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KAL HO NA HO Abhigya SS Part 7 and 8


Dedicated to B_Ani and Nannu who wants a sudden update.


Part-7….Pragya was depressed.khusum,her dearest bhabi notices it.Pragya tells her that she is in luv. khusum was shocked that she never expected Pragya 2 fall in luv.who wants a sudden update.


Pragya was depressed.khusum,her dearest bhabi notices it.Pragya tells her that she is in luv. khusum was shocked that she never expected Pragya 2 fall in luv.
khusum:who is that person?
Pragya:The famous rock star Abhi.but i dunno why Ayesha who supported me a lot is now angry about my luv.
Abhay overhears it & becomes angry:this is why u want 2 go 2 college ?2 study how 2 fall in luv?
Pragya gets tensed.
Abhay looks 4 good guys 4 Pragya. but khusum promises that she’ll slowly change her hubby abhay’s mind.Pragya was relieved. she decides 2 tell Abhi about what happened in her life recently,about the wedding proposals that her brother is bringing now.she goes 2 see Abhi where the concert rehearsal was going on.but she was not allowed 2 get inside,since Abhi is busy with the practise.she becomes sad & goes back 2 hostel.after some days,she decides 2 go 2 Abhi’s house.
1 day when Raghavendra was in sleep in the morning sum1 knocks his door.he was surprised 2 see that person when he opens the door.bcoz it was Pragya.he was excited :Pragya,u here?what a gr8 surprise.i never expected u here.
Pragya:Raghavendra,can u do 1 favour 4 me? he:O!sure,its my pleasure.
Pragya:can u accompany 2 a place?
he:ya.let me take shower 1st.
Raghavendra felt that eis dreams r going 2 come true.bcoz Pragya came 2 his place. both of them catch a taxi.
Raghavendra:where du u want 2 go?
she:2 Abhi’s house.
he:Abhi’s house?
she:since u r my gud friend i’m not hiding anything from u.we both luv each other.
Raghavendra was shocked.his dreams broke into pieces. they reach Abhi’s house.but it was locked. Raghavendra goes & enquires.
he comes 2 Pragya:Pragya,they hav gone 2 another place.du u want 2 go there?think twice b4 u take a decision.
Pragya:i don’t hav to think anymore.i want 2 go there.

they go 2 big hall.there Pragya was shocked 2 see Ayesha & Abhi 2gether.

it was their engagement party.Ayesha was very pretty in her choli.she was shy.Abhi-Ayesha exchange their rings.Pragya cud’nt bear it anymore.she goes out.she felt that Ayesha is calling her from back.she turns back.she feels that Ayesha is standing there as an ugly scary ghost & is laughing loudly at her.Pragya gets scared.she gets mentally upset & gets admitted in a mental hospital. Ayesha was sitting at home dreaming about Abhi.suddenly a phone call comes from her hostel mate. she:Ayesha,u did’nt no,ur best friend Pragya is admitted in a mental hospital. Ayesha was shocked.


Part-8……abhay speaks 2 the Dr. Dr:don’t worry abhay.ur sister has not become mad.its just a mental tension.
abhay:then why is she behaving like this?
Dr:its due 2 the shock she had.thats why she is seen 2 be scared.
when Abhi was in rehearsal,Raghavendrs comes & desrtoys everything & beats Abhi:u pretended 2 hav luv 4 Pragya & atlast u cheated her.she is in mental hospital & u r happily engaged with another girl? Abhi did’nt understand anything.
Raghavendra gets caught by police.
Ayesha comes 2 see Pragya.
khusum was very happy: Pragya is sleeping.but if she sees u she’ll hav sum change.bcoz she likes u very much.
Ayesha’s eyes filled up with tears.Pragya gets up. Ayesha smiles at her.but Pragya starts shivering.she feels that Ayesha is standing there as a ghost.Pragya runs out like a mad girl.Ayesha & khusum try 2 follow her.unexpectedly Abhi comes there.Pragya stops there seeing him & stares at him.she faints ,Abhi holds her.he carries her 2 the room.Ayesha gets uncomfortable.without telling anything,she leaves the hospital taking her bike.Abhi calls her.but she did’nt mind him.she was careless in driving.tho dangerous,luckily she escapes from all the accidents.Abhi follows her & stops his car b4 her bike.
he comes out:Ayesha,whats this?u no what happens if u drive like this?
Ayesha:ya,accident…death..i don’t care if i die also.
Abhi is shocked:Ayesha!why r u talking like this?

Whats happening around us”Pragya’s problem,1 guy named Raghavendra was talking rubbish 2 me….that i’m the 1 who led Pragya 2 this situation
. Ayesha weeps: i’m the 1 who made her mad.

she tells the truth.Abhi was shocked:Ayesha!
Ayesha:i never thot that this will happen 2 her.i wanted u both 2 get 2gether.i thot u also like her seeing u praising her poems & all.my plan was not bad 2 make u join with Pragya.i was just naughty in my action.i chose the indirect way instead of choosing the direct way.that led 2 problems.the biggest mistake i did was that eventho i put the seeds of luv 4 u in Pragya’s mind,i started luving u.i was becoming selfish.bcoz i realized that u’ve luved only me in this life.
Abhi:Ayesha,i never thot that u r this much cruel.i used 2 luv u ,but now i hate u….
Ayesha cries. Abhi leaves the place.Ayesha tries 2 contact Abhi over the phone.but he always cuts the call.Ayesha becomes upset.

Abhi thinks about Ayesha and Pragya weeping.

Tum Ho Gham Ko Chupaye
Main Hoon Sar Ko Jhukaye

Ayesha thinks about Abhi and Pragya shedding tears.

Tum Bhi Chup Ho
Main Bho Chup HoonKaun Kise Samjhaye

Raghavendra thinks about Pragya and cries.

Ab Dooriyan Itni Hain To
Milna Yahan Kal Ho Naa Ho

Neev is restless thinking of Ayesha’s engagement with Abhi.
N:How can Ayesha get engaged to Abhi?I know that Ayesha is angry with me.We have only fought with each other.Only in drunken state she has ever smiled at me.Then how can she like me?But how can I tolerate Abhi and Ayesha’s engagement?
He shed tears like a kid.

Ab Dooriyan Itni Hain To
Milna Yahan Kal Ho Naa Ho-Kal Ho Naa Ho

Abhi keeps on enquiring about Pragya. 1 day the Dr calls up Abhi:there is a happy news.Pragya is sumwhat ok.she recognises ppl now.
Abhi:really? Dr:ya,the 1st person she asked 4 is Ayesha.her best friend,also ur fiancee. plz bring Ayesha.Pragya wud be happy.
Abhi becomes dull.he hesitates 2 call Ayesha.finally without calling her,he goes alone 2 meet Pragya at the hospital.


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