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Kasam 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

She says she only wanted to take his pain from him, but today he doesn’t even want to look at her. She really cares for this family, Raaj and him. Manpreet comes to call Rishi, she requests him to understand her at least. Rishi asks what he should understand, for whatever happened today. He cups her face asking her to listen to him carefully, he trusts what he sees; her face would never be able to affect him. Tanuja says she wants him to understand her soul, she is also going through the same; it’s only that his heart and mouth speak differently. Rishi backs up at once and notices her mangal sooter stuck with his watch, he apologizes and make her wear it again. They share a close eye lock. He backs up wiping his tears, then was shocked to realize what he had done. He remembers Tannu telling him about


mangal sooter, and hurries outside the room.
The whole family was gathered outside Raaj’s room when Rishi comes there. Everyone questions him if everything is fine, Manpreet asks about Raaj’s prescription. The doctor comes out, and warns his condition isn’t well. It seems her old heart problem has revived, he is also mentally disturbed. They need to take care of him. He has never seen him cry in years, but today his eyes are wet. He advises Rishi to take special care of him, he wants to meet him. Rano also heads to go, but doctor instructs them to do what Raaj wants. Rishi goes inside. Manpreet and UV take the doctor inside. Rano turns around to see Tanuja, and fumes in rage. Malaika thinks it’s all going wrong, she thinks about being a good girl and get to know what Raaj wants to speak to Rishi about. Rishi comes to the room, Raaj opens his eyes. Rishi wipes his tears, and cheers Raaj up as nothing happened to him. Raaj says he is fine, doctors only advised him to take rest. Rishi asks what advantage Raaj would want in return to his ailment. Raaj holds Rishi’s hand, and requests Rishi… Rishi asks him to order. Raaj says he did this all thoughtfully, and asks Rishi not to leave Tanuja. He must please give this wedding a chance, and confess he deliberately brought Tanuja in his life. It was his mistake; not to own Tannu, he hopes Tanuja will fill the vacant space his in life. If this happens, he would recover Alzheimer’s as well as cancer. Rishi cries hugging Raaj. Raaj asks for Rishi’s promise, that he would give a single chance to Tanuja and this wedding. Malaika and Rano, who peeked through the window were taken aback as Rishi holds Raaj’s hand.
Malaika runs downstairs upstairs, Rano follows her. Divia and others were also worried. In the hall, Malaika asks why she should stay in this house, firstly Tanuja married Rishi and now Rishi is being emotional in hands of Raaj. She would always be tensed watching Tanuja and Rishi together. She has been silent for Raaj’s illness only. She has bear everything only because of her, but why should she stay here. Rano assures Malaika her place is same as Rano’s in this house, she promises to get Malaika her right. Tanuja comes from behind, they ladies were shocked to see her. Malaika complains if she would hear their conversations as well. Tanuja tells Rano Rishi is looking for her. Rano leaves.
Outside, Rishi was restlessly waiting for Rano. She complains he sent Tanuja to call her. Rano says she has heard what he told Raaj. Rishi asks who told her? Rishi says she already know Raaj wanted Tanuja to be here, and his health isn’t well. He wants her to let it go right now. Rano asks if he would make that betrayer a daughter in law of this house. Rishi says Raaj wants him to give this marriage a chance, Rano was shocked if he would keep the girl at home, whose father Sandy killed Tannu.

PRECAP: Tanuja overhears Rishi promising Rano he won’t touch Tanuja. Tanuja and Rishi come to room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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