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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai | Season 2 | Part 13

I’m so sorry for the late update! Thank you for your patience. The next part will also take some time. I hope you enjoy it! 😀



Gayatri and Mihika are in a clothes store, choosing Mihika’s every day outfits and few dresses for special occassions.

Once done, they head to the till point. The cashier prepares their bill.

Gayatri: Beta G, sahi hisaab lagana, aur pakka 25 suits hi hai na?

Cashier: Yes, Ma’am, I’ve checked it twice.

Mihika: Kitna bana?

Gayatri: I’ll pay.

Mihika: No, Ma. I can’t take it from you.

Gayatri: I’ll feel bad. Consider these a gift from me.

Mihika: You can buy me a gift later, when I’m not with you. For now I’ll pay. Please. I insist.

Gayatri nods.

Mihika puts her bank card in the card reader. The machine declines it.

Cashier: It’s not accepted, Ma’am.

Mihika: It should. Let’s try again.

Her card’s rejected again. Mihika’s worried. She takes out every single bank card she owns but, each time, becomes more and more upset and disappointed.

Mihika (thinks): How’s this possible? I’m sure I had plenty of money saved up.

Mihika remembers the events of last night and feels embarrassed.

Gayatri: I’ll pay, Mihika. Let it be.

Gayatri pays. Lost in thoughts, Mihika picks up the shopping bags.


Police Station.

Abhishek’s busy in his work and suddenly thinks about Mihika. He remembers their time spent together. Closing his files, he smiles to himself and picks up the phone.

Abhishek (stops as he dials her number and thinks): She must be out with Ma. I shouldn’t bother them.

Placing his phone back, he proceeds to read the case files.


Abhishek’s House – Living Room

Mihika silently puts the shopping bags on the sofa and sighs.

Gayatri (places a hand on her shoulder): Mihika, you haven’t said a word since we left the store. It’s not a big deal. I didn’t mind paying.

Mihika: Ma, it’s not that. It’s true that I felt bad making you pay for my things–

Gayatri: Let me stop you right there. What’s mine is now yours, Mihika. I thought we were done with the formalities. You considered me to be your mother. If so, why do you feel guilty?

Mihika (tears in her eyes, frustrated): It’s not fair, Ma. How could dad cut me off completely? What have I done to deserve such hatred from him? Is loving someone a crime? God, I told Abhi his decision won’t bother me but, Ma, it’s killing me. I can’t not talk to Mom. I can’t forget even if I try really hard to. I don’t understand what I should do, and dad’s . . .. He’s making it worse and difficult for me to cope with it. I know the game he’s playing. He’s given me a painful reminder that I’m no longer a part of his family.

Gayatri: I know I can’t ease your pain, my dear, and it’s not easy to forget everything that’s happened. Par, just give it time. Be patient. Your father will come around. He’s only angry. How long can he stay that way? At the end of the day, he’s a father. How long can he keep up the act that being away from you won’t bother him?

Mihika (shakes his head): No, Ma. You don’t know him. He can be extremely stubborn at times. If he makes a decision as serious as this, he sticks to it firmly. It’s a matter of his word. I know him. I’m his daughter, and I also know exactly how to deal with him. I’ll be back soon.

Mihika wipes her tears and rushes out.

Gayatri (calls after her): Where are you going?

Mihika doesn’t respond. Gayatri grows worried.

The phone rings. It’s Abhishek. Gayatri tells him everything. Abhishek frowns.


Mihika enters a lavish office building and heads to the main desk.

Mihika: I’d like to meet Mr Kapoor.

Receptionist: Ma’am, your father’s in a meeting at the moment. He gave us strict orders to not disturb him. 

Mihika (taps the desk): It’s fine. I’ll wait.

Mihika grabs a plastic cup, fills it with water, and sits down. She can’t sit still. Time passes. People come out of the meeting room and Mihika rushes to the receptionist.

Mihika: Can I go in now?

Receptionist (shakes her head): Sorry, Ma’am, Sir said you’ll have to wait. He’s busy.

Mihika understands what Govind’s trying to do and refuses to let him win. Her jaw clenches and she nods curtly.

Mihika: I don’t mind.

It’s nearly six-thirty in the evening. Mihika’s been in her father’s office for over five hours now. The receptionist, upon seeing this, calls her boss yet again.

Receptionist: Sir, please. Miss Kapoor’s waiting.

Govind (surprised): Still?

Receptionist: Yes.

Govind (looks guilty): Tell her to come in my cabin.

Receptionist (hangs up and addresses Mihika): You can go in.

Mihika (stands): Thank you.


Pushing the door open, Mihika storms in. Govind and Mihika share a long, harsh stare.

Mihika (crosses her arms): I’m not here to waste your time, Mr Kapoor, so I’ll cut straight to the point.

Govind’s hurt.

Mihika: May I know why you closed my bank accounts?

Recomposing himself, Govind smirks and leans back in his chair.

Govind: I don’t believe you have a right to question me about that.

Mihika (angry): Excuse me? I opened those accounts myself, and in case you forgot, let me remind you. I earned that money on my own, from my hard work, committment, and dedication. You didn’t give it to me.

Govind (scoffs): When you were earning that money, the Kapoor name was attached to you. You used my name to make that money. Since you’re not in the family anymore, how can I allow you to keep it at all? You’re no longer entitled to it.

Mihika’s surprised.

Mihika: I didn’t expect you to be so . . . cruel.

Govind: Neither did I expect you to betray me the way you did. Hisaab barabar, right?

Mihika: You’re my father. You’re supposed to understand and support my decisions.

Govind: You didn’t give me a chance to.

Mihika: Oh, please! I gave you plenty of chances, but you always tried to separate me from Abhishek. How could I trust you after that?

Govind: And how could you think I’d let you ruin your life by marrying him?

Mihika: There you go again! You held such low thoughts about him that I felt the need to prove you wrong. He’s not as bad as you think, Dad.

Govind: I’ve heard enough. You can leave now.

Mihika’s hurt but takes a deep breath, blinking rapidly to hide her tears.

Mihika: Fine, I get it. I also don’t need you or your stupid money. I’ll manage somehow. I’ll find a job and–

Govind: You think you’ll be offered a job anywhere in this city, or even outside of it?

He smirks.

Govind: I have a lot of contacts, especially with high-profile people, Mihika. I can drop one email, or give one call, and you’ll never, ever succeed in your life. You’ll remain where you are. And, your husband, tell him to be careful from henceforth. You never know, he could–

Mihika: Don’t. Don’t you dare do any harm to him, or I swear you’ll have to answer to me.

Govind: I’ve only started, Mihika. At least let me have my fun.

Mihika doesn’t reply and, in anger, opens the door to leave.

Govind: Mrs. Abhishek Singh.

Mihika stops there, not expecting him to call her back. 

Govind: There’s one more thing before you go. Though I took out time from my already busy schedule to see you today, I’m afraid that’s not always possible. Next time, please have the courtesy to book an appointment before you barge into my office. And, as it so happens, I’ve been told this morning I’m not available for the next six months. I’m a busy man, you see.

Mihika (forces a chuckles and faces him): Thanks for the heads up, Mr Kapoor, but I doubt you’ll see me again for another . . . thirty years or so. From today onwards, I severe all ties with you. You’re not my father, you can’t be. I lost him ages ago. Mr Kapoor, to me, you’re just another stranger I happen to cross paths with. Pretty soon, I’ll return to my life and forget I ever knew you. That’s how it works, doesn’t it?

Mihika storms out, and Govind’s left shocked and distressed staring after her.

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