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KKB…Changed Destiny: Episode 6

Oh…i want to tell a lot…lets meet at the end guys. Now to the story…

The epi starts with Arvind, going to that place.


No one is there. It is dark. Arvind is usually scared of darkness.
He shouts…darlu, Pragya, where are you both? At least is someone there? Uh…this Pragya na…she only called me to this place, but look what she is doing now. Where is she?
Just then someone screams. Aahhh…
Oh no, who is the one screaming now? (Arvind starts sweating) oh no this stupid power is gone it seems. I will leave the place now. I will call prags later. My first job is to get out. He decides to leave and starts to turn…just then, he hears someone giggling…slowly it turns to a loud laugh…worse than a witch’s….dogs howl from far away….heavy wind blows and the curtains in that place wave in air just like wandering ghosts…arvind gets fearful…but then thoughtful, he keeps his hands on his waist and stands tapping his feet.

Voice, suurrrpppprrrrriiiiiisssseee….
Arvind, on the lights now atleast, u mad ppl.

After the lights on…

Pragya, happy birthday.
Arvind, but today is not my birthday. Anyways…evn if it was, i wouldnt have celeb…aei…iru…enna panna? Sollu (wait…what did u do? tell me)
Pragya, u were the one who said me…the day ur sis comes back is ur bd.
Just then two hands wrap Arvind’s neck. Arvind starts crying.

The person comes front ant it is none other than ISHANI.

I, dont cry bhai. I will always be there for u.
They hug and share pleasantries.
A, where is veer?
I, he…
She goes and comes back pushing a wheel chair. The person sitting is a male. He is having a fractured hand and a hurt leg. But still he is smiling. It is none other than VEER…RANVEER.
Pragya runs to him and hugs him. She sobs a little…in btw “Missed u bhaiâ€�

Ranveer smiles.
A, i am the one responsible for this. If i had listened to u once…its all my fault. He also cries.

Suddenly veer gets up. He removes the support for his hand and walks. He comes to Arvind…
V, how much u have tortured me? I just thought of making fun and ur crying??? Loosu…mothalla azharda niruthu. (idiot…first stop crying)
They hug each other.

Mishkin also comes there as Pragya called him.
Mishkin, veer…he hugs him and cries. After all…father and son meeting after four years…should surely be emotional.
A, how did all this happen?
I, i will tell…
Fb starts…….
…..after ishveer left from TN, they went to Mumbai. There, veer met with an accident. He was driving his black Audi car, with Ishani siting next to him. He held her wrist and then clutched her hands assuringly. Ishani was afraid, but she knew when Ranveer is with her, nothing cud happen to her.

Just then a truck came speeding and hit their car. Ranveer turned the steering as fast as he can and tried to balance…not to fall. He turned left and hit a person nearby with his car. Even two more were hit. Then, he further went and hit a tree.

Btw all this, they were not injured much.
Just when they both came out of the car, a group of goons started attacking them. Nearby ppl tried helping but they had guns.
They tried to attack ishveer. Ranveer fought with them but one of the goons hit his head hard. Ranveer was hurt badly. Then he got badly wounded by them but never let them touch ishani. When they were abt to kill him, police came. So they just ran away.

Ishani with the help of Ranveer’s friends in Mumbai, admitted him in hospital. He was taken to Delhi for further treatment. A year later, Pragya contacted them. She went to Delhi, spent a week. But still, at that time Veer was not cured comp. She came back. Now, after three years…they also came back……….

I, we came back as Pragya insisted us.
Arvind smiles. Already he was weeping but now, happy tears start to flow. He runs to Pragya and hugs her…he is still crying, but his lips are curved enough to show that he is happy.

P, (pats his back soothingly) come on Arvind… Ranveer…is my brother and Ishani is not only ur sister but now my friend too. Annava vittu pirinjirukka mudiyumaa?? (Can i stay away from my brother?)
M, k…lets go home. Ayush is sleeping in the car. I picked him up today.

All leave happily, holding each others’ hands…they go and along with them happiness, joy and laughter go hand in hand.

Other side…

Abhi, Pragya…who is Purab?
Pragya, pu…purab (she stammers, then composes herself) who is Purab, Abhi? I dont know anyone in that name. Is he ur friend? Then i must know him right? Hey…u know someone called Purab right…when are u gng to introduce him to me?

Abhi gives a tight slap to Pragya.

Pragya, (tears swell in her eyes) ABHI!!!!!!!!!!

………………………………………..FUGGI…Abhi gets up shouting. He is relaxed that it was his dream but felt too sad…for slapping his beloved.

He then drinks water and retires back to sleep.

Precap: the stage performance.

So before u all read further…i want u to forgive me. Actually, i will tell u sth…i was so depressed that time, i dont want to make u all sad wid my probs…but i assure, i’ll see to it…never ever happens again. I was so moody that time, literally felt like gud fr nthng……thats why…u will forgive ur frnd naa? I wont talk like that again…but what to do…i am not able to control myself from telling all that and i really dont want to make u all angry…i can sense from ur cmnts dat u r all hell angry…this will not be repeated. Esp my dear ones are so angry on me…sry guys. I am literally sry…asking for forgiveness. Sry…..10000000000000000000000000 times sry.
And Guys…ishveer are just supporting characters…i wanted strong supporting pair and felt ishveer too good. They have a role but not too major as Abhigya or Purbul.
So this will remain as an Abhigya ff itself. And today there were no Abhigya scenes actually…wait frnds…i will try to give it soon…AND I HOPE U REMEMBER THE TEASER…I WILL SAY THE REASON FOR IT NOW…ACTUALLY, IT IS A CONTINUATION OF KKB TRACK with a lot of changes… BUT FROM WHERE…IT WILL BE REVEALED LATER.
Now its time to thank my dears…
Princesskrisha: Ok…i wont tell like that krishu…i dont wish my princess to be angry on me. I will tell abt Arvind so soon. Just wait dear.
surbhi : Thanks di. I was literally flying after seeing ur cmnt. It always brings a smile on my face. Keep supporting di.

Priyanka : priyu choti…patience is so important…and if u have a late latif di like me, naa…it is must. I was not able to post any epi earlier. But i will regularly post on Tues, Thurs and Saturdays…love u loads and keep supporting.
Suhani : “Shut up shut up!!You are making me angry. If you say again the same stuff I will come and hit you. You are writing very well,I love it. This is my last warning. U were not bothering but making us happy. Idiot!!!!! I hate you idiot but love you ani.â€�…hey suha dear…u must be wondering why this idiot pasted my cmnt again right??? But when u suddenly saw the words shut up shut up…u must be shocked right? Ha ha…i missed seeing ur face. Ok, jokes apart…actually i wanted to reply to every line of ur cmnt…thats why i pasted it again. I will never talk again like dat ok, i wont even open my mouth to talk so…then, already u said of giving me a big hit and not one more again….very bad to hit ur frnd yaar (but i deserve it for making u angry) but i am so gald dat u r so happy. I love u too my ssssssswwwwwwweeeeeeeettttttttt frnd!!!!!!!!
Minu: Thanks minu dear. I am so happy now. I am Sorry i cud post only by the days i mentioned before. but i promise to be reg that time. And how was this epi dear?
Haritha: chechi…sry, how many sry i ask also, it will not be enough. Ok…as i said before…no more such questions and talking. OK…now back to normal, crazy mode 😛 😛 😛 😛
Di : i too missed u di. Thanks for that cmnt. Really, my eyes search for your cmnt you know. and how is this epi di…
Vanshu: thanks choti. Love u…i am glad that u like it.
Lucky: No…my akka is also angry on me. Dont be angry. I will not repeat this. Intha epi epdi irundhuchu akka? Kandippa cmnt pannunga.

Reshma_Pradeep: Thanks sissy…
Ashika: Thanks for that lovely cmnt dr. And u too hit me? I think that tc is only for that…ha ha…chumma sonnen. And dr, do u know tamil? Ok…Always love u dear…u too take care…
Asmitha: oh…no i made a very bad mistake…made all my sweeties angry and sad…and choti…i am so sry…i mentioned the reason too…nijanga…ilaa jaragunta chuskunta dr…sry…vintunnava? sry sry sry…10000 times sry.
Prathi: no…akka..no, that punishment is very frightening…freaks me out…i am already shocked seeing that image, but i can never imagine myself in that place…hope u have some mercy on ur choti… 😛 😛 😛 fine…i wont do that again…give me some other easy punishment akka… 😛 😛 how was today’s one? I know…abhigya scenes r missing…but pls wait
Sethidisha002: thank u so much dear. Missed ur cmnt in the pre one yaar…anyways…love u loads dear.
Monesha: wow…on clouds seeing ur cmnt… and u turn into vampire…thats not fair…u r always my angel dr….and so sry for that stupid talks…i am sry…i hurted u…
Mukund anna: i saw ur cmnt…i replied too…am so happy that u found it nice. Thanks anna…btw missed ur cmnt in this.

feedbacks please guys…surely i wud like to know ur views. and as i said already, this is just an Abhigya ff and ishveer are only supporters. and sorry that i was not able to give abhigya scenes today…

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