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Kasam 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Tanuja watches Malaika and Rishi dance together and was worried. The man again come to Tanuja and explains he was coming with his girlfriend but right now he needs to celebrate his breakup. Tanuja agrees to dance, as her husband is also celebrating. Rishi returns to table, and not finding Tanuja Malaika takes his attention towards Tanuja dancing with the man, taunting Tanuja only needs anyone rich. Rishi watches them curtly, Malaika says Tanuja is acting as if she dislikes this dance. In couple dances close moments always come, if she dislikes she shouldn’t have gone. Tanuja forbids dancing, Rishi goes towards Tanuja and asks to dance with her now. The man tells Rishi she isn’t interested in dancing with anyone else. Rishi clarifies she is his wife. Malaika was shocked to hear. Tanuja happily holds


Rishi’s hand. He dances vigorously, hurting Tanuja. Tanuja comes to a side upset. Rishi pins her on the wall, Tanuja says it is hurting her. Rishi questions what when that person was clutching her hand, didn’t it hurt. Tanuja looks into his eyes saying he was jealous, that is why he came there. Rishi reminds her name is connected to his family, and he doesn’t want it ruined. Tanuja asks if she doesn’t matter to him at all, Rishi clarifies he never feels for her. Malaika was happy that Rishi clarifies her confusion. Tanuja leaves the hall crying. Malaika smiles, while Rishi was also upset.
Tanuja walks outside and cries under a tree. She says she thought Rishi also felt exactly what she felt for him but she was wrong. He is just fulfilling his responsibility, she has started to love him so much but he doesn’t care. He only considers her a liar. She thinks she isn’t in the story, being in it.
In the room, Rishi was restless when Malaika comes to calm himself down. He understands he shouldn’t have done this, but he was helpless. She was then calling him jealous, she had forgotten her limits. How could she go to dance with anyone? Malaika says he knows someone like Tanuja, she only needs a rich person. She tells Rishi to go and bring Tanuja back, she might create an issue after calling Raaj and his family has already faced much because of Tanuja. Rishi goes outside. Malaika cheers for creating this misunderstanding between them.
Rishi comes out looking for Tanuja, and tells her to come in. Tanuja denies coming in, how it matters to him. He is already showing everything off. Rishi says he is doing this for his father. Tanuja tells Rishi to go inside, she can take care of herself. She turns to leave for Mumbai. Rishi holds her back, forbidding her to be over smart. He won’t always let her take advantage of his papa, he understands his game well. In the way, he thought she was a bit different but he has forgotten what purpose she came into their house. Tanuja says this is her mistake, she thought maybe they were about to understand each other. Rishi calls mangal sooter, and this wedding as a rubbish; for him it was a drama and for her it was a purpose. Tanuja cries, Rishi tells her not to look down as he is speaking to her. She asks if she should look at him. He was about to take her when some goons arrive and loot their wallet and watch. They holds Rishi and asks Tanuja for valuable. They demand for mangal sooter, but Tanuja denies. They misbehave with Tanuja, Rishi insists on her to hand it over. One of them pulls the trigger.
Malaika comes there. Rishi gets a chance to kick the man with the gun and get himself freed. He fights the group of goons. Tanuja counters the men, and finds a rod near the tree. She comes to beat them with it. Malaika watches Rishi wrestle, while Tanuja countering with the rod. Some guards arrive, and the goons run away. Rishi was badly hurt, he was angry at Tanuja but she helps him inside. Malaika takes advantage of time and was determined to make up she sent the guards.
In the room, Tanuja cleans the cuts over Rishi’s face. She apologizes, hadn’t she insisted to stay out… Rishi boasts about beating them badly. Tanuja wonders if he hit them, or they hit him badly. Rishi was annoyed. Tanuja brings pain killers for him. She says if he is fond of listening his appreciation, she would… Rishi thinks Malaika must have called him a hero, she is nice. Tanuja was jealous, and puts an antiseptic over his arm. He screams. Tanuja taunts she should have also seen how he screams with antiseptic. Rishi accuses her for not giving away her mangal sooter, Tanuja replies this is mangal sooter and he can never understand what it means for a woman.

PRECAP: Tanuja drops a rose in hand as she watches Malaika intimate with a guy.

Update Credit to: Sona

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