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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai | Season 2 | Part 14

Night Time. Abhishek’s House.

Gayatri, Abhishek, and Mihika are at the table for dinner. Mihika’s upset, lost in her thoughts, and slowly eats her food. Gayatri looks at Abhishek in concern, discreetly gesturing towards Mihika, and Abhishek silently reassures her.


Abhishek (clears his throat): Raman called today, to apologise. Ishita G has an important doctor’s appointment on our marriage day, and that’s why they can’t make it. They did, however, send their best wishes and their blessings.

Mihika barely smiles and nods.

Abhishek (notices it): I’m full. And, I’ve got to say, the potato curry was really tasty. Mihika, did you make it?

Mihika (shakes her head): Ma did. I only helped her. Let me take your dishes.

Mihika picks up her empty plate along with Abhishek’s, and proceeds towards the kitchen.

Gayatri (clears the table): I’ll help her.

Abhishek: No, Ma. You should rest. Let me do it. This way, I can also easily talk to her.

Gayatri (smiles and pats his head): Good luck.

Gayatri leaves. Abhishek sighs and takes all dirty dishes, arranged in a pile, to the kitchen. Mihika has already started to tidy up and fill the sink.

Abhishek puts the dishes next to the sink, and glances at Mihika. Mihika barely looks at him as she begins to wash.

Abhishek: I’ll dry them for you.

Mihika (sighs): You don’t need to do it, Abhi. You must be tired. Go to sleep.

Abhishek (whispers): How can I sleep knowing you’re upset?

Mihika (surprised but quickly hides it): How was your day?

Abhishek: That’s not important right now. How’re you feeling? Ma told me you went to meet your dad. How did it go?

Mihika (gulps as she stops): He’s not my father anymore. Forget about it, Abhi. There’s no point in talking about it. It won’t make a difference.

He turns her towards him and lifts her chin.

Abhishek (sighs): At least you’ll feel lighter. Like I said before, Mihika, feel free to share anything with me. I’m your best friend before your love and husband. Please don’t hide your feelings from me. Under the circumstances we got married in, I didn’t get a chance to talk to you properly. I’ll say it now because it’s still not too late.

Abhishek takes a deep breath and rests his forehead against hers.

Abhishek: We’re in this together and, thus, our relationship should be based on mutual honesty, trust, and respect before anything else. It shouldn’t be a compromise. If something is bothering you, talk to me about it. Please, don’t think you’ll annoy me, or waste my time, or anything like that. You’re my other half, Mihika, and you deserve the best. You complete me. And, as a man who’s madly in love with you and can’t live without you, I can’t bear to see you like this.

Mihika sniffs and wraps her arms around his neck.

Mihika (closes her eyes and whispers): He hates me, Abhi, and he’s made that blatantly clear. He’ll never forgive me, and . . . and I can’t believe I was so rude to him. Despite everything, he’s my father. He just has a weird way of showing his love for me.

Abhishek puts a hand on her waist and further draws her close to him, staying few inches away from her lips. Mihika gasps as she gazes into his eyes.

Abhishek: Give him time, Mihika. It’s all too much for him to deal with. I’m pretty sure that if I was in his place, I would’ve done the same. And, anyway, parents like ours can’t stay mad at us for too long. He’ll accept our marriage. I can promise you on that.

Mihika: I hope so.

Abhishek smiles, and they share an eyelock. He reaches for her lips and, as they are about to touch, Mihika gasps and turns in his arms, breathing heavily. Abhishek brushes his hand over her arm and she closes her eyes, leaning back into his chest. Moving her hair to the side, Abhishek plants feathery kisses on her shoulder, trailing them up to her neck.

Mihika: Abhi, we can’t. Not right now.

Abhishek (still kissing her neck): Then tell me to stop.

Mihika (whispers): Please.

Abhishek instantly stops and steps back. Guiltily, Mihika takes a deep breath.

Abhishek (rests his chin on her shoulder and hugs her from behind): Now, Wifey, don’t feel like you’ve disappointed me. I’ll wait for you for as long as it’s needed, and I intend to keep the promise I made yesterday.

Mihika blushes, and Abhishek gently bumps his temple against hers, grinning.

Abhishek: I love you, Mihika.

Mihika looks back at him and kisses his cheek.

Mihika (gives a tiny smile): And I love you.

Smiling at each other, they share another moment.


Tum Hi Ho from Aashiqui 2 plays.

Mihika shoves a bunch of papers in her purse as she rushes towards the front door. Abhishek stands in front of her but she doesn’t realise that, and bumps into him. He holds her waist to steady her and they both share a moment, pulling away when Gayatri clears her throat.

Mihika restlessly waits in an office, glancing at her wrist watch as she taps her fingers on her folder. A lady calls her in and she hurriedly picks up her bag. Inside, she’s speaking about her qualifications and experiences. The board of recruitment officers glance at each other and shake their heads. Mihika’s disappointed but puts on a brave smile. Shaking their hands, Mihika turns around and takes a deep breath, fighting against the tears threatening to spill.

Mihika’s lying in bed, wide awake, next to a sound sleeping Gayatri. There’s a knock on the door and she gets up to check. Abhishek beckons her outside and, after a lot of hesitation, she sneaks out with him. He takes her out for a drive and they talk about their day, laughing. Abhishek buys an ice cream for her and, upon her insistence, eats it with her. Mihika has a bit of ice cream left close to her lips. Abhishek leans in and licks it off. Mihika gulps, and they share an eyelock.

Mihika’s in for another interview and they decline her.

Khushi comes by and excitedly hugs Mihika. They decide to spend a day out, shopping.

Abhishek chases after a goon and catches him, pushing him into the cell. He gives his statements in courts and, other times, stands on guard.

Khushi makes Mihika sit in front of the dressing table. Mihika shyly smiles, lowering her gaze, and Khushi grins, teasing her. Abhishek stumbles inside Gayatri’s room as he searches for something, but stops in his tracks. He’s breathless upon seeing his bride. Khushi scolds him and pushes him outside. He continues to stare at Mihika lovingly, a goofy smile on his lips, as the door’s closed on his face. Khushi and Mihika look at each other and giggle.

They’re in court. Arnav and his family are there too. Mihika signs the papers, and Abhishek and her are declared married. Everyone claps and congratulate the couple, happily throwing rose petals on them. Abhishek and Mihika smile at each other.

Mihika’s in Abhishek’s room that’s lit up with candles. She’s nervous and slowly takes off her bangles. The door opens and she jumps, breathing heavily. Abhishek steps inside and closes the door behind him. Mihika gulps as he makes his way towards her, raising her eyes to follow his reflection in the mirror in front of her. Abhishek stands behind her and takes off her dupatta, causing her to turn away in shyness. Abhishek picks her up bridal style and carries her to his bed. Lying her down, he settles besides her.  They continue to stare at each other. He gifts her a ring and puts it on her finger. Abhishek runs his fingers through her hair, loosening her plait, and kisses her forehead. He traces his lips down to the tip of her nose, and then, finally, to her lips.

The sun rays peek through the curtains. Mihika stirrs and sits up in the bed, yawning and stretching. Her eyes fall on the clock. She panicks and rushes out to the kitchen, stopping at the door.

Gayatri’s there and stares at Mihika, wide-eyed. Mihika looks down at her nightie, which barely covers her body, and blushes in embarrassment.

Music fades.

Mihika (giggles nervously): Sorry, Ma, I woke up late.

Gayatri (smiles): It’s okay. I kind of had the feeling you’d be tired, so I prepared breakfast. Abhi’s already gone for work, in case you’re wondering.

Music replays.

Mihika feels shy, and nods.

Office Building. Abhishek reaches the front desk and ask the lady something. The lady checks the screen and nods, pointing him to the right direction. Abhishek thanks her and follows her instructions.

He knocks and enters a cabin. Govind looks up at him and, in surprise, takes off his reading glasses. Abhishek looks uneasy to be there.

Music cuts off.

Abhishek (closes the door and takes a deep breath): I thought it’d be convenient for both of us if I had booked an appointment.

Govind: That’s still of no use. I’ll not accept you nor will I forgive Mihika.

Abhishek: I’m not here to convince you anyway. That’s the matter between you and your daughter and, frankly, I promised her I won’t involve myself in it.

Govind (arches an eyebrow): Then what are you here for? Oh, I see! You need the money, huh? Well, guess what, boy? You won’t get a single penny from me.

Abhishek (forces a polite smile): And I’m not interested in it.

Abhishek takes out the envelope and puts it on Govind’s desk.

Abhishek: I came here to return what belongs to you. I calculated all the expenses few days back. They add up to about thirty-five lakhs, if I’m not mistaken. Every month, you’ll receive a cheque of six thousand, or maybe more, the only difference being that I won’t deliver it personally.

Govind (scoffs): You’ve essentially become indebted to me for the rest of your life. Do you think you have the capability to raise that much money?

Abhishek: It’ll be years until I pay off the entire debts, but at least I’ll keep my promise. This is the last and final time you’ll ever talk to, and see any of us.

Govind: That’ll be a pleasure.

Abhishek (ignores his insult): Do you have a message for your daughter?

Govind (a bit surprised but hides it): I don’t have a daughter.

Abhishek opens the door to leave but stops. Behind him, Govind looks hurt.

Abhishek (smiles to himself, facing away from Govind): She misses you all terribly, you know. She pretends she doesn’t but, every now and then, I see her lost in her thoughts, in a faraway land. If it wasn’t for those unshed tears in her eyes, I’d have assumed she’s fine. Though she’s happy to be with me, a part of her still longs for her family; and I can try all I want, I can’t replace that for her.

Abhishek glances at Govind.

Abhishek: It’s still not too late. There’s time to fix the damage . . ., Dad.

Govind stares after him as he leaves.

Music continues.

Raman and Ishita come to meet the newly married couple. They all spend time together and joke about. Mihika plays with Adi and Abhishek smiles, imagining her with their child.

Abhishek’s sleeping. Mihika smiles and kisses his forehead.

Mihika’s at another place for an interview and is rejected again.

Mihika’s engrossed in a book. Abhishek notices this and annoys her, snatching the book out of her hands. He rests his head on her lap and, as they’re talking, she runs her fingers through his hair.

There’s another interview. Mihika doesn’t get the job. Dejected, Mihika walks alongside the road, her folder clutched in her hands.

Music finishes.

Her phone rings. It’s Arnav.

Mihika: Hey, Arnav.

Arnav: I didn’t expect that from you, Miku.

Mihika (confused): What did I do?

Arnav: Don’t you consider me your friend anymore?

Mihika: Arnav, I don’t understand.

Arnav: You’ve started to hide things from me, Miku. We used to tell each other everything. We were so close. What happened to us?

Mihika (smiles): Life happened. We grew up, Arnav.

Arnav (chuckles): You sound so . . . sensible and mature. Quite unlike you, might I add.

Mihika (rolls eyes): Gee, thanks for the compliment.

Arnav: Okay, leave all that. I called because I found out you were looking for a job. That’s not done, Yaar. You should have talked to me about it. I can help.

Mihika: Oh, about that, I–

Arnav: Before you say anything else, listen to me carefully. I have a position available for you – the Head of Marketing Department.

Mihika: Preeti kidar gayi?

Arnav: Preeti shifted to Singapore with her family.

Mihika (gulps): Oh. I’m sorry, Arnav. I can’t take it. It doesn’t . . . feel right.

Arnav: You’re pretty much guranteed for the job because you’ve worked for me previously. However, if you still feel uncomfortable, I can arrange an interview for you.

Mihika: Thank you so much, Arnav, but I’ll need to consult with Abhi.

Arnav: Of course. Let me know soon, okay?

Mihika: Thank you. Bye.

Arnav: Bye.

Mihika hangs up and looks deep in thoughts.


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