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Episode 20

AREY EPISODE 20!!!! HUUUUHUUUUU AM SOO HAPPY. Celebration dance!!! Special thanks to my dearest Di, My very lovely chotis Minu, Saranya, Prathi, Rithu, Lucky, Trisha, Priyanka, Ashika, Lakshmi, Haritha, Reshma, Sugan, Monesha, Mukundraj bhai, Sethi, Asmitha choti, CuteVanshu, my urgent and beloved choti Vaishali, Lokha, somiya, and if I didn’t mention you am sorry I tried to remember every one. And for My DC Myna, B-Ani choti, Durga and Rajesh Bhai and Aliza I miss you. Also SPECIAL THANKS to all my silent readers..kisses and Hugs. Guys thank for the comments and love. I love you too and keep rocking…HUGE KISSES!!
So episode 20 here goes….


Episode starts at Police Station, Suresh reaches there and it’s on fire, he thinks shit shit shit, he looks around as if he is looking for someone he seems not to find who is looking for and he moves around shoving people aside and asking everyone where is she? Where is she? He runs to inspector and constables and is asking where she is? Inspector asks who?
S: (shouting) Aaliya! Aaliya where is she you idiot!!
Ins: (shrugging him off) she must be around, we told them all to move!
S: so find her dumbass, find her now! (shoves inspector hard and gets him to move he scratches his head in frustration and worry and says in a very worries low voice) where is she??
Rano: (comes running to Suresh and screaming) sir! Sir! She..she is..she is inside she is still inside, she was pulling old drunkard woman out, she said we leave and she will come with drunk dadi!!
Sur: shit, where exactly was she, what side?
Rano: next to our cell, but she moved to get drunkard Dadi so I don’t really know…
Sur: doesn’t wait for Rano to complete her sentence and runs into burning building..

Inside burning station..
Aa: (trying to dodge flames while dragging drunkard Dadi) ok there is a lot of smoke and this old hag has not woken up yet? How is this even possible? Hey Dadi, Ji wake up (slaps slaps her cheeks) how are you even sleeping right now. She walks and drags Drunk Dadi, she is walking when a pillar of fire falls infront of her jumps back and thinks shit I sure am dying in here today..but I can’t leave old hag here. Ohh Aaliya what a way to go…I should actually get a headstone and on it they should write…AALIYA MEHRA BORN 1990, DIED 2016 and then they add IN FIRE WHILE SAVING DRUNKARD OLD HAG!!

The smoke is becoming too much and she is beginning to choke, Aaliya gets a series of coughs then recovers and looks around for a way to get out. She thinks all exits are blocked with raging fire, she looks at Drunk Dadi and thinks why am I nice, why can’t I just be selfish Aaliya and leave the old hag and save my life!! She coughs again, and this time the coughs are getting stronger! She thinks I will use back door and drags drunken Dadi to back. On her ways she doesn’t see burning pile until later when it’s about to hit drunk Dadi she pushes her out of way and tries to jump too but she is too late and pillar hits her leg, she falls, she tries to move and but burning pyre is on her leg. She is in a lot of pain and also Drunk dadi cloths are starting to catch on fire. She thinks Shit, then she thinks Aaliya being good is going to get you killed!! She ignores her leg and drags herself in pain to drunk dadi and pulls off her burning cloth, she is now coughing horribly as smoke is soo much in her lungs she ignores it all and instead while she herself is still chocking she takes off her shirt and cover burning Dadi, that is when Suresh finds her…

Suresh is shocked and thinks what the hell, Aaliya risking her life for old hag!! He is not sure and he first goes and says Aaliya? She looks at him but her eyes are glazed over because of the smoke, but he also sees the relief….she points to Drunk old hag and promptly passes out! Suresh rushes and holds under her head just in time before it hits the ground…he stares at her dirty face and wipes away the tears that had fallen due to the smoke…she passes his hands tenderly over her face, he thinks wonderingly wow this Aaliya is strong and brave!..the fire is still raging…Allah Waariyan is playing….

She coughs and turns in his arms and he picks her up, she doesn’t move and her face contorts in pain, he thinks what the hell, then looks her over, only to see log on her leg, he puts her down quickly and thinks shit shit Suresh, what on earth?? And she was helping old hag instead of saving her leg…stupid girl!! He removes log quickly, it burns his hands but he manages to remove it, he quickly carries her to take her out but she opens her eyes and says noooo while pointing to drunk old hag! She says her…her..coughs..her first..coughs again…take her out first! Then she passes out again.
Su: Bakwaas ..no way am taking old hag before you, besides if your idiotic brother ever finds out I did that he will kill me…but then he thinks she risked her life for old hag and if old hag dies then the only good thing Aaliya has ever done will go to waste. Looks around and thinks yeah got it, he puts Aaliya down first, then pulls Pajama pant strings from his waist, he thinks this will work. he goes to old hag and ties he hands around his leg and fastens with Pajama ties

Su: sorry old hag, but you are old and a drunk and with few days to live so endure, he carries Aaliya and he starts to walk while dragging old hug.
Aa: opens eyes and make a dude-seriously? Face at Suresh)
Su: he is shocked and thinks, arey what type of fainting is this??
Aa: (trying so hard to keep her eyes open and make tough face) ok listen up pajama dressed double battery superman..coughs…be nice and take her or I will hit you upside the head and you will grow back a moustache!!
Su: opens mouth in shock closes it and says) wow who new saving a silly girl from fire came with a rules handbook.
Aa: raises eyebrows at him!
Su: (putting her down very carefully) ok smoky feel free to take in some more smoke as I save old hag here!! Bends down and unties old hag, carries her and walks a distance, then comes back and says) ok look I seriously cannot in good conscience leave you in here…
Aa: (shouts at him or atleast shouts as her voice is affected by smoke) take her you idiot I can follow slowly!! (stands up and tries to follow, her leg hurt sooo much!)
Su: (is in shock) ok I was trying not to say this but who are you and what have you done to Aaliya?
Aa: (rolls eyes at him!!) look double battery superman I am in a whole world of pain and I think you were born in a burning building since you seem unaffected by all this, now stop your nonsense and guide us out!!
Su: fine but you can’t walk, I have better idea (he puts old hag down and looks at her with annoyance, then squats infront of Aaliya and tells her to try and get on his back)
Aa: No way…I am not ridding double battery superman, piggy style!
Su; do u have better option??
Aa: ohhh Bhagwaan help me today!! She climbs in pain but manages, her leg is really hurting though, it is badly burnt!!
Su; carries old hag and walks out of there) hey don’t worry smocky I am double battery, when one runs out, I just switch to another…
Aa: weakly smacks the back of his head!! She thinks Abhi should see this, he will die!!

Suresh manages to take everyone out of fire, he reaches out side and ambulace has arrived, he puts Aaliya and Old hag(on Aaliya’s insistance) in ambulance and follows them to hospital…
At Purvi’s Tanu has just arrived and runs into house from back door, she runs into Shalu..
Sh; hey Tanu, where have you been, its been two days now?
T: I have been around, I had gone to see my mum?
Sh: gone crying to mummy after killing Pragya huh?
T: yeah but …
Sh: (interrupting Tanu) what is that smell?…(points nose in air and sniffs) is that Petrol?
T: thinks) shit..(to Shalu) what smell? (looks around uncomfortably)
Sh: (brings sniffing nose close to Tanu, sniffs then brings nose closest to Tanu, sniffs then sneezes) shit Tanu, why do you smell like Petrol? What have you been Up to?
T: (thinks) Shit shit shit. (to Shalu) i..i.. I was in accident on my way back, that’s why I was missing and smell like petrol! Got lost and just made my way here?
Sh: (shouts in shock) Accident? Are you ok?
T: Yeah, yeah am fine, but i need to rest can I go..
Sh: (steps aside) sure? But are sure you are fine?
T; yes yes! (she goes from there and runs into Purvi)
Pur: Accident haa?
T: (stammers) y…yes..yes.. (swallows)
Pur; where are accident wounds, Tanu? (she grabs her hands and checks her, checks even legs, nothing!!) you have nothing on you not even a scratch!
T; thanks God, I went away like that, hope I don’t have internal injury..(hurries from there..)
Pur: (to Shalu) she is up to something, I don’t know what but she is up to no good whatsoever!! I just know it!
Sh: looks confused but chills…

Next morning at MM: Pragya watching tv, Breaking news come on, and story on burnt station comes on, Pragya goes white! Lady says all survived and one inmate was hurt as stayed in side to save old hag! She was saved by station benefactor and taken to hospital!!
Pragya screams nooo noo noo and runs from room!! she thinks this is my fault! shit this is my fault. she thinks what to do? and runs out to car! She can’t drive and runs back inside, she runs into Tau ji.
Tau: Beta? What is it? are you ok?
P: noo I am not! (then thinks Aaliya lied and no one can know until I find out where she is!) No Tau Ji, am ok, I am just looking for idiot Abhi!
Tau: laughingly) sorry beta, he left earlier, saying something about avoiding lioness fuggi for the day!
P: (pastes a smile on her face) ok ji..bye..(she runs to Raj’s room) she just badges in and finds Raj and Mitali watching Breaking news, Mitali is saying atleast they survived and that woman is stupid for saving drunk Old hag who clearly wants to die…
Pragya just grabs Raj’s hands and drags him out…she turns back quickly and grabs car keys too and shoves them in Raj’s hands and drags him outside. Raj keeps asking what is wrong and she keeps saying burning police station.

In car Raj drives to police station and no one is there Pragya runs out and runs to burnt building she enters and comes out and falls on ground and cries. Raj runs to her and says calm down and tell me what is going on. she says Aaliya aliya..it my fault Aaliya!
R: Pragya why are looking for Aaliya here, she is in America and calls almost every week, she is fine!
P; no she is not fine, and she is not in America!!
R: what? What the hell are you talking about?
P: she wasn’t in America Bhai! She was here! In prison!
R: what since when?
P: night of Purab’s accident!!
R: that is five ago, to be precise five months and 3 weeks almost 6 months, how did she get there? What happened?
Shows Pragya telling Raj everything in no voice motion, she sniffs in between and keeps talking, Raj is in shock
R; ok I get it, but you should have told me!
P; she made swear to not tell anyone!
R: ok look(picks her up and is taking her to car) no need to cry and jump to conclusions, news says no one died so we just need to know what happened to the inmates, I will ask a friend of mine in Police, he must know or he can find out then we shall start search ok?
P; nods head yes
R; picks up phone and makes call, talks to someone and then says ok, thanks lieutenant and hangs up! then says to Pragya) No one died, the injured on was taken to a hospital but my contact is not sure were as the station benefactor is the one to took the lady! As for other in mates were moved to other stations but have been scattered so if we are to look we have to move station, by station.

P; lets go..NOW!
R: hold on for a second, he grabs his phone and sends a text…then they drive off..
At Arora house, Bulbul receives a text and reads it he thinks shit what the hell? And then runs out, she Goes to Purab and asks to borrow car keys, Purab says what do you want, she looks at him and he looks marginally better! she says I have to go to hospital, Purab asks why, she says for check up. Purab looks at her critically and says you are lying!!
She looks at him shocked and says how do you know? He says your lip twitched, you looked everywhere but at me and you scratched your throat!! Bulbul is shocked, she thinks that’s what I do when I lie, then also Purab realizes that he has just described Bulbul’s lying characteristics and he instead gets angry! He throws car keys to Bulbul and turns his back to her, she is hurt but leaves and goes to car and she drives off.
She is then shown driving from hospital to hospital and talking on phone, she enters the hospital, asks questions at reception, runs through the rooms and then leaves, she is getting frustrated by the minute but she keeps driving….screen freezes on her frustrated face!!!

Precap: Bulbul talking on phone and Suresh collecting drugs by pass each other in hospital and don’t recognize themselves..!!

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