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Kasam 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Tanuja wakes up from dream of marrying Rishi in the temple. She wonders what was this dream, as she married Rishi in this house. She looks at Rishi sleeping on the couch then towards the moon. She speaks to the moon that he must be evident of everyone’s life, and asks why she dreams about them. Who is the girl marrying Rishi in her dreams, is it her or that Tannu. If she is Tannu, why she is dreaming about her. How is she related to Tannu, and these dreams? She turns to look at Rishi still sleeping, then return to her bed, not wanting to have such dreams.
The old lady sends a girl to get some more woods. The girl asks why she wants to do this Pooja at this time. The lady replies she wants to pray for Rishi and Tanuja, so that he can see what he doesn’t want to.
Rishi wakes up from sleep,


and walks towards Tanuja who was asleep. He recalls he asked if Tannu would really be with him, Tannu got annoyed that her promises are always Kasam. She would return to him even if she dies. Rishi asked if she would return with the same face, Tannu said she is unaware but she would return. Rishi then questioned how he would recognize her, Tannu asked if he touches something and it feels like her; he should understand his Tannu is back. She then held his hands, saying if he can see the shine in her eyes in someone else’s he must understand his Tannu is back. He was thoughtful, Tannu got angry again if he would keep on itching his head; she would leave. Rishi touches Tanuja’s face, and calls her as Tannu. Tanuja wakes up and looks towards Rishi, then sits up correcting she is Tanuja. Rishi backs up with a jolt. Tanuja asks if he needs something. Rishi remember Sandy’s concern for Tanuja, calling her as his daughter. He complains she is disturbing him even during sleeps, and wonders what is happening to him. He leaves the room at once.
Malaika was cautiously entering the house, curt at Tanuja. She hides herself as Rishi walks towards the hall. She wonders why is Rishi going to terrace, and finds an idea to take advantage of this all. Shekhar would also be impressed from her. She finds a shawl nearby and goes behind Rishi.
On the terrace, Rishi breathes deeply wondering why he is unable to stop himself from getting close to her. He can’t give Tanuja the place that belongs to Tannu, he won’t let Tanuja take Tannu’s place. Malaika comes from behind to drape him with the shawl, as its cold. Rishi asks why she didn’t sleep. Malaika says he hasn’t slept as well, is he feeling uncomfortable because of Tanuja. Rishi was speechless, Malaika hugs him saying it was their night but everything was ruined. She suggests about another chance, if he wish. Rishi pulls her away saying until he is Tanuja’s husband, he has to be loyal to her. Malaika questions if he called himself Tanuja’s husband. Rishi says he married her, he feels disgusted about her. Malaika apologizes him, and confess about having got much emotional. She has accepted him as a husband and wanted to share her pains, Rishi takes leave from her. He returns her shawl. Malaika was curt about listening to Shekhar, she can’t get hold of Rishi easily. She was determined to make him as hers soon.
The next morning, Manpreet wakes up in the gallery. Ahana was watering the plants. They have an argument with each other, Manpreet speak about romance in Hindi films. Ahana says she isn’t interested in romance with him, she married him only because of Raaj. Manpreet says if it was Tanuja here, she must have saved Rishi. Ahana says Tanuja has a lot of benefits with this marriage, she got a handsome working husband unlike the idle Manpreet.
Tanuja comes to the kitchen, the house keeper forbids her do anything in kitchen except for preparing a sweet dish. Tanuja thinks this means Kheer must be tasty today, to get rid of yesterday’s bitterness.

PRECAP: Rishi tastes the kheer saying Ahana must have made this. Tanuja says she did, it’s her first day in kitchen.

Update Credit to: Sona

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