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Kasam 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Everyone was shocked as a lady comes out of the room. Raaj asks her about the guy whom Malaika came to meet. Her husband calls from inside, Manpreet calls him outside. The man comes out, Malaika thinks this isn’t Shekhar. Manpreet accuses the man for having an affair with Malaika, the lady says this is her husband and they are here since yesterday. Their child


The manager denies recognizing Malaika. Rishi calms Raaj, UV goes to look for an entry in the reception register. Malaika was worried her truth would now be disclosed. Shekhar drags Malaika aside then, he tells Malaika it’s his friend there in the room. He saw her come out of the car with them, she looked really worried so he made all arrangements for her. Malaika was relieved, she takes a leave from Shekhar forbidding him to call her. Rishi was unable to find Malaika’s name in the register, Raaj suggests may be she had changed her name and was sure he himself saw her. Rano asks if he now trusts that she is innocent. Raaj was angry at Rano, Rishi warns him not to create a drama here. Rano apologizes Malaika and takes her home. Tanuja walks beside Rishi.

At home, Divia asks what Bee ji wants. Bee ji says she is trying to understand, the relations bound today on festival day are never broken. Smiley gets a call and was shocked to hear. The family then returns. Bee ji looks forward for Rishi who was coming with Tanuja. She stops them there and forbid them enter home. She sends Divia to bring rice for welcoming rituals. Ahana was happy, but Rano interrupts. Bee ji says they married in front of everyone, Rano calls Tanuja’s marriage a legitimate one. Rano says if Malaika had been proven right she would have accepted Tanuja, but Tanuja has rightly been proven wrong. Raaj told a lie, Malaika wasn’t with any boy and there wasn’t a boy in the room as well. Raaj tells Rano he didn’t have a misunderstanding, Rano insists he was shown what he saw as a result of black magic from Tanuja. Raaj asks if she trusts Malaika more than him. Rano says Tanuja must have fed him something that made him marry Tanuja with Rishi. Raaj says he wanted to speak to her before wedding, but she didn’t listen; he didn’t want Rishi to marry someone like Malaika. He did this all for his son Rishi, and doesn’t feel bad for him. Rano questions if this betrayer girl, bad blood of Neha and Baani is good for them? She is a daughter of a murderer. Tanuja goes to her room, crying.

Tanuja was crying in the room when Malaika comes there. Tanuja holds her hand and apologizes she didn’t do it deliberately. She hugs Malaika and assures she didn’t willingly do it. Malaika asks if she understands she has betrayed her, she didn’t let her enter the house she brought her by herself. Tanuja tells Malaika what Raaj told her. Malaika complains Tanuja didn’t call her to confirm, but Tanuja always wanted to marry Rishi. Tanuja says she tried, but Rano came then and took her downstairs. Tanuja suggests Malaika could also have called her, if she is really being harassed? Malaika was speechless. Malaika then denies having a boyfriend, and confirms if she also think Raaj is right. Tanuja says she doesn’t know what’s right or wrong, but she didn’t do something deliberately. She only helped Raaj, and it all happened. Malaika appreciates her for counting this as her luck, she snatched her right, her dream; she leaves saying I hate you Tanuja. Tanuja stops her but she doesn’t, and smiles turning around. She thinks marrying Rishi is Tanuja’s mistake that she would take an advantage of, Shekhar would be in her life like always but she will surely marry Rishi.

Smiley comes to inform Rano they are showing Alzheimer test report from Citi Lab. The family was shocked. Rishi comes there, Divia tells him Raaj has Alzheimer’s, they were all shocked.

PRECAP: Tanuja swears she isn’t lying, Divia says they could have accepted her to be true if they didn’t know she was aware of Raaj’s tests only. Rano drags Tanuja out of home. Raaj only watches, Rishi was worried.

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