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Koi aapsa Abhigya,Swasan,Tanshi FF Part15,16

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Part-15….Swara gets an invitation card,she reads it.her eyes rose up. her parents cum.
mom:whats that?
SWARA:its a wedding invitation card.
SWARA:Sanskar’s. she weeps.
dad:its bcoz of me that u lost Sanskar.
he becomes upset.
SWARA:no dad,its fate.
dad:don’t go 4 the wedding,u won’t be able 2 tolerate that pain
. SWARA:no,i’ll go.otherwise he’ll be sad.
mom:Sanskar hates u due 2 sum misunderstandings.so he won’t be sad.
SWARA:No.If he hates me he would’nt have invited me.anyway i want 2 see his wedding.
Swara wipes her tears.


Abhi gets Sanskar’s wedding invitation card. Tanu also gets.
Rishi comes behind her smelling her fragrant hair.She blushes.

Suddenly thinking of something Tanu becomes emotional.
Rishi:What happened Tanu?
She showed him the invitation card.
Rishi:Wow..it’s a news to be happy.Your friend is getting married.

Tanu:Yes.I just became emotional thinking of our gang.Miss those days.

Rishi:My dear wife…go and relive those days again.You go for the wedding and meet all of them.I will also join you.What say?

Tanu becomes happy:Thankyou Rishi.
Rishi:Before that spend some time with me too.
Smiling she rests her head on his chest.He caresses her.

The Pepsi gang all talks 2 each other on ph & go 2gether 2 Sanskar’s house .wedding arrangements were going on.they were thrilled 2 see each other after 5yrs.
Tanu introduces her hubby Rishi:meet my hubby Rishi.
All are happy to meet him in person.
Rishi becomes close 2 them easily.
Sanskar & Swara feel difficult 2 face each other.Damini understands that.

Everyone goes to another room while Swara remains there with Sanskar.
They share an emotional eye lock.

La la la la la la la…

Finally Swara breaks the silence:Thank you for inviting me.I never thought that you will invite me for your wedding.
Sanskar becomes emotional:How can I not invite you?You too belong to our Pepsi gang.
Swara says emotionally:But I am the only one who hurt you.I thought you hate me.

Sanskar:We can’t hate some people Swara.You are one among them.

Swara’s eyes become wet.

Tere naam hamne kiya hai jivan apana saara sanam
Hooooo jivan apana saara sanam
Tere naam…

They share an emotional eye lock.

Tere naam hamne kiya hai jivan apana saara sanam

Swara:Wish you a happy married life.
Sanskar:Thank you.You are happy about my wedding.Right?
Swara keeps silent.

Hamne kiya hai jivan apana saara sanam
Hooooo jivan apana saara sanam

Sans:Why are you not saying anything?
Swara fakes smile:Of course I am happy for you Sanskar.I am happy that finally you are getting someone who really loves you.

Pyaar bahut karte hai tumse, ishk hai too hamaara sanam

Swara walked out hiding her tears.
Sanskar says in his mind:Even at the last moment you have no change Swara.I had a little hope that destiny can be changed by your words.But no..nothing is going to change.

Ho ishk hai too hamaara sanam
La la la la la la…
Sanskar is frustrated.

Swara’s parents had also accompanied her to Sanskar’s house.
her parents talk 2 Damini personally.
dad:our daughter’s luv 4 Sanskar was sincere.she did’t even think about spoiling him.everything is bcoz of me.i was blind.i did’nt see their heart.i wanted 2 separate them.so i did rubbish things.plz 4giv me. Mom:plz don’t curse our daughter.
Damini feels sorry 4 Swara,
she regrets:now its too late.i threw away my son’s luv.oh!

Sanskar tells pepsi:1 is missing from our gang.
Pragya.did’nt she get my invitation card? they all think about Pragya.
SWARA:really miss Pragya.
Abhi:yes,really miss Pragya’s funny laughter.without her smile she’s not complete.
SWARA:without her,pepsi is incomplete.
Airport.1 beautiful girl cumes out of it.has worn long skirt & short top.has worn sun glasses.has put scarf.she removes the scarf.her silky hair flies in the air. she removes her glass.

Part-16….That pretty girl is Pragya.
the pepsi gang is at the Sangeet party.they all r enjoying with dance. then comes a beautiful girl.she has worn a navy blue choli with lots of silver work on it.her hands r full of bangles.it was making sound.every1 looks at her. Tanu:wow!Pragya..
Swara:Pragya came.
every1 goes near her.
Abhi is stunned to see her.
SWARA:we al missed u.
Sanskar:i even doubted whether u’ll cum.
Pragya:how can i ignore ur wedding? i really missed u all.our college life was the sweetest part of my life. Pragya looks at Abhi:hi Abhi.
he smiles:i cud’nt speak out seeing ur change.
Tanu:yes,u’ve changed a lot.now u hav a complete feminine look,very matured.
Pragya smiles. A:where is ur teeth clip?
PRAGYA:thats removed.
A:ur smile has become more beautiful.
Tanu:ur funny smile with that clip was very popular in the college.
PRAGYA:ya,it had a comic look.
Pragya sees the sindoor and mangalsuthra of Tanu.
she thinks:so Abhi’s wedding with Tanu is over.
Tanu:i’ll introduce u a new person. Rishi!
Rishi comes. Tanu stands close 2 him:this is my dearest hubby Rishi.
Pragya was shocked. she looks at Abhi. he was embarrassed.

They were celebrating Sangeet with dance.

Abhi Pragya,Rishi Tanu were dancing along with Sanskar and his fiancee Kavita.

(Chudee pehan ke kabgan pehan ke
Jhumka pehan ke jhumar pehan ke) – (2)
O banwariya
Bandh mere pairo me payaliya – (3)

Dil meraa dil dol raha hain
Nachan ko yeh bol raha hain, o sawariya
Bandh mere pairo me payaliya – (3)
Dil meraa dil dol raha hain
Nachan ko yeh bol raha hain, o banwariya
Bandh mere pairo me payaliya – (3)-Koi aap sa.

Swara becomes jealous seeing Sanskar with another girl.

While dancing with Kavita too Sanskar was looking at Swara secretly.

all were busy with dance and dinner. Abhi-Pragya were alone.

PRAGYA:what happened 2 ur luv?

Jane hai kitana bechain mann, jane hai kaisa devanapan, devanapan

Abhi smiles:it broke off in the college itself.Tanu was already engaged.well,u got married?
Pragya smiles:me?no.
A:why did’nt u marry?
PRAGYA:why did’nt u marry yet?

Abhi smiles:no particular reason.ur reason?
PRAGYA:i lost my luv.i did’nt feel like marrying another person.

Kabhee na sakun aaya, kabhee na karar aaya
Jab se hai tum pe, (mujko pyar aaya -2)

A:u had luved a person.oh,i can’t believe.
PRAGYA:why?a funny person like me can’t fall in luv?

Kabhee na sakun aaya, kabhee na karar aaya
Jab se hai tum pe mujko pyar aaya, pyar aaya

Abhi smiles:how did u lose his luv?
PRAGYA:he was already in luv.

Too tassvur me mere toh hee baato me
Too afsane me mere, too hee yaado me

A:so we both were in the same situation.we both tried 2 reveal our luv 2 them,b4 trying 2 understand whether they luv us.we must ask “do u luv me?” instead of saying “i luv u”.

Kabhee na sakun aaya, kabhee na karar aaya
Jabse hai tumpe (mujhko pyar aaya -2)

PRAGYA:i did’nt tell him that i luv him.
A:even i did’nt tell Tanu like that.b4 that itself she told about Rishi.

Bekararee bharee kab kese ya dil na samaj na paye
Badla badla lage yai alam anjana nasha chaye

PRAGYA:even he told me about his luv b4 told him.
A:whom did u luv?

Tehri jamee tehara hai pal, mann me machee kyun halchal
Sub kuchh alag sa lagne laga, yeh dard kesa jagne laga jagne laga

Pragya did’nt know what 2 say.

she looks at Abhi’s eyes painfully

Kabhee na sakun aaya kabhee na karar aaya
Jab se hai tumpe mjko pyar aaya

P:leave it Abhi.

she goes.

Sanskar gets ready as the bride groom,Swara hides her pain. suddenly they cum 2 know a shocking news.


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