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KKB…Changed Destiny: Episode 3

A morning time…
Someone is sleeping on the bed. Another person walks slowly towards the bed.

“get up my dear baby. How long will you sleep.�
“give me a little more time. Please. Thookam varudhu dear (feeling sleepy).
“come on baby, get up. See, it’s already 10.�
“what??? Tennnnnnnn????�


The person sleeping gets up hurriedly. Still sleepy, but looks around and finds its only 8.

“have this coffee�

Just then two small hands wrap around the person’s neck.

“mumma, you are so late today�
“oh…sari…neenga sollunga…Enna aachu chella kuttiku? Ivvalo seekirama ezhundhutinga? Ayush kuttiku enna venum? (what happened darlu…got up too early? What does my Ayush dear wants?)
Ayush, Pragya maa…i dont want anything. I got up correctly. You are the one who is late.
Pragya, oh, appidiya??? (Is that so?)…OK. now get up. I will make my Ayush’s favourite pasta today. (to the other person) Arvind, i will come soon. You both go down.
Ayush, but mumma…i have a doubt. Every day u wake up dad with coffee, today he woke you up? U became daddy?
Arvind, haan…we exchanged duties dear.
Pragya (laughs), yeah, so unakku mummy Pragya venuma? Daddy Pragya venumaa? (do u wnt mummy Pragya or daddy Pragya?)
Ayush, wow…so here after mummy…illa, ilaa daddy Pragya, will wake me up and play with me every mrg. (He hugs Pragya happily, but suddenly he breaks the hug and his face drops)no no…i don’t want such kind of daddy Pragya.
Pragya, oh � what happened chellam? Why?
Ayush, if you are daddy, Arvind appa (papa) wud be mumma. I dont want him. He cooks very bad. Yuck…
Arvind, aie…….
They run chasing each other.

In the dining table…
Arvind is reading news paper. Ayush runs to him.
Ayush, appa, appa…enakku kaatunga…kaatunga (dad, dad…show me…show…)

He peeps into the paper. It is too high for him. He tried to look again, stand on his toe…but couldn’t. He is frustrated. But he didn’t lose hope. He grabs the paper but only find his father too strong for him. Finally, he uses the gap between the paper and his father’s lap. He manages to get through and get him seated himself on his papaa’s lap. Pragya and Arvind were watching this.

Pragya ran to Ayush, who was now busy in the paper. She kissed him and hugged him tightly. She wanted to eat him up alive. That much adorable he was and that much she loved him.

Pragya(still hugging), Ayush, you are just two and a half dear. Why do you want a newspaper?
Ayush, two and a half means…
Pragya, it is your age dear. Now tell me what do you understand?
Ayush, unga photo poduvaanga ila? Innikku enga irukku? Appa kitta ketta enakku solluvaru (ur pic will be there, naa? Where is it today? If i ask dad, he will tell me what the news is)
Arvind, ivanukku seekramaa pechu vandhaalum vandhuchu…evvalo pesuran paaru. (he got his ability to speak soon…look how much he is speaking)
Ayush, appa, now tell me.
Arvind, see its here. Your mum is soon gonna receive the award for best music composer.
Ayush, what is com…comp…
Pragya, composer.
Ayush, haan…adhudhan…adhudhan(that…that)
Arvind, you will learn when u grow.
Ayush, where is your news?
Arvind, see here it is. It tells that i am a very good…boy.
Ayush, i know that.
Pragya, coz my boy is so intelligent (she kisses Ayush again) i thought i promised someone for gng out.
Ayush, aamam. Aamam. Polaam ( haan…haan…lets go)

She smiles and they all go out. They go for park, then beach, ibaco, play zone and then finally to Ayush’s favourite ice cream parlour. They return back after enjoying a lovely Sunday.

Just then someone is waiting for them in the hall.
Pragya, appa. What a pleasant surprise?
Mishkin, i came to see my daughter and my cute grandson.
Arvind, not me???
Mishkin, of course…my boy.

They exchange pleasantries, talk for some time and later Mishkin leaves from the place.

The trio drifts to sleep, with Ayush lying in Pragya’s lap and Arvind sleeping on her shoulders.
She then makes both father and son lay properly and finally drifts to sleep.

Precap: Looks can be deceiving. What you see is not always true…

Thanks for commenting guys. Actually, the scene is wholly set up in Chennai. So there might be a lot of tamil words which Pragya and almost others use. I will give the translations too…as i gave in this.
Do comment on this guys. I think u might curse me for this but do wait 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
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And someone here asked me for a longer epi…so i will post one more epi today evening. If u dont want…i wont post.
and guys…Arvind is played by harshad…if u think he wud be bad, suggest someone.

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