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Kasam 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Malaika presents Raaj with a drink and asks how the party is. Raaj clarifies it isn’t a party but a wedding reception. He then asks if she has seen anyone else wearing such dress, they are traditional people. He just heard someone say she must be married to Rishi, people lie in such parties. Malaika asks how? He says just like she just lied about being responsible for all these arrangements. Raaj boasts that in a while, Tanuja will come downstairs wearing the saree he gifted and everyone would be in awe. Rano goes behind Malaika who hurries upstairs. Rishi was coming downstairs, Malaika smiles watching him then notices he was in some stance and didn’t notice her present.
Ahana comes to inform Rano that Nakul called that he is coming with Super Bee jee.
Malaika comes upstairs to find Tanuja’s


room unlocked. She takes the saree on her bed and thinks Tanuja would never wear the saree Raaj wants. She looks around, then finds a scissor and cuts the saree; cautiously leaving the room. Tanuja calls from behind. Malaika asks if she isn’t still ready. Tanuja says she got a bit late, then notices her saree had been torn. Malaika screams watching the torn dress. Tanuja was worried that Raaj had gifted this dress. Malaika suggests her to wear anything, Tanuja brings all her clothes out and asks her to suggest one. Malaika says nothing is worth wearing in a party, as she is now Bedi family’s daughter in law. Tanuja was worried, as she has nothing else. Malaika suggests her a few outfits for party. Tanuja goes with her.
Bee ji warns Rano that Super Bee ji is really angry and is coming over after a long time. UV wonders what they would call her elder sister, Manpreet suggests they would call her Super Bee ji. Raaj advices them to do what she says, else she would be angry. Smiley and Nakul come to announce Super Bee ji is here. A man enters the house with a bunch of gift boxes, Super Bee ji comes behind. Manpreet asks Nakul if she is like Hitler type, Nakul only smiles. Super Bee ji asks Manpreet how do you do, Manpreet thanks him and goes touching his feet. Super Bee ji forbids them, as this must only be done with Bee ji and Rano. Bee ji confirms if she is really Gayatri, Super Bee ji scolds Preeti. She says people call her as Gayu, and sends Nakul inside with gifts and calls for Rishi.
In the room, Tanuja was upset watching the clothes and say she can’t wear anything for reception. Malaika wonders if she would wear dull and boring clothes in her reception. She denies wearing crop clothes. Malaika tells Tanuja that in the party everyone is wearing western; then hands her a mini skirt and top. Tanuja says in her village, no one wears westerns in receptions. Malaika hurries her to wear something long with this top. She tells Tanuja that Raaj even complimented her western dress and turns to leave, smirking.
Raaj asks Super Bee ji how she recognized everyone after so long. Super Bee ji boasts about foreseeing matters. Like she can tell right away what’s going on in Rano’s mind. Raaj protects Rano. Super Bee ji asks why everyone so upset is, then laughs she was just joking. She says Nakul had shown her photos of everyone. Rishi comes to greet her. Manpreet complain she didn’t bless them while they touched her feet. She holds their ears saying they did that only on Rano’s call. She reminds Rishi about herself, then asks Rishi why he lost 20 years of his life after Tannu; and wish to meet the one he married now. Raaj was sure Super Bee ji won’t resist once watching Tanuja.
Malaika comes downstairs looking around for Rano. She tells Rano that now everything would be fine, she would now make her space in hearts of Rishi and specially Raaj; what that Madhubala would come downstairs as Priyanka Chopra. Rishi comes to inform he is going to take Tanuja, but Rano stops him as everyone would be left watching her when she comes downstairs.
Ahana takes a tray from John, and smells Laddu eating them. Manpreet watches on from the bar and comes to her. He teases if she is full now? Ahana asks if he can’t leave her alone. Manpreet doesn’t let her eat another full Laddu, else she would get diabetic. He warns people would begin calling her Super Moti otherwise. Ahana asks if he is done with taunting, Manpreet leaves saying she is his digestion tablet.
Rishi hears the song being played and sends Smiley for change of music. Every eye stays at Tanuja who walked downstairs, nervous.

PRECAP: Rishi takes Tanuja to dance vigorously with her, and hurts her. Malaika smirks.

Update Credit to: Sona

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