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Kasam 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Tanuja was leaving the room when Malaika comes to him, concerned for his health.
At home, Rano wonders why she said so much to Raaj, where has he gone. She watches Ahana and Manpreet arguing in the hall. Ahana calls Manpreet childish and immature. Rano comes there asking about Raaj. Manpreet suggests he must have gone to office, as he does whenever he is angry with her.
Malaika was disgusted that Tanuja got him stuck among the goons for little money, she is so greedy. Rishi goes to get fresh. Malaika waits outside.
Tanuja comes towards the pond, upset that Rishi never understands her. No matter what, for her this is a real wedding. Raaj and that stranger Perces could see her love then why not Rishi. She was afraid what if Rishi tells her to leave. She was determined to listen to her heart,

they are married after all.
Malaika brings out a tablet from her purse, thinking this will bring out Rishi’s emotions. Rishi will now spend the wedding night with her only. She calls room service for a fresh juice, and mix the tablet in it. Rishi comes out, Malaika offers him a juice but he says he really dislikes juices. It’s not good to waste it, and tells Malaika to drink it. Malaika insists that he is feeling weak because of medicines, this juice will help her. Rishi finally takes the glass, and drink it with much difficulty. Malaika thinks this tablet will get away her pain (Tanuja) from life.
Tanuja looks towards the moon, saying she would not let anyone take her right.
In the room, Rishi drops the magazine feeling dizzy. Malaika helps him towards the bed. Malaika turns the music on, saying this will reduce his anxiety. Rishi looks towards Malaika, and asks why she is looking towards him this way. Malaika makes up she can’t see him tensed; she was happy the medicine is effecting. She tells Rishi she doesn’t like going away from him, he looks up smiling and watches Tanuja there. He then holds her face with his hands.
Tanuja picks a red rose from the way and thinks Rishi would accept her sorry watching this flower. Rishi gets closer to Malaika, considering her as Tanuja. Malaika gets aside. Tanuja enters the room watching Rishi and Malaika closer. The flowers drop off her hand, she steps over it and runs away. She cries beside the pond agreeing Rishi has no place in his heart and life for her; she considers herself responsible for all this today. Rishi finally get to sleep, Malaika turns the music low. Her phone begins to ring, Rishi murmurs Tanuja’s name in sleep. Malaika takes Shekhar’s call going aside. Shekhar wants straight answers from her, where she is and what is she up to. Malaika assures whatever she is doing is for their future. Shekhar agrees, saying he trusts her. Rishi murmurs he won’t leave Tanuja, and asks her not to leave him. Malaika tries to wake him up, and was upset how he can sleep. She thinks doctor only advised a single tablet, it was she who gave two tablets.
Tanuja walks towards a mirror, she says this mangal sooter and sindoor has no importance for him. She thought may be everything between them is getting better but whatever happened between them, has shown it’s just a show off for him.

PRECAP: Tanuja knocks at the door calling Rishi. Malaika asks if she can’t understand what must be going on, Tanuja keeps the door open.

Update Credit to: Sona

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