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Kasam 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Malaika lay besides Rishi and holds his hand while he was asleep.
Tanuja says whatever happened today hurt her a lot, she is broken. Rishi opens his eyes and murmurs Tannu, then asks her not to leave him again. Malaika was curt that if he doesn’t forget Tannu, Tanuja would soon become Tannu. Malaika says she is his Tannu, she is back only for him; she promises to never leave him. Rishi says I love you, and holds her face.
Tanuja says Rishi has no feelings for her, what she is to him. He is faking their relation for his father, still she expected from him. She was determined to return to Mumbai, away from Rishi and everything. Raaj comes to her and keeps a hand over her shoulder. Tanuja was shocked. Raaj forbids her not to ask what he is doing here, he questions Tanuja about these tears. Tanuja makes up that she had foot strain and pain. Raaj reminds her he is old man now, he can tell if its foot ache or heart ache. He noticed her troubled voice, so he came here. Tanuja says it’s nothing, he was worried without any reason. Raaj reminds she can’t hide anything from him, and asks if she is crying because of Rishi. Tanuja assures Rishi takes great care of her. Raaj goes to reception to ask about Rishi’s room address. Tanuja thinks Raaj would again fell ill if he watches Rishi and Malaika together. Raaj goes towards room 101. Tanuja follows, this time she get a real foot strain. Raaj had already walked upstairs. Tanuja walks upstairs anyway. Raaj insists on talking to Rishi. Raaj swears her, and again asks if she had a fight with Rishi. Tanuja says yes, it was a minor one; but it has been solved already. Raaj wonders how can Rishi fight with her, and why is she stopping him to go to Rishi’s room. He heads towards the room again. Raaj knocks at the door, Malaika wonders who is knocking at this time and curses her luck. She fell asleep again. Tanuja comes there. Raaj guess Rishi must be in washroom. Tanuja wish Rishi doesn’t open the door anyway, and Raaj can’t see the truth. Malaika thinks it must be Tanuja who is shameless. She goes to open the door.
Raaj says Rishi has fought with her, he must be thinking it is Tanuja. He was about to call Rishi, Tanuja takes the phone and says Rishi isn’t in the room, he has gone out. Raaj stares at her, saying today she is not being his daughter but Rishi’s wife. Tanuja tells Raaj the door is locked from outside, Rishi left with locking the door and this is the reason for their argument.
Tanuja suggests Raaj about checking in another room, Rishi would be angry if he finds Raaj had to stay out. She would send Rishi as soon as he returns. Raaj still stood there for a while. Malaika comes to open the door but no one was there. She goes inside again. Tanuja gets the keys for another room, and hands them to Raaj. Raaj apologizes Tanuja for suspecting her, he didn’t listen to her. Tanuja says he always say such things when he is really tired. Raaj says he would stay silent for a while. A waiter comes to take Raaj. Tanuja instructs to send a tea to his room as well.
Tanuja knocks at the door, calling Rishi. Malaika opens the door, and asks if she is a child and can’t understand what must be going on. Tanuja forces the door opened, saying Malaika must leave this room right away. Malaika comes out and asks who she to force her out of the room is; she isn’t the real wife of Rishi. She insists this right and place has always been hers (Malaika). She reminds Tanuja of saving her life and stopping her at Bedi House. Tanuja says she remember everything, but she owes much more to Raaj. Malaika says Raaj isn’t here, Tanuja holds Malaika’s hand saying she can’t go to this room anymore and drags Malaika away. She insists Malaika to go away from her husband’s room, she is crazy in love of Raaj. She tells Malaika he is here in this same resort.

PRECAP: Rishi confesses his love to Tanuja in dizziness. Tanuja was elated, he confirms if she also loves him like crazy. She replies, a lot!

Update Credit to: Sona

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