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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai | Season 2 | Part 12

The doorbell rings. Gayatri smiles and picks up the platter, rushing to the door. Abhishek and Mihika are there. Gayatri welcomes them in. They seek her blessings and are granted them. Mihika performs all rituals of a new bride.


Mihika’s nervous and fidgety as she scans Abhishek’s room. Gayatri comes in, a bunch of clothes in her hand.

Gayatri: These are Khushi’s old clothes. You can wear them for now. We’ll go for shopping tomorrow and buy new ones for you.

Mihika (smiles and takes them from her): Thank you for the clothes, and for supporting us, Aunty. I know we shouldn’t have taken such a step but, believe me, it felt as if we didn’t have any other choice.

Gayatri: Pehle toh yeh jaan lo k I’m also your mother now, Mihika. And that’s why, frankly speaking, there’s no need for any formality. Treat me more like a best friend, a mother, than your saas. I’d appreciate that. That aside, I can understand you both, and I know my Abhi. He must have thought about this a thousand times before marrying you in such a way. I know he wished for our families to become a part of your marriage but felt that was highly unlikely. That’s why, I’m not angry or upset with you both.

Mihika (smiles, tears in her eyes, hugs Gayatri): I’m so lucky to be here, Ma.

Gayatri (runs her hand through Mihika’s hair as she moves back): I feel the same, or maybe a little more than you.

Mihika giggles.

Abhishek (enters his room, rolling up his sleeves): Did I miss something?

Gayatri: You did, but I’m not telling you. That’s between my bahu and I.

Abhishek: Yeh acha hai. Bahu abhi aayi nai aur aap betay ko bhool gayien.

Gayatri (shakes her head, amused): Let’s just think that.

Abhishek: Ma, that’s not fair.

Gayatri: Life’s not fair, son, and that’s why I’ve decided. Mihika, you’ll sleep next to me tonight.

Abhishek and Mihika glance at each other.

Abhishek (confused): Ma, why?

Gayatri: I said so. You need to apply for a marriage certificate. Until you’re legally married, you two are not allowed to be alone with each other.

Abhishek: That’ll take up to a week!

Gayatri (laughs): Have patience. I won’t let her run away.

Abhishek: Mihika, you try and explain it to her.

Gayatri gives her a stern look and she obediently nods.

Mihika (decides to tease Abhishek): I think Ma’s right. I’ll be better off sleeping next to her tonight and–and until our court marriage.

Gayatri grins.

Abhishek (whispers): Mihika, how could you betray me like that?

Mihika (innocently): Haven’t you heard? Distance makes the heart grow fonder. You never know. Perhaps this might bring us more closer to each other.

Abhishek (frowns): That doesn’t work in real life.

Gayatri: I think it’s time to sleep, don’t you, Mihika?

Mihika: Yes, Ma.

Mihika giggles and follows Gayatri out, sticking out her tongue at Abhishek as she passes him. Abhishek rolls his eyes and grabs her wrist. Mihika’s surprised. Outside, Gayatri looks back and Mihika’s not there, and she smiles, shaking her head.

Abhishek (pulls Mihika closer, growing serious): You’re mine like this, as you’re stood in front of me, but I know people will object to that. And, I don’t want people to hurl hurtful remarks at you, to talk badly about you. I’ll wait for you until you legally become my wife, until the world recognises you as a part of me, my significant other.

Abhishek leans his forehead against hers. Mihika closes her eyes.

Abhishek (whispers): I want to give you the best days of your life. And I promise, as soon as we’re done with these legal matters on that day, I’ll take you in my arms and spend all night making love to you.

Mihika gasps in surprise, her eyes wide as she blushes. Abhishek stares at her intensely and they share a moment.

Gayatri (calls out): Mihika!

They snap out of their trances. He blinks and looks away.

Abhishek (takes a deep breath): Go, Ma’s calling.

Mihika suddenly doesn’t feel like going. Hesitantly, she walks towards the door and stops there.

Mihika (comes back to him): Abhishek.

Abhishek (gives her a questioning stare): Yeah?

Mihika (kisses the corner of his mouth): Good night.

Blushing, she shyly turns away and almost runs out to Gayatri’s room.

Abhishek grins goofily.


The sun rises. Birds chrip.

Kapoor Mansion – Dining Room

Govind, Kapil, and DJ are engaged in a business conversation as they have breakfast. Devyani’s lost elsewhere. Rahil looks bored, and Avantika appears to be free of all worries.

DJ: Bari Bahu, pass me the orange juice.

Devyani doesn’t respond, staring at nothing in particular and playing with her food.

DJ (concerned): Bahu?

They all look at her but she’s too absorbed in her thoughts to notice. DJ glances at Govind.

Govind: Devyani. Devyani!

Devyani snaps back into the reality, a little disorientated. She blinks rapidly as she stares at all family members one after the other.

Devyani (hurriedly): Oh, I’m so sorry! God knows where my mind wanders these days. Mihika, you could have–

Everyone’s surprised. Devyani stops as she realises her mistake and, taking a deep breath, glances at the empty chair besides her. She looks dejected.

DJ gives her hand a gentle squeeze and she forces a smile.


Abhishek’s House – Dining Room

Mihika and Gayatri chat to each other as they set the table. Abhishek comes there, ready for work.

Abhishek: Namaste, Ma.

Gayatri greets him while Mihika looks away, still feeling shy about last night. Abhishek tries to steal her attention through few tricks, but Mihika successfully ignores him. Frustrated, he sits down.

Gayatri (passes her a cup of tea): Mihika, that’s for Abhi.

Mihika puts the cup on the table, in front of Abhishek, and as she’s about to move away, he pulls her to take a seat beside him. Gayatri smiles and sits opposite them. They start to eat.

Abhishek sneakily holds her hand under the table. Not expecting it, Mihika coughs hysterically.

Gayatri’s startled.

Abhishek (hides a smile): Kya hua? Here, have some water.

Mihika glares at him as she snatches the glass out of his hand and gulps it down. Gayatri shakes her head and proceeds to eat. Abhishek shrugs innocently and does the same. Mihika struggles to push his hand away and grows annoyed. She even smacks his hand but he refuses to leave it.

Gayatri (still eating, in a serious tone): Abhi, let go of her hand. She needs to eat.

Abhishek quickly complies and blushes, looking away in embarrassment as he begins to eat. Mihika and Gayatri, however, stifle a laugh.


I tried to make this part long because, once again, I won’t be able to update for a couple of days. I hope you’re enjoying my FF so far! If yes, what did you like the most? Thank you for reading, and take care! 🙂

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