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Kasam 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The next morning, Raaj comes to wish Tanuja in the room. Raaj demands for tea, and asks her to call him as Bauji. She touches his feet, Raaj says their daughter’s don’t touch their feet. Tanuja says she was making Kheer, Raaj demands his portion. Tanuja runs to get some for him. On the breakfast table, Tanuja hurriedly pours Kheer for Raaj while John was serving. Raaj asks if she made this, for sure. Tanuja was concerned if it’s not delicious. Raaj says he hasn’t ever eaten such tasty Kheer. Tanuja happily watches Raaj getting upset, he says he was wrong in saying he never ate such delicious Kheer. He has eaten it many times, Sharda used to make such Kheer who was Tannu’s mother. It seems Tanuja learnt making Kheer from her, and says right now he has nothing to gift her even. Tanuja asks which


gift. Raaj says she must get a gift, for her first cooking. He then asks Tanuja if everyone else liked it. Tanuja says everyone, Bee ji demanded to eat such Kheer daily. Ahana took double serving and Rano blessed her. Raaj was in disbelief, as Rano can never bless her. He goes to speak to them, Tanuja stops him as their wedding was not in normal conditions; he must give them sometime. Raaj asks what Rishi said. Tanuja says he was getting ready for office, she didn’t give him the Kheer. Raaj was happy about her truth, and sends her to serve Rishi now.
On the breakfast table, John serves Rishi with the Kheer. Rishi was reading newspaper, and compliments the Kheer. Tanuja was passing by and fills another bowl for him. Rishi says it seems Ahana make Kheer. Tanuja says she made it, it’s her first day in cooking. Rishi asks if everyone had this. Tanuja says everyone is angry and didn’t taste. Rishi takes another bite, then says there are less dry fruits and milk wasn’t good as well; that’s why they didn’t take it. He turns to see Raaj coming, then tells Tanuja he really likes Kheer since childhood. Tanuja watches Raaj had arrived there, Rishi offers him a seat. Raaj says he doesn’t want anything since he had Kheer made by Tanuja. Rishi whispers to Tanuja that he is doing this for Raaj only, she doesn’t need to do something. Rishi takes a leave from Raaj. Raaj reminds him about Tanuja, Rishi comes to hug her a good bye. Raaj goes to greet Bee ji.
Rano comes to Tanuja and says this kitchen has a place for the family’s daughter in law only and she isn’t the one. She is here only because of Raaj, the day he gets better she won’t let Tanuja stay here. Divia comes to inform Rano that Malaika is nowhere to be found. Rano considers Tanuja responsible for Malaika, and asks her to find Malaika if she is ashamed of herself. Rano calls Rishi saying Malaika has left home, though her luggage is here. Rano says she was really worried and wanted to leave home last night. Rishi promises to do something. Rishi wonders if she disliked whatever he said to her last night.
Tanuja asks the driver about Malaika, she asks him to call the driver about his whereabouts. The driver says she is at the hotel. In the hotel room, Malaika tells Shekhar about Rishi’s denial last night. Shekhar says Rishi must not have found attractive. Malaika calls Rishi a true gentleman, Shekhar clutch her tightly warning her to go away from him. Malaika assures she is only Shekhar’s queen, and is after Rishi only for a purpose.
Tanuja comes to the driver standing near hotel reception, and asks about Malaika. Vinod was reluctant, then says she is in room 303.

PRECAP: Tanuja enters the room and was shocked to see Shekhar and Malaika together. Malaika was also shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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