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Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi (kaira)- new story,episode 1

Its my new series on kaira as I promised….hope its interesting….

A new bright day begins at Rishikesh…. A really busy ground comes to view….few young boys are playing cricket…. A handsome young boy is on the crease, n he’s waiting for his ball confidently and hits….its a six…the crowd erupts in applauds n calls out “karthik, u did it”.their team won with karthiks six for 296-9…and the other team was just 291….


Karthik now is on his way back home with his friend shiv….they are walking through town when karthik suddenly stops near one of the shop’s window display….at the same time a girl walking in the opposite direction crashes on to him…the girl falls on top of karthik n literally karthik gets a kiss on the cheeks….shiv laughs silently….karthik with a blush looks at the girl n is stuck speechless….the girl on top is extremely cute with her wavy hair….she may be 12 or 13 yrs old which is about the same age as he is….she is angry n asks “hey you, what did u do that for?” He strikes back to reality n answers “I’m so sor….ry….” “Naira…, leave it, let’s go!” A cute boy calls out n seems to be her brother n they r wit der parents….karthik stares at naira till she disappears from his sight….naira does turn n looks back at karthik to meet his gaze,before she disappears….shiv extends his arms for karthik to stand up n asks “seems like that cutie has stole ur mind away in just seconds”..karthik tells “something tells me that I’ll meet her again in future….similar to the face that visits me in my dreams,Naira….” Shiv exclaims smiling “looks like someone fell in love at first sight after all….” Karthiks beats shivs back n they leave….

After 8 years, karthik has finished his pg n is on his way to pursue a job…. He walks through the lakeside in rishikesh, holding his phone,on a call with Naksh, manager of Singhania group of companies….he stops seeing a girl dancing in a crowd…. She’s having excellent moves that karthik can’t help but stare at her…. Naksh says “karthik, reach here by 10:30 sharp…” N karthik hurries to catch the 8:30 bus….the girl is seen dancing n after she completes, little young girls go n hug her saying “Naira deedi, u were great!” And another older girl,seems to be dumb shows actions “when r u going home” naira answers ” “I’m going to catch the next bus,pungi” after a while, naira runs to the bus stop…

Precap: karthik n naira rides the same bus…..karthik approaches the singhania house n sees naksh….Nash’s eyes fixes on something else n he runs….

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