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Kasam 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Rishi asks Tanuja not to leave. He gets an idea, and frightens her for a rat. She climbs his arms, he laughs. Tanuja them poses to have seen a shadow, Rishi hides behind her this time. She sends him to look for it, there was a bang of a rod and he comes to hide behind Tanuja. Tanuja laughs for him. Rishi was angry at her. Tanuja tells Rishi she isn’t afraid, she is just restless because of rats and lizards but she isn’t a coward like him. She sits on a couch to sleep, Rishi holds her dupatta tightly before laying down. Tanuja smiles watching him. She thinks there is no ghost, and she would never let anything happen to him; and will protect her.
Rano was bidding a good bye to Malaika. Raaj hears about airport and asks where she is going. Rano tries to change the topic, and asks isn’t it time


to sleep. Raaj asks where is Malaika going, Rano says she is going to a business meeting. Raaj wonders why Malaika was so fearful, and thinks there is something cooking.
At night, Tanuja wakes up on couch. She finds blood over her hand, then was frightened to see a bent back man holding a lantern in the corridor. She looks around, calling Rishi. The man walks out without turning to her. She finds Rishi sleeping on the couch and comes to wake him up, when a masked man’s shadow appears from behind her. She stammers to wake Rishi up but couldn’t sleep. The man gets her with a knife in hand, Tanuja cries loud in fear. The man removes the mask, it was Rishi. He explains this is a fake knife, and only ketchup. Tanuja cries what if she had a heart attack, and had died. Rishi holds her face, confessing it was a joke and he was unaware she would be so frightened. Rishi assures to be with her always, she confirms promise? He holds her hand, promising. He minds this drama has ended. Tanuja points at the dummy, Rishi goes to show her the wig under the quilts and takes her to sleep. He again holds her dupatta before sleeping, Tanuja holds his stroller, then laughs.
Malaika confirms if the suite isn’t booked on Rishi and Tanuja’s name. She then calls Rano to inform Rishi and Tanuja haven’t come here, Tanuja must have demanded to stay somewhere else. Rano asks her to call Rishi, Malaika says his phone is switched off. Malaika was upset she must stay here, and will return at 12 noon tomorrow.
The next morning, Rishi wakes up on the couch. Tanuja wasn’t there beside him. Tanuja comes to wish him morning, and brings tea for him. He was impressed that she even changed in the morning, and brought tea as well. He calls her a good wife, as he likes bed tea. He sips the tea recognizing she didn’t make it. Tanuja tells him there is a stall nearby, Rishi offers his to her but she denies. They turn to leave. Tanuja smiles that he owns her, then wish he really felt something for her. Rishi notices she was thinking about something, Tanuja says she wasn’t thinking about anything. He walks towards her, with inquiring eyes. Tanuja denies telling, and challenges him to guess while running inside.
In the hotel, Malaika thinks about calling Tanuja, thinking she has complete right to keep an eye over Rishi. She was thankful that it’s ringing at least, but was frustrated as she isn’t picking up the call.
On the road, Tanuja runs ahead of Rishi challenging him to catch her. Rishi dodges her, and comes behind her. She turns around and slips in his arms. Rishi demands her to apologize, Tanuja wasn’t ready to say a sorry. Tanuja says she told him already where she got the tea, where he got this mask. Rishi says it was Chintoo’s Halloween dress. Tanuja hurries him towards the stall for help, Rishi wasn’t ready to take help from anyone he won’t trust. A can comes passing by. It was an old lady, Tanuja requests her to drop them till hotel. The lady allows them a lift. In the car, Tanuja introduces herself and Rishi to Perces.
At home, Rano was worried where Rishi and Tanuja can be. She wonders if Rishi is really attracted towards Tanuja. Ahana brings tea for her and notices Rano is tensed. She turns to give tea to Malaika. Rano says she went to Mount Tabu. Ahana understands she left to interfere Rishi and Tanuja. Ahana tries to explain what they are doing is really useless. Rano asks why Ahana is taking Tanuja’s side. Ahana tells Rano she understands actually they, not Tanuja is playing games; she never liked Tanuja but now she doesn’t like Malaika either.

PRECAP: In the hotel, Malaika warns Tanuja to stay away from Rishi, he has promised to marry her soon.

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