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Kasam 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Rishi follows Malaika towards her office, who was upset. She smiles over his concern then opens the door crying. Rishi was relieved she was fine, and assures everything would get well again. Malaika cries that people are laughing over her. People are calling her to congratulate, social media demanding for photos of wedding; but no one cares. He easily said he married someone else, but what should she reply. Only her life has been ruined, and she is helpless. Rishi assures Malaika to do something, he would marry her and everyone would shut up then. Malaika restlessly asks when? Rishi says doctors are hopeful about Raaj’s recovery soon, he would surely do something after that. Malaika hugs him, saying she is ready to wait. His phone bell rings, it was Raaj. Rishi was shocked to hear if today? He then shares


with Malaika that Raaj wants his and Tanuja’s reception tonight, because it had cancelled earlier. Malaika cries that Tanuja must have insisted. Rishi tells Malaika he can’t cancel it at any cost, Raaj can’t bear any stress. Rishi was sure to teach Tanuja a lesson in the party tonight, she won’t again be able to play any games again. Malaika cheers.
At home, Tanuja demands Raaj to cancel the reception. Raaj says he has a right to party, as he got a daughter in law just like a daughter. In the party Tanuja would be happy, and this would make him well. Tanuja assures she is happy, but party would bring stress and his condition would worsen. Rano comes to the room, Raaj asks her and she repeats that doctor are hopeful about his health. Raaj asks for his diary to call all the relations to reception. Tanuja argues that Raaj is taking advantage of his illness. Tanuja leaves the room, Rano thinks he was mistaken while calling the doctor, it had all together opposite effect.
Tanuja was looking after the hall decorations, and later set Rangoli. Rano comes to her, scolding to take advantage of Raaj’s illness. She was upset that Raaj is calling his old diary. Tanuja says she had also forbidden Raaj. Rano says it is visible from the preparations. Tanuja says she told Raaj to take rest, but he didn’t listen. Rano shuts her up, for taking advantage of hers. Rano leaves hitting the candle, that was about to roll over Rangoli. Ahana holds the candle, Tanuja thanks Ahana for saving her Rangoli but Ahana leaves without replying. Rano watches this, thinking she would teach Tanuja her worth tonight.
In the evening, Manpreet tells UV that Rishi didn’t learn from their experiences and got married finally. He complains that Ahana speaks a lot, UV suggests about solving this by discussing with Ahana but Manpreet was angry. Malaika comes downstairs looking for Ahana. Rano takes Malaika aside, she says this is the right chance as they know well Tanuja made Raaj ready for this reception; now Malaika must take advantage of this party and do what Tanuja has done to her. She must welcome the guests respectfully, this will increase her worth in Raaj and Rishi’s eyes. She was sure to kick Tanuja out of this house, Divia comes to ask what would happen to Rishi as he has some feelings for Tanuja. Malaika tells them that Rishi has lost all feelings for Tanuja in the office, as he has finally realized what is facing from society. Rano and Divia discuss this all happened because of Tanuja.
In the room, Rishi stared at Tanuja who was confused. Rishi says if she gives him space, he would take his brogue. Tanuja goes to get him the brogue from the side table. Rishi asks Tanuja for putting the brogue on, he says she speaks a lot these days. Tanuja says he doesn’t understand anything without her saying; they look towards each other. The brogue pricks Rishi, Tanuja was apologetic but Rishi laughs as it was a joke to get her attention. Rishi asks if this is a nice brogue, Tanuja nods. Rishi says Malaika gifted it, Tanuja counters that someone told her Raaj gave this. Tanuja deliberately pricks him and breaks into laughter, apologizing. Rishi laughs too and asks her to get downstairs. Tanuja says she has to get ready, but Rishi was about to say she is beautiful as such… then stops at once and tells her to get some makeup. He goes downstairs, as he wants it to end soon.
Downstairs, Malaika welcomes the guests complimenting the women. Raaj notices her. People there compliments Malaika to be taking care of all the guests, and appreciates her arrangements as well. They also appreciates the Rangoli, Rano gives a thumb up to Malaika. The guests say she must have been Bedi’s daughter in law.

PRECAP: Rishi sends Smiley to change the song, but every eye stops as Tanuja comes downstairs.

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