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KB- Pyaar ki ek kahani (Episode 12)

Precap: purab narrates bulbul about abhi’s feelings towards pragya.

Next day
In mm
Abhi woke up n saw prags pic on his mob a smile formed on his face but then he realizes that prags had to leave today for Delhi he thought to call her. At that time purab entered the room n inform him that she had already left. He sat on the bed with upset face purab kept his hand on shoulder n said don’t become sad yaar…… He in order to cheer up abhi he said I think abhi u r very lucky that u r getting this much time to tell her what u feel for her n u know proposing a girl is not easy like performing in concerts. According to me it’s the most difficult exam…very hard to pass. So abhi think what u ll do, what u ll say to her, which place u ll say yarrr n many more this much things had to be done n u r like this… Sitting… After listening to purab he was lost somewhere. Purab asked, areyyy yarrr…y r u thinking this much time ll not wait for u yarrr….abhi said purab yarrr let me think what I’ll do coz after listening to u I think I’ve to do a lot of preparation don’t know what I’ll do yarrr…. Saying this he left for freshen up. Purab ( in his mind): thank God my plan worked else he ll be sitting sadly . saying this he left from there


Screen shifts to pragya she was sitting sadly when she got a call from bulbul. She received
P: hello bulbul
B:di…r u okkk??
P: yahhh.. But y r u asking me this question
B: actually u were sounding sad that’s y I asked u
P: nothing like that bulbul u tell y u called me
B: ohhh yaaa.. I called u to ask when u ll return???
P: yesterday itself I told na that I’ll be return after 4 days
B: okkk byee di…
P: byee..
She ended the call

Screen shifts to bulbul she called purab n informed him that prags ll be returning after 4 days. Purab then informed abhi. Abhi listening to this was like it was not 4 days but more months but he made such face as he heard that she ll return after 4 years. But then purab convince him that he ll be getting enough time to think what he ll do. This made him to get back normal

Screen shifts to prags. She had reached Delhi. She was in room shared by 3 more girls but they went out for a walk she was all alone in the room she was continuously staring at her mob ( let’s see what she is staring at )
Screen shifts to her mob she was staring their photo which they clicked in the party that was kept by her for his success . A lone of tear rolled down her cheeks she hurriedly wiped it as she heard someone Coming

Screen shifts to arora house
Bulbul while leaving from hall maa.. I’ll be back after an hour Sarla maa asked where r u going. She replied, maa i’m going to meet my frnd. Sarla maa said , okk go but don’t be late. Okkk maa she replied n left from there

Next day
In Delhi
Prags was in clg the professor was saying about something but she was not able to concentrate she was just thinking about abhi

Screen shifts to mm
In abhi’s room
Abhi asked purab, bro what I’ll do yarrr. I’ve just 3 days left. Purab asked him to take a deep breath n then think about anything. He does the same. Abhi again asked him but now in complaining tone, kya yarrr this is not working give me some other trick. Purab started to think when smthg strick in his mind. He asked abhi to close his eyes n think smthg that makes him feel happy . abhi closed his eyes n imagines pragya a smiled formed on his face purab who saw this shook him n said I think now u r feeling better

Screen freezes on smiling face of abhi

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