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Kaun Tujhe (Swasan/Raglak) – Chapter 1-Madness

Kaun Tujhe

Chapter 1- Madness



Precap: Prologue


“Officer Maheshwari! Officer Maheshwari!”

Sanskar looked up as his colleague + best friend Sahil came running in.

(Oops I forgot to mention that SanHil are bff’s and Sahil is Sanskar’s colleague in Airforce)

“Stop right there! You’re going to break the door! And you don’t need to call me ‘Officer Maheshwari’. We’re best friends for heavens sake!”

“Sorry”, he was out of breath. He gulped down a huge glass of water which was lying untouched on my table.

“Now. Calmly Sahil Calmly. What happened?”

“Ok. So basically what happened is that our headquarters in Delhi have been receiving some weird threat messages from an anonymous ID. Our Kolkata Quarters has been given the responsibility of figuring out the IP address but-”

“But what?”

“But the thing is- they want you to go to Delhi. To the headquarters. And our Kolkata Quarters wants me to accompany you”.

Sanskar looked at him with a frown on his face. “Sahil I can’t go. Inspector Sinha’s found some clue about her and-”

“Look Sanskar I understand. But this is work. You’ll have to do it”.

“But why me?”

“Coz the messages- those messages are openly threatening you”.

Sanskar sucked his breath again. Dammit! They figured out his workplace too!

“Fine. I’ll- come with you to Delhi”. Sahil nodded and walked out. Sanskar put his head down on his desk and fell asleep due to exhaustion.


Next morning

“Ragini!” The sound of her mother screaming for her shook her awake. She groaned and covered her head with a pillow.


“Ughhhhh! Maa lemme get my beauty sleep!”

Shomi came inside the room and pulled the blankets off Ragini.

“Ragini get up. First day of college and ur behaving like this! Raghav will come in few minutes. And u have to check on that girl. Get up now!”

Ragini woke up grumbling, “iss duniya mein Meri parwah koi Na karta hai. Hey Bhagwan! Iss zalim duniya mein Mujhe Khushi ehsaas karne ki mauka kab milega!?”

(Translation: nobody cares about me in this world. Oh god! Will I ever get a chance to be happy in this evil world!?)

Shomi started laughing. “Drama queen! Ragu, now come. Go and get ready now. I’ve made your favourite aloo paratha today”.

Ragini smiled and went to get ready.



SanHil come to Sanskar’s home in Kolkata. Sanskar almost walks in first but Sahil pushes him and walks ahead. He directly goes to the kitchen where AP and Suju are cooking with the maid.


AP turns around while Suju just smiles to herself. “Aagaya Je chorra Mharra rasoi khali karne ke liye”

(Translation: This boy has come now to empty our kitchen😂)

“Yea Aunty. Obviously I’ll empty ur kitchen. Ur food is that good! I don’t get home food that often anyways. So this is like home food for me”.

AP smiled and took out a plate. Sujata took some freshly made idli (steamed rice cake) and put it on the plate with some chutney (to eat with the idli) and gave it to Sahil.

“Eat this. We made it. And where is Sanskar? We made some for him also”.

“Actually Annapoorna Aunty, Sanskar was a lil tensed when we were coming back. U know after what Inspector Sinha told us yesterday”.

“Oh god! Why r u doing this to my son? Pls just send her back to him”. Sujata wailed.

“Sujata calm down. Sahil will handle Sanskar. Sahil beta (beta is son) give this idli to Sanskar”.

Sahil nodded and took the second plate and went to give it to Sanskar.

-in Sanskar’s room-

Sanskar walked in to see her dupatta thrown on his couch. He got angry. He went and picked it up carefully. “WHO DARED TO THROW IT LIKE THIS!?!”

He held it to his heart and tears started flowing out. He fell down on his knees. “Where are u!” He screamed. “PLS come back! I can’t live without u!” He broke down and started sobbing miserably. He clutched on to the dupatta and cried.


The girl kept tossing and turning on her bed. Her eyes were closed but those dreadful images were clogging her mind. She scrunched her facial features in her sleep and clutched on to the bed sheets tightly. She was sweating badly. Ragini and Shomi walked in to check on her and were shocked to see this. Ragini ran to her.

“Oh god! What happened to her? (To the girl) hey listen calm down nothing’s happening to u! Calm down!”

The girl kept mumbling something and suddenly screamed out, with pain lacing her voice, “NO! DON’T! PLSSSS! NO DON’T- STAY RIGHT THERE! NO DON’T! DON’T U DARE. I’LL CALL THE POLICE! HELP HELP HELPPPPP! SANSKARRRRRRRRR!”

She screamed his name out the loudest, in a high shrill voice. Ragini looked shocked.

The girl opened her eyes for a second and clutched at her hair. She was sitting up. “NOOOOOO! SANSKARRRRRRRR HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!”

She fell back on the bed and fainted with tears in her eyes. Ragini didn’t know how to react.

“Ragu call the doctor right now!” Shomi ordered. Ragini ran to the phone.

“Hello? Doctor? The girl, the one with the chain that said Swara? She’s behaving weirdly. She-” Ragini explained the whole event to the doctor. “PLS come fast!”

She cut the call.

“I wonder who the name belongs to. The name Sanskar. She just screamed his name out”, Shomi said. Ragini was in a state of shock.

Recap: Inspector Sinha’s talk with Sanskar. Laksh’s entry.


Hey Guys:) So that was chapter one- Madness for all of ya:) I’m so glad all of u liked the prologue. Don’t worry. There will be some happy scenes. I’ve lined some happy scenes up for y’all:)

So what do u think of this Abhimanyu track in the serial? I think there’s some catch. Idc if Namish has come back as Abhimanyu. I want him as Laksh. Ragini’s Laksh. And I’m so happy Sanskar shouted at Gayatri yesterday! How dare she shout at Swara?

Anyways, do comment and PLS do ask ur friends to read my story:)


Link to prologue: http://www.tellyupdates.com/kaun-tujhe-swasanraglak-prologue/

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