcase.Abhi’s fingers go thru her hand.she looks at Abhi.then smiles.


Abhi realises that it was only a dream.he feels shy. Actually when Abhi asks Tanu 2 help him open his suitcase,

TANU:i don’t no whether i’ll succeed or not,but i’ll try.
Pragya:opening a suitcase is not a big task.its so silly.i’ll open it Abhi.
Abhi laughs.
A:u won’t be able 2 open it.i’m sure.
TANU:let her try Abhi.if she wins in it..
A:no way..but Pragya goes & opens it.
Abhi was surpprised:u cud open it?
Pragya was very happy:ya..
TANU:see,Pragya is so brilliant.
when Pragya goes outother college boys tease her:nice jeans girl.nice hairstlye. R u a girl?or a boy? plz tell yaar.
Pragya cries and goes 2 Abhi.
A:what’s the matter Pragya?
she tells everything.
Abhi goes 2 them:if u don’t recognize a girl,consult a dr & put specs. then he goes 2 Pragya.
PRAGYA:u beat them with ur words
A:they can’t be blamed completely.why can’t u walk like a girl? Keep ur hair loose.start wearing girls’ dresses also.
Abhi goes.Pragya thinks about it.

Rishi is in his room after a surgery.
The attendar woman came with tea:Dr.Rishi..tea..
Rishi looks at her.He is surprised.It is Tanu.
Rishi:You?How come you are here?
She:Dr..I am working here.
R:Newly joined?
He smiles thinking:Now onwards everyday I can see her.
He holds her hand and drinks tea from the cup in her arms.
Na hai yeh pana, na khona hi hai
Tera na hona jane, kyun hona hi hai

She is stunned to see what Rishi is doing.

She is shy:Dr.Rishi..
Tum se hi din hota hai, surmaiye shaam aati, tumse hi, tumse hi

He looks at her romantically
Har ghadi saans aati hai, zindagi kehlati hai, tumse hi, tumse hi

and gets shocked to see that she is not Tanu,but another woman.
He moves back:Why are you standing here?
She:Dr..now only I told you that I am a staff here.
R:Why were you holding the cup near to my lips?
She:Dr..you only held my hand and drank tea from it…
Rishi is embarrassed:Now you just leave.
Rishi:No need of tea.Just leave.
She thinks:Why is Dr.Rishi behaving like this?One moment romantic and another moment very angry.
She leaves the room.
He thinks:Oh God..what did I do?
Nurse came in:Dr.Rishi…
He looks at her.He is surprised to see Tanu as the nurse.He smiles lost in her.She smiles at him.

Na hai yeh pana, na khona hi hai
Tera na hona jane, kyun hona hi hai

Suddenly he thinks:It may be my illusion.Let me clear it now.
He blinks his eyes.
Suddenly he realizes that it’s not Tanu and gets embarrassed.
Nurse:You called me to go for rounds.
Rishi:I am coming.You go..
Nurse:Ok Dr.
He thinks:What is happening to my eyes.
He goes for rounds with the nurse.He reaches near a female patient.He is surprised to see Tanu as the patient.His face blossoms seeing her as his patient.
Na hai yeh pana, na khona hi hai
Tera na hona jane, kyun hona hi hai

Rishi:You here?
She:Feeling very feverish doctor.
Rishi:Is it?
He touches her forehead smiling.She too smiles.

Tum se hi din hota hai, surmaiye shaam aati, tumse hi, tumse hi
Har ghadi saans aati hai, zindagi kehlati hai, tumse hi, tumse hi- Jab We Met

Suddenly he realizes that it Is not Tanu and takes his hand back.
He thinks:Why I am seeing her everywhere?

Part-9….Pragya goes 2 Tanu who was sleeping.she gets up with irritatation:what Pragya?won’t u allow 2 sleep?
PRAGYA:sorry Tanu.
Tanu sleeps.Swara gets up:whats the matter Pragya? PRAGYA:i want 2 wear salwar kameez. SWARA:suddenly how did u feel like wearing it?
PRAGYA:oh no,will u able 2 giv 1 of ur salwar kameezes?
Swara with a smile:ok..
Pragya wears salwar suit given by swara and opens her hair.in the night she goes searching 4 Abhi.she falls down in darkness.Pragya screems.
Abhi who was resting outside hears it:this is Pragya’s voice.he searches 4 her & finally sees her and helps 2 get her up.
A:what r u doing in this night?
PRAGYA:i came 2 see u.
A:in this midnite?
PRAGYA:ya..2 show my new appearance.
Abhi looks at her:wow!now u look like a sweet girl.
Pragya smiles: is it?
A:no doubt.
Tanu searches 4 Pragya.Abhi sees her coming.he takes Pragya 2 backside.
A:Tanu wil see us.

Pragya smiles.
Abhi tells in his mind:when i see Tanu,my heart is beating fast?
He keeps Pragya’s head on his chest. Pragya was shocked:why?
A:can u hear my heartbeats.
Pragya smiles.
A:its a symbol of luv.
Pragya feels happy.
A:ok bye..he runs away.

Pragya goes back. Swara and Tanu stare at her.
TANU:where were u in this midnight?
PRAGYA:simply i went out.
TANU:don’t u care 4 urself?don’t 4get that this place is unknown 2 us.what happened 2 u.suddenly wore salwar kameez… ?
Pragya is silent.
Tanu & Swara go 2 sleep.

while the pepsi gang was standing out,Abhi had a rose petal in his hand:keep it in ur hand and wish 2 get ur luv.we’ll get.
Sanskar,Swara,Abhi wish.
Abhi looks at Swara:Swara..did you wish to get love?
Swara:Yes..And you?
Sanskar:I too wished.Do you think we will get our love?
Swara:If it’s in our desriny we will get our love for sure.

They smile at each other.
Sanskar says in his mind:No one else other than you can be there in my destiny Swara.
Swara says in her mind:I don’t know who is there in my destiny..but I wish it’s you Sanskar.

PRAGYA:Abhi,giv me a petal 2 wish.
Pragya closes her eyes with the petal Abhi gave and wishes.when hopefully he opens her eyes,she cud see only Swara.
SWARA:others went.
Pragya becomes upset.
SWARA:they think that how a person can fall in luv with a tom boy like u.
PRAGYA:but now i wore salwar kameez..nobody noticed it.
SWARA:its ok.1 day they will realize that u r also a sweet girl like others.u’l get ur luv .

Pragya smiles with lots of hopes. suddenly she becomes dull.she asks in her mind:Abhi,u said that i look like a pretty girl.but then also why did u leave me alone and go?

Swara was rehearsing forgetting herself.She was twirling and turning around dancing.Panting and sweating she is about to fall down.She fell in Sanskar’s arms.Slowly she looks at him.He is keeping on looking at her.
They share a pure innocent eye lock.

Rabba mere rabba rabba, rabba mere rabba…..

He holds her hand and they start dancing.

Is pyaar ko main kya naam du, rabba mere rabba rabba rabba mere rabba

They came closer and closer.

Is pyar ko main kya naam du, (bechain dil ko kaise aaram du -2)

They look at each other with their romantic eyes.

Is pyaar ko main kya naam du, rabba mere rabba rabba rabba mere rabba

They come back to senses and moved away from each other.They are shy.

Rabba mere rabba rabba rabba mere rabba

Swara:I was having my individual dance rehearsal.Then why did you dance with me?
Sanskar:Simply..I felt like dancing with you.

Tanhai betabi teri saugaate hai
Mere in hoton pe bas teri hi baatein hai

Swara looks at him:Why?
Sanskar:Because I love being with you.

Rabba mere rabba rabba rabba mere rabba rabba

They share an intense eye lock.

Kuch na kah paane ki yeh kya majburi hai
Najdik rehke bhi yeh kaisi duri hai

Swara:What did you say?
Sanskar:I mean..I love dancing with you.

Khamosh hoton se kya paigam du, bechain dil ko kaise aaram du

She smiles.He too smiles.
Is pyaar ko main kya naam du, rabba mere rabba rabba rabba mere rabba

Sanskar:Swara…I think you are very tired of rehearsals.You need to take rest for some time.
Swara:No need Sanskar.I have to give my best for the fest.
Sanskar:If you rehearse without rest you will so tired that you won’t have the stamina to dance on stage.So you rest.Ok?
She nods.
She sits.He brings water bottle and gives it to him.She takes it and drinks.
Is pyaar ko mein kya naam du

Ye bechain dil ko kaise aaram du

He smiles.She smiles at him.
Rabba mere rabba rabba rabba mere rabba rabba

Rabba mere rabba rabba rabba mere rabba rabba-

Mujhe Kuch Kahna Hai

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