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Hellooo fans of By the Moon. Hello Vigan and Helena my new commenters and hello all who comment every day. Thanks so much for love and hope you keep enjoying…..

Also please note, the Story on Kanha and Radha and Ayodhya is totally my imagination, and absolute fiction, please just go with it.

To episode
Me: we need to talk!
P: (cuddles closer to me and buries her face in my neck) ok am listening
Me: (I really am enjoying her closeness to me but this talk need to be had without any distractions. I need her to be in a 100% right sense of mind so I pull her away from me and sit across from her) so you know already we are wolves right?
P: yeah I know that though I thought you turn on the full moon only not when you wish?
Me: we can shift when we wish but full moon night is special we celebrate every single one of them with a pack hunt!

P: ok yea. So what were you saying…
Ok you know this is one of those things you just can’t word right because no matter what, you are still going to sound like a physco but it has to be said so I just go and say it…in the best way possible..
Me: I have to explain something to you, the reason why you felt the pain you did when you left yesterday but I have to start from the very beginning, from the core of who we are, Is that ok?
P: (she sits up and looks at me with her adorable eyes I realize she has no chashma on so I get them from the side table and make her wear them, she gets her goofy look and I smile. I want to kiss her but I resist..we might not stop and I have along story to go through) ok am all ears?
So when I ascertain she actually is interested in the story, I start…

The first wolf his name was Ayodhya. He was a great hunter, very handsome, loved by all women and men alike, he was also a great devotee of Krishna Ji. he was a good man with a good heart. Because of the favour he found among men and also the love Kanha had for him, he rose and became a chief of the village. He was a great chief who led and never ruled all his subjects loved him as he was a fair leader.

And with time, his village became successful and the strongest in India with the happiest villagers.
Ayodhya was great at hunting but as a rule he never killed any animal for fun, he always killed for food and survival, he would always offer thanks giving to Kanha first and then share his hunt with the village. On the nights of the full moon, the hunt was special. Women observed the fast during day and broke it at night. This fast was observed for their husbands’ and those who were not married always got a hunt partner who they fasted for. The new boys who had come of age, were paired with the newly intiated girls and the girls observed the fast for the men. The fast was mainly for the success for the full moon hunt and also prayers were offered to Radha on special Aarti Thoolis for the safety of the men. They believed that the size of the game a man brought home always depended on the devotion of the wife during the fast.

As for Ayodhya, he always had a collection of gopis observing the fast for him, no wonder he always brought home the biggest hunt, one day he even brought a bear!!
Pragya: a bear?
Me : according to the story!!
P: wow..continue..continue..
Anyways after the fast was broken, the men left for the hunt and the women stayed home preparing for the celebrations of the next two full moon days, they always did women things, you know…mehendi, cooking singing and so on, for the whole night as they waited for the men to return. The men hunted till the early hours of the morning, and all came home with great kills. The Animals were then prepared and the celebrations would commence. Dances would be danced and celebrations would go on in tandem…
I keep quiet an look at Pragya she is seriously paying attention…then she pinches my nose
Me: what why did you do that

P: continue wolf boy!!
I laugh as her enjoyment is making me happy too..i continue..
Anyway so the celebrations would last for two days and on the last, the Rasalila was danced. Ayodhya was always the Krishna and he led the dance, it is actually said that on that night, Kanha gave him the power to multiply and dance next to every Gopi in the circle
P; really…WOW!!

ME: I KNOO RIGHT!! So they lived like that, a community of happiness and hunting! Until their flocks started to disappear in huge numbers and stories started to spread of a wolf that came and ate them. It went on for 6 years and in all these years Ayodhya had tried to hunt the beast, but nothing ever happened, the beast managed to skip all traps and even the weapons couldn’t penetrate it. This beast however never hurt a human, it always took the animals, some even had tales of it passing right by their small children, lick their faces and move on!! However Ayodhya was finally very angry and had had enough, his failure to hunt and kill the beast drove him to the point of madness and all he wanted t do was kill it. It became an obsession!! In all his life he had never met an animal he couldn’t hunt and this one had escaped him for 6 long years. He felt he was losing credibility and love from his subjects. He felt Kanha had deserted him and as time went on no more full moon celebrations were held. Soon he broke his law of only hunting for sood as now he had started going to the forest and kill whatever he met just to prove he could still hunt!!

In the seventh year, he was clearly mad now, in the years before his men joined him on the hunt, however this time they refused and he set off on one full moon alone and as luck would have it, that night he saw the beasts tracks, he tracked it to a den in the forest…very deep in the forest, and when he reached the den, he wasn’t prepared for what he saw!! Instead of one beast as he thought he would meet, he saw over hundreds of them sharing the den, they were feasting on the meat the beast had brought back with him. He could also tell which among them was the beast that tortured the village as it was the biggest of them all and clearly the leader!

Ayodhya thought he had seen heaven. He stepped into the den, his presence commanding and all the young and the females ran to hide. The leader came and met him at the den entrance and Ayodhya drew his sword!! The beast threw him outside the den into an opening and they fought. Ayodhya always hunted with arrows, this time though he had carried his special silver sword and as the fight went on he soon realized that one swipe of it made the beast weak, he fought and managed to kill the beast. He cut off its head and walked into the den with it! This threw the male wolves into a rage and they attacked Ayodhya but were no match for the silver sword! And soon Ayodhya killed them all. He also went after the pups and she wolves and slaughtered them all!! When he was done, his blood lust was quenched and he went home….
However the leader and had a mate, a she wolf and 6 pups. She was cunning and managed to escape Ayodhya by hiding her pups in the carcases and her pretending to be dead. When he left, she removed her pups and run with them. In her pain she cried out to Radha because as it turns out, the wolves belonged to Radha, they were her creation, her babies she looked after and she had brought them next to the village because it was Krishna’s village and she thought they would be safe next to her lover’s devotees. She didn’t anticipate that Ayodhya, the man with the purest heart she knew would one day turn to this. Radha’s heart was torn and she left and never spoke to Krishna gain for six months!

The lone surviving she wolf wandered the world alone and her pups as she had lost her mate, she only lived for her pups and often wished she may die and join her mate, but she couldn’t as she had pups to care for. Krishna in pain from loosing Radha and having to watch the female wolf suffer came up with a plan in one of his darkest pains! On the night on the slaughter, Radha had collected all the wolf souls and kept them in a sacred pot that she looked at everyday and when her sadness became to much ao the souls in the pot cried too much, she would sing to them and chant to them a special song, this however helped Krishna’s plan a lot…
In the village, life had gone back to normal. Ayodhya was back to his old self, though was most of the time haunted with the slaughter, life and celebration had come back to the village and people were happy again!

On one celebration, on the final full moon night between during the Rasalila, Radha with Krishna appeared in the middle of the Gopi circle, she stood in its middle carrying the sacred pot with the wolf souls. Everything stopped and all men were shocked at the very presence of the Gods, Ayodhya came to greet Kanha but Kanha condemned him of his slaughter and said he can never forgive nor forget it, Ayodhya was sad, he threw himself at Kanha’s feet and begged to be forgiven. Kanha told him forgiveness is earned and Ayo said he would do anything to earn the forgiveness, Kanha asked anything? and Ayo in his desperacy said anything!
On hearing this, Radha placed the pot in the middle of the circle and knelt beside it, she chanted little Prayer and sang her song and with the power of Kanha all the souls let loose in a swirl of beautiful colours, the colours swirled and swirled in the circle and as the colours finally divided, they each landed on a human and merged with his being. Radha guided the souls, she ensured that the wolf souls that were mated end up in married couples and if they had children the pup souls merged with the children. And last of all, Radha placed the lead beast’s soul in Ayodhya.

As the month passed the humans were not sure what had really happened, but on the first full moon, when the men set out to hunt, they turned to wolves and the women too!! There was a great up roar and as no one knew what Ayo had done, he had to confess and explain what happened.

As for the she wolf that survived, she feared humans and avoided them as a whole, one night she landed on a woman who was lost in the forest and due to fear and mistrust she bit the woman. However this act was manipulated by Radha, for the moment the wolf bit the lady, she merged with her and this lady who was bitten after wandering the whole world finally met with Ayodhya and the wolf spirits recognized themselves. They drove Ayodhya to mate with Uttara (the lady that was bitten) to mate and could never allow to be separated. Radha strengthened their bond that even leaving the other hurt soo soo much when ever they parted for so long or over long distances or when they parted on bad terms. Soon Ayo and Uttara became the greatest couple ever known and with the influence of Uttara and forgiveness from Kanha, Ayo’s bouts of madness were healed! Till today, the humans have never known a love greater than Ayo and Uttara. And when they had children, the souls of the wolf pups were merged with their children and finally the family was complete

The village turned into a pack of wolves but they kept their secret closely, they could live among humans with the humans never being the wiser and as time went on, the numbers grew too much and wolves left and created packs and, they mated and it soon became culture. Because they were touched by the Gods and the wolf spirit never dies, the humans that merged also got a very long life span and till date can live to 1000 years. The wolf people, now called were wolves are still affected by silver…
After I have listened to Abhi’s story I have a lot to process but I need one thing clarified ASAP!!
Me: So according to the story, when mates leave each other they hurt?
A: yes!
Me; so we hurt when I left meaning we are mates?
A: With a scared look on his face)Yes?
Me : meaning I can never leave you now, as we are bound together by Radha and Kanha?
A: yes!
Me; make me understand, after the initial turn no more wolves were created, they were born so how are the mates allocated now.

A: I don’t know for sure but myth says when a wolf is born, out there is a match for him or her, and when he/she is born, Kanha holds the baby soul and Radha whispers a name of the mate. That is the true mate, the person whose name was whispered to you by the gods at birth.
Me; this is a wolf thing, I am not a wolf so how can I become your mate?
A; all humans can be turned to wolves by a bite where your creator passes part of his wolf essesnce to you in the bite. However, this has to be consensual. Unless a human says yes to the bite, they can never turn if they are bitten.
Me; so what you are saying is Radha whispered my name to you at your birth as I am your mate and if I want I can’t turn into a wolf myself?
A; yes.
The sound in his voice when he says yes clues me in that he wants me to turn, I am on cloud nine I will not lie because knowing that the gods thought small stupid commonly called ugly Pragya me can make a perfect match for the extremely hot handsome strong wolf king and godly looking Abhi is humbling and I feel downright giddy! I can’t help it though feeling a little sad thinking Abhi can’t take me as I am and wants me to turn into a wolf.

I look him straight in the eye
Me; so if I don’t turn I can’t mate you.
A; we wolves live long, I honestly don’t know what will happened to you because no wolf has ever mated a human before so I don’t know, but if we follow normal life you will turn old in like 70 years and I will still look like this, you will die of age and I will be left alone, lonely and sad with a wish to die and join you. I don’t think watching the love of your life grow old and die is easy, and if it were not for this, I would love you to stay human, but this is a true fear..
He totally makes sense and I know I should consider it, but turning into a wolf is a thing I don’t want to think about right now. I have a lot to think and turning into one is one thought I intend to keep for later. I have another issue that is burning so I ask
Me; so when you mate, do you do wedding like everyone else or are their special rituals

Abhi blushes profusely for a bit but I think he realizes he has to answer my question…
A; it’s a two step process, however first when a wolf meets its mate, first thing is to fill her with his or her scent. Most of the time it is more of a get real close so that your scent transforms to her thing. Actually most of the time they never know they have done it but it happens. Like that first night in the woods, the kissing must have filled you with my scent, but when I was doing it, all I wanted was to kiss you and filling you with my scent was not even on my mind, but it happened. But the real signs of mates are she wolf or male wolf should bear their mates mark.
Me: mark? What do you mean?
A: a mark created when a wolf bites its mate with the intention of mating. Its normally where the shoulder and neck meet. My dadi can show you, she still has hers.
Me: so when we mate you have to bite my shoulder?
A; yes

Me: why?
A; it joins us on a base level and I can feel you wherever you are. Despite how far I can connect to you. Think of it as a link filled with our essence.
Me; you said two ways what’s the second one?
A; make love to you and fill you with my seed! (he blushes profusely)
Me; when he says that I am soo turned on and given he can smell things, I am sure he can smell my arousal but I bite it down and ask why this one.
A: the bite connects our souls. The making love connects our bodies.
I have a lot of info and I try to process. But it takes some time. I lay in bed with abhi non of us willing to move and we soon fall asleep.

A week passes and the more time that passes the more I want Abhi. He doesn’t pressure me though, hell he has never even mentioned it again since that time. Anyway right now I am walking in the gardens outside, I head off into the woods just behind Abhi’s house and I take care not to go too far as it is night now and it is quite dark outside. Anyway I am waking and I only have a second to register four wolves attacking me, I think I am going to turn into wolf food. One scratches my face and another tears through my stomach, I scream in pain and soon all I feel are claws and more claws tearing me apart. I lie on the woods floor helpless soon after the wolves have gone. I am now numb to the pain. I know I am bl**dy and I really wish they had eaten me instead of clawing me and leaving me here for dead! For some reason I am still conscious looking up to the grey sky and all I am thinking now is Abhi, why I waited a week to mate him, I was scared of the commitment but now I know there are things far worse than that and I know I am going to die. They say regrets are for fools and I guess I am a fool as all I am doing is regretting why I held out on Abhi, why I didn’t grab my chance at life with Abhi and why I am always late to see the good things in my life. I know it is useless but I say one prayer to Kanha and Radha, I tell them to keep me alive and I will turn to a wolf and make a great mate for their Alpha!!
As I slip into darkness I feel like I am being carried but I nolonger can tell which world iam in..the living or the dead…

Precap. Abhi you know you have to turn her to save her, the wolf spirit will heal her but if you wait any longer she will die….

To be totally honest, this is not how I planned this story today, it just came as I wrote..i hope you enjoy it, creating a whole myth ws fun…hope you really enjoy it!!

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