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Kasam 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

In the hall, Bee ji speaks to Malaika she feels bad, anything that was about to be hers is now Tanuja’s. Malaika leaves the hall, Rano notices and follows Malaika upstairs. Bee ji was worried if she did something wrong. Ahana assure she hasn’t done anything wrong, she just said the right thing at the wrong time.
In the room, Malaika was packing her bag. Rani angrily comes to help her. Malaika stops at once, then cries loudly. She tells Rano she felt real insult when she saw Tanuja in Rishi’s room, she has snatched her place in the room. Rano tells Malaika there is nothing between Rishi and Tanuja, it’s only because of Raaj’s health that Rishi is staying with Tanuja. Malaika hugs Rano, thanking her to be with her. She smirks behind her back.
In the window, Rishi thinks it was fate or


a betrayal that he got married to Tanuja. No matter, Tanuja is a part of his life, only she would always be there in his heart. Tanuja unpins her hair and was about to keep the jewelry in a drawer. A photo album of Rishi and Tannu fell down. She looks towards her face in the mirror, disturbed. Rishi turns around and shouts at once, what she is doing. He comes to snatch the album off her hand, and demands who gave her a permission to touch this. Tanuja explains it fell off as a mistake. Rishi asks how many mistakes she commit, this must be the last one. Tanuja says he was right, Tannu was beautiful. Rishi says she was a true being, Tanuja must never try to be one. Tanuja says no one can take another one’s place. Rishi questions why she took Malaika’s place on stage then. Tanuja says she is being punished for betrayal she never committed. Rishi turns to leave but she stops him. She asks him to see this album, if he has a minor trust over her. Rishi questions if she wants to be Tannu, she would never be. He requests her not to increase his problems, he is already tensed. Tanuja suggests about sleeping on sofa, he can sleep on the bed. Rishi says this is his room and his house, and goes to sleep on sofa. Tanuja comes to the bed, saying everyone is upset only because of her. Rishi asks her to turn the lights off, he can’t sleep with lights on. Tanuja prays for Malaika who must be really hurt.
Malaika gets Shekhar’s call, while Rano was setting her wardrobe back. Rano sits beside her, assuring that she is always with her. Malaika thinks her life would be well when Rano leaves this place. She thinks Rano has got glued to her, and asks her to go and take rest. Rano assures she wouldn’t have left her alone, if Raaj was fine and leaves the room. Malaika cautiously locks the door. Shekhar arrive as Bedi House; and wonders how to enter the house. He watches the window of kitchen and was about to enter when Rano comes there. She feels someone’s presence, Shekhar had hid himself out. Malaika calls Shekhar then. Rano hears the phone bell and holds the golf stick to hit him but finds none. She goes inside without investigating further.
Shekhar calls Malaika outside, and holds her closely asking what if she didn’t marry. He questions why she isn’t in Rishi’s room? Malaika tells Shekhar that Tanuja got married to Rishi.
In the temple, the lady was praying when all at once she notices something wrong. She comes to light the fire at once. Malaika tells Shekhar that Raaj had seen her in hotel with him and got Tanuja married to Rishi, still there is hope. Shekhar says its impossible, Rishi won’t be able to resist watching the bed. And Rano has promised to get her married to Rishi, she promises Shekhar that she would handle everything. Shekhar suggests about spending a night with Rishi, even without marrying him. Malaika says Tanuja resembles Tannu, this would be a reason to bring differences between them.

PRECAP: At night, Rishi touches Tanuja’s face, calling her Tannu. She wakes up at once, correcting she is Tanuja. Rishi backs up.

Update Credit to: Sona

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