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Koi aapsa Abhigya,Swasan,Tanshi FF Part 14

Koi aap sa Part 14


Rishi takes Tanu out.

He keeps staring at her.She becomes shy.

Mann yeh saahib ji
Jaane hai sab ji
Phir bhi banaye bahaane

Rishi:Tanu..I have brought a gift for you which I wanted to give you on our first meeting itself.

She smiles.
He gives her a big red heart:This is my heart for you.
She blushes.

Naina nawaabi ji
Dekhe hain sab ji

Suddenly it starts raining.They both hold umbrella together..they are shy being close to each other under one umbrella.

Phir bhi na samjhe ishaare
Mann yeh saahib ji haan karta bahaane
Naina nawaabi ji na samjhe ishaare
(na samjhe ishaare)

Suddenly in breeze the umbrella blows away.
Tanu:Oh no..
R:No problem.
He holds her hand and they start dancing passionately.

Dheere dheere, nainon ko dheere dheere
Jiya ko dheere dheere, bhaayo re Saibo

Dheere dheere, begaana dheere dheere
Apna sa dheere dheere, laage re Saibo

He carries her in his arms.

Dheere dheere, begaana dheere dheere

They share a romantic eye lock.

Apna sa dheere dheere, laage re Saibo-– Shor in The City

The next day is farewell function. Abhi sees Tanu.
A:how was ur 1st date with ur wud be?
Tanu was shy:cool and hot!
Pragya sees them 2gether.she thinks:i think Tanu also told Abhi that she luves him.
Pragya becomes sad. the pepsi gang stand 2gether during the farewell party given by the juniors.
Swara and Sanskar feel difficult 2 face each other.so Sanskar stands away.
ppl were dancing.
TANU:cum every1,we’ll dance with our juniors.
A:i don’t hav a mood.
TANU:whats this Abhi?ok i’m not forcing u.what about Pragya?
PRAGYA:even i don’t hav a mood 2 dance.
TANU:ok,then u cum Swara.
SWARA:no Tanu. TANU:no way.
Tanu pushes her 2 the platform and they dance .

Swara and Sanskar bump into each other.
They looked at each other emotionally.
Sanskar says in his mind:You broke my trust Swara.So even for a formality I don’t feel like biding good bye.
Swara says in her mind:I broke your heart.But try to understand Sanskar..I am not doing it for a purpose.I don’t want you by snatching your mother’s happiness.I had promised your mother that I will never do it.Sorry Sanskar.
Sanskar says in his mind:You broke my heart Swara.It is still bleeding.
Swara says in her mind:Sanskar..I want to heal the wounds in your heart by standing close to your heart.But I am helpless.Please don’t hate me.
Sanskar says in his mind:Even if I try hard I can’t hate you Swara.I still love you.But what is the use of this relationship when my love has no value for you?
Swara says in her mind:For me your love is the most precious thing.I can be happy till the end thinking that you used to love me once.But unfortunately I can’t express my love to you.

They part ways silently and tearfully.

Pragya tells Abhi:u & Tanu look cute 2gther.i knew that Tanu will luv u.no 1 can reject u Abhi.
Abhi becomes sad.
PRAGYA:bcoz u r the hottest property of our college.
both laugh.
Pragya becomes sentimental:i’m sum1 nobody wants.
A:who told u?see ur dream guy will cum 2 u 1day.
Pragya feels funny.she tells in her mind:that’ll never happen Abhi.
Abhi thinks:i’ve 2 tell Pragya that my luv was a failure.shall i tell now?
unexpectedly their juniors push them 2 the platform. in that rush ,Abhi falls down & Pragya falls on Abhi’s body.they look at each other’s eyes.

Abhi thinks:i feel that Pragya has sum worries.
Pragya thinks:why do i feel that Abhi is not so happy?
they both stand up.
A:if i ask wil u tell the truth?r u worried about anything?
Pragya was stunned:why?
A:i saw worries in ur eyes.

PRAGYA:i’m worried that pepsi is going 2 split up.u hav any worry?
Abhi keeps silent.
Pragya thinks:what foolish question did i ask?Abhi is so happy that he won his luv.
The background music of the song Tum paas…{KKHH}was played.
every1’s eyes were filled up with tears. Abhi-Pragya dance 2 that music.every1 cries due 2 departure.

Pragya goes abroad 4 higher studies.


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