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Kasam 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Raaj gifts Tanuja and Rishi with the vacation package, as he wants them to spend some time alone and blesses Tanuja to get everything in her life. He says these are tickets for tomorrow. Everyone else was shocked. Raaj was sure, Rishi would be grateful for this gesture sometime in his life. Everyone clap, Malaika whispers to Rano if they don’t take tension, they would be left clapping only. Super Bee ji asks Raaj to drop her to airport, as she needs to plan the next function; she would soon be a Super Dadi. Tanuja leave the hall, Malaika follows. In the room, Tanuja was worried about what’s happening, on one side there is Super Bee ji and Raaj who wants an heir from her. How should she make Rishi and others trust her. She moves towards Rishi’s photo on the dressing table, smiling. Malaika stood behind


her, watching curtly; and leaves the room at once.
Super Bee ji takes a leave, blessing everyone. She advises Rishi not to confront Tanuja the bullet this time, she loves him dearly. If the situation occur again, she would surely come to save him again but he shouldn’t let her go this time. Rishi silently takes her blessings.
Rishi comes to the room and asks why Tanuja is cleaning the bed. She replies she has to sleep in a while. Rishi looks into the mirror, some flakes were stuck in his hair. Tanuja laughs about them, saying he is grown up still is unable to help himself. Rishi asks her to do it, Tanuja counters if he can’t do his work by himself; and she would also touch him but it’s alright as he didn’t promise someone against it. Rishi hands her the hairbrush, Tanuja goes to sit on bed and tells him to sit on the floor. He objects first, then agrees. Tanuja cleans his hair. He thinks about Super Bee ji’s words. He was pricked on his head, she apologizes at once but he asks her to do it again. She gives him a head massage that he enjoys. Malaika was passing by and comes calling Rishi angrily, Rishi asks why she always come in at the wrong time. Malaika says whenever she comes to the room, something wrong is happening here. Rishi blames Tanuja, while she put the blame over Rishi that he asked her to touch. Malaika leaves helpless. Rishi stops Tanuja keeping a hand over her shoulder, he asks her for an answer about getting him stuck. Tanuja says he is really afraid of Malaika, and else he should have blamed her about getting near to them. Rishi holds her hand, asking if she isn’t moved whenever he touches her. She denies, he drags her closer asking now? Tanuja breathes heavily, but silently denies. Rishi turns her to face him closely, asking now? She still denies, but with much difficulty. Rishi smiles, something happened but Tanuja hurries into the washroom.
Malaika hurries inside her room, furious over Tanuja. He wonders why Rishi is so attracted to Tanuja, in spite of all his promises to her. She speaks to herself in the mirror that she is more attractive than Tanuja, and was then curt at Raaj; wondering if Rishi loses himself when they would be alone. She thinks about an idea.
Rishi was still standing beside the wall when she comes out of washroom, and asks why he is staring at her. She is really sleepy. Rishi walks towards her, while she turns around giving him space. She backs up and throw his night suit, telling him to go and change. He goes towards washroom, Tanuja was relieved.
Malaika was preparing a Kara in the kitchen. Rano comes to ask where she had gone from the party. Malaika taunts if Rano enjoyed Rishi and Tanuja’s honeymoon. Rano promises Malaika but she interrupts that her daughter in law is going to flee with her son for honeymoon. Rano was sure Rishi won’t even touch Tanuja. Malaika wasn’t ready to accept. Rano asks Malaika to find a solution. Malaika pours two glasses of Kara saying its for cold, Rano has to get this for them. She mixed sleeping pills in it, and they would now sleep until they miss their flights. Rano takes the Kara happily. Malaika speaks to herself, she can’t let Rishi and Tanuja get closer to each other.

PRECAP: Rishi and Tanuja undergo a car accident.

Update Credit to: Sona

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