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Koi aapsa Abhigya,Swasan,Tanshi FF Part 17,18 (Ending)

Friends..I am very happy that you all gave me detailed comments last time.It really encourages me.Special thanks to Sethidisha002,Heatsha8176,Piyali,Kavita,Aheli,Arshi,Shreya,Minu,Nirmal,Ayushi for detailed comments.Thanks to Princesskrisha, Soujanya, CuteVanshu 4 commenting.Really surprised to know that there r many TanShi readers too.Because all Tanshi writers discontinued their TanShi ffs because of no comments.But I’m glad that I got good encouraging tanShi readers.I dedicate these 2 chapters to the TanShi fans especially Ayushi and aqsa who want TanShi scenes.

Part-17….Sanskar’s fiancee eloped with another guy. every1 becomes sad.pepsi gang consoles Sanskar. Damini goes near Sanskar:don’t worry son.
SANSKAR:i’m not sad mumma.this is nothing compared 2 the pain i had years ago when my luv did’nt hav any value.
Swara weeps as she understands that Sanskar is talking about Swara telling him that she will accept him only if she becomes a famous foot ball player. all others especially Damini becomes sad.
D:everything happens 4 good.ur wedding is cancelled 4 good.god created this situation 2 fulfil ur biggest dream.
SANSKAR:my biggest dream was 2 become a football player.now i’m a popular football player.
D:u had another dream 4 which u were even willing 2 sacrifice ur career.Ur luv.u’ve only luved 1 girl ie Swara.
Sanskar,Swara & others were staring at damini.
Sanskar:I loved Swara.But my love was not valued by her.
Swara weeps.
D:don’t misunderstand Swara anymore.she loved u sincerely.but misunderstanding her luv,i was rude 2 her.i requested her 2 leave u.she was carried away by my tears.that’s why she avoided u.
Sanskar was shocked:mumma..
Damini cries silently:Sorry beta.I did’nt realize that time that Swara was a gem.I thought she will ruin you.That’s why I did that.
Sanskar is very sad.He looks at Swara.


Oh dil se dil ka rishta juda
Pal do pal mein mitta nahi
Bandhan dilo ka tutta nahi
Bandhan dilo ka tutta nahi

Sans:Without knowing the truth I hurt you.Sorry..
Swara:No Sanskar…
Both are in tears.

Tere dil ka mere dil se
Rishta purana hain

They share an emotional eye lock.
In aankho se har aansu
Mujhko churana hain
Mujhko churana hain
Mujhko churana hain

D:I want to correct my mistake,Sanskar..2day ur wedding will take place.the bride will be Swara. Sanskar,Swara,her parents & pepsi gang become very happy and surprised.
Sanskar Swara smile at each other.

Tere dil ka mere dil se
Rishta purana hain
Pragya and Tanu dress up Swara like a bride and bring her to the mandap.
Sanskar is lost in her.
Sanskar:You look gorgeous in the bridal attire Swara.
She blushes.
Sanskar Swara get married following all rituals.
In aankho se har aansu
Mujhko churana hain

When Sanskar puts mangalsuthra around her neck and sindoor on her forehead Swara becomes emotional.
Mujhko churana hain
Mujhko churana hain
Tere dil ka mere dil se
Rishta purana hain

-Koi aap sa.

Tanu becomes emotional seeing the wedding.
Rishi smiles at her:You are reminded of our wedding.Right?
Tanu:How did you understand that?
Rishi:I love you Tanu.I understand each and every thought of yours.
She smiles.
Tanu:Are you not reminded of our wedding?
Rishi:Of course yes darling.How can I not forget that day?
They remembered how they got married in front of fire,

taking saath phere around the fire…

looking at each other happily of getting united.Thanking Devi Maata for uniting them..
Rishi:When I put sindoor on your forehead…when I placed nuptial chain around your neck..
Tanu:You were shivering.
Tanu:I saw your hands shivering.
Tanu laughs.
Rishi is embarrassed.
Rishi:Ok I agree…I shivered as I was tensed.But you also shivered when I touched you on our first night.
Flash back…
Tanu is sitting on the bed.Rishi sits close to her.
Rishi looks at her deeply:You look beautiful.I am sure that no other bride is as beautiful as you in the wedding attire.
She blushes.

He caresses her face passionately.She is losing in his passionate touch.Still she shivers.
Tanu becomes shy:Yes..I shivered as it was my first experience.Men like you don’t understand that.Women are like that on first night.
Rishi smirks:But you were sweating darling.
Tanu:But later I became alright.Right?

Flash back…
Seeing Tanu Shiver Rishi takes off his hand from her.
Rishi:Tanu..I think you are not comfortable with intimacy.I will wait for you.Sorry for disturbing you.
He stands up and tries to walk away.Suddenly she holds his hand.He looks at her.

She smiles at him.
She moves closer to him resting her head on his chest blushing.A smile appears on his face and holds her closer.

Rishi looks at her deeply:Of course…I am so handsome that you lost your control and made me yours immediately.
Tanu gets irritated:You shameless creature!I made you yours?No..you only made me yours.
Suddenly he pulls her closer passionately:Whatever it is the fact Is that we both became each others that night with love.

She blushes.
Rishi gets cozy with her rubbing his nose on her cheeks sensually:I miss that night.
She blushes enjoying him getting cozy with her.

They share a passionate eye lock.

They all go to have wedding dinner.While having food Tanu feels like vomiting and goes to the wash room vomiting heavily.Rishi is worried:Tanu..Are you ok?Guess it’s food poisoning.
Tanu:I don’t know Rishi.
Pragya brings a doctor:This is Dr.Sita who was present at the wedding.Let her check.
After some time..
The doctor checks and says:Good news.Tanu is pregnant.
All are surprised.The over excited Rishi embraces Tanu and pecks his cheek.
Rishi is very happy:Finally you are going to produce someone to call me dad.You are the sweetest Tanu.

Tanu blushes.
The pepsi gang:Hey Tanu..we should call you preggy now.
Due to shyness Tanu covers her face with her hands.The Pepsi gang hugs her happily.

Now again pepsi is going 2 split.they all r biding bye.
Abhi 2 Pragya:when will we see u again?
Pragya smiles:god knows.
she goes.
Swara:we all r here.but still u r asking this question only to Pragya.
A:u all r near.but Pragya is far.no guarantee whether we can see her again.
Swara smiles:u r too foolish 2 understand that its bcoz of ur luv u r missing Pragya this much.
A:what rubbish!
SWARA:its not rubbish.its luv.
Swara goes.
Abhi thinks about that.
Pragya tells Swara:so u r happy.u r so lucky 2 win ur luv.
Swara smiles. SWARA:can i ask u sumthing b4 u go? r u happy?
SWARA:i always doubted whether u luv Abhi,when u wished 2 get ur luv with the rose petal,ur eyes were searching 4 Abhi.right? Pragya was stunned.
SWARA:Abhi is still single 2 giv u luv.b4 u go,u must reveal ur luv.thats all i can say now.
Pragya gets confused.

Part-18….The pepsi gang go 2 the airport 2 see off Pragya.Swara looks at Pragya.Pragya looks at Abhi.both of their faces were moody.
they all bid bye 2 her.Pragya’s eyes were full of tears.she turns back.every1 was going back,but still Abhi was looking at her.she runs 2 Abhi.his face was cheerful:Pragya…
Pragya takes a cover from her bag.
PRAGYA:this is 4 u Abhi.
Abhi takes it.
A:whats this?
Pragya did’nt speak.
PRAGYA:its time for me to go.
she goes.
Abhi becomes sad. he opens the cover.it was a valentine’s day card.
he reads:Abhi,this i bought 4 u during our college life.but i cud’nt giv u.bcoz i understood that i hav no place in ur heart.but i can’t hide that secret anymore.u r my 1st & last luv. ur Pragya.
Abhi was shocked:that means Pragya’s luv was me..oh my god.. i did’nt know that.
Abhi hurriedly runs 2 see Pragya.pepsi gang is wondered why Abhi is running fast like this. Abhi sees the plane flying.he becomes upset.his eyes get filled up with tears.
A:Pragya has gone back.i lost her 4ver.why did i become so late in understanding my feelings 4 her.
he was depressed.
‘Abhi’.he hears a voice. he turns back.he cud’nt believe his eyes.it was Pragya.
Abhi smiles emotionally.
They share an eye lock.
La la la la……..
Aap jo pas aaye mere, aap se jo huyee dostee

A:Pragya..u did’nt go?
PRAGYA:no,b4 that i want 2 know what u feel knowing my secret.do u luv me?
Khwab jagne laga, dil ko lagne laga
Duneeya me na koyee aap sa

Abhi smiles.Pragya becomes happy.

Khwab jagne laga, dil ko lagne laga
Duneeya me na koyee aap sa

Abhi hugs her.
Aap jo pas aaye mere……..

Pepsi gang comes there.they were surprised 2 see that romantic sight.
Swara:yes,they r in luv.
.they smile at them.Abhi-Pragya become shy.
Tanu:guys,lets go,let them enjoy…
Rishi:Yes leave the lovers to romance.
they all laugh and go.
Abhi pulls Pragya closer to him romantically.
Aap jo pas aaye mere, aap se jo huyee dostee
Khwab jagne laga, dil ko lagne laga
Duneeya me na koyee aap sa
Aap jo pas aaye mere……..(Koi Aap sa).


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