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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai | Season 2 | Part 11

Mihika looks nervous and she has a garland on, along with a mangal sutr. Kapil looks back and forth between Abhishek and Mihika, growing angry.

Mihika looks down but Abhishek stares directly at Kapil, holding Mihika’s hand.


Kapil (shouts at Abhishek): Tumhari himat kaise huyi?

The rest of the family look at each other in confusion.

Govind (frowns): Yeh kisse iss tarha sy baat kr raha hai?

They all decide to check.

Kapil grabs their entwined hands and gives it a jerk, trying to make Abhishek leave her, but he doesn’t. Mihika gasps but Abhishek remains calm.

Devyani: Devar G, you–

They’re all shocked by the scene in front of them.

Devyani (whispers): Mihika?

Kapil: See what he’s done, Bhaiyyah. He’s ruined our family. He’s used our daughter to seek revenge against us.

Abhishek: It’s nothing like that, Chacha G. You’re accusing me for something that’s far from the truth. I genuinely love her.

Kapil (angry): Hey, boy! First off, I’m not your uncle. And, secondly, how could you think you deserve her? Look at you. You’re a nobody and she? She belongs to The Great Kapoor Family.

Abhishek (smiles): I admit our worlds are poles apart, but our hearts are not. They have a right to love anyone they wish to. There’s nothing we can do about it.

Govind (speaks up): Yes, there is! I consider this marriage invalid. I’ll take you to court if I have to. You must have forced my daughter, or blackmailed her or something.

Abhishek: I didn’t do anything of that sort, Sir. I had your daughter’s consent. She’s mature enough to choose what she wants. And if that was really the case, why would I have brought her here? Mera koi galat iraada nai hai. Pyaar karta hoon issay.

Mihika looks pleadingly at her family.

Abhishek: We came here for our elders’ blessings. How can we start our married life without them?

Govind: You won’t get anything from us. You must have planned all this . . . you must have trapped my daughter in a web of lies to get rid of your sister’s wedding debt that hangs over you.

Abhishek: I’m not a coward, Sir, nor am I weak to take an easy way out. I have promised to return your money and I will. Just because your daughter’s my wife now doesn’t mean I don’t have a responsibility towards you. Trust me. I’m here for nothing but your blessings.

Govind and Abhishek stare at each other.

Devyani (shakes Mihika): Mihika, speak up. Did you marry him willingly?

Govind: Listen loud and clear, Mihika, if he has pushed you into it, you don’t need to be scared. I’d go to the end of this world to bring you to justice. But, if.

Govind glances at Abhishek in disgust.

Govind: If what he’s saying is the truth, then you’re no longer my daughter nor will you ever belong in this family anymore. Iss ghar k darwaazy tumhare liye hamesha k liye bannd ho jayien gy. Remember that. Now, think carefully and talk. Did he force you?

Abhishek’s shocked and gulps. He hadn’t expected such a harsh consequence for her. Teary-eyed, Mihika glances at Abhishek. He understands the fight with herself and slowly takes out his hand from hers. Mihika can’t believe him.

Govind smiles in victory.

Abhishek’s about to leave but Mihika grabs his wrist.

Mihika (gasps): Won’t you take your bride with you?

This shocks everyone.

Mihika (slowly pulls him to her): When will you learn to fight for what belongs to you?

Abhishek (chuckles): Tum hi sikha do.

Mihika (smiles): Then, listen. After marriage, a woman leaves her home anyway to live with her husband. I’ll think the same. I won’t blame you for anything.

Abhishek looks away in guilt.

Mihika (faces her family): I–I . . . I married him because I love him. Dad, till today, you took every decision of my life. From where I go to who I hang out with to what I should study to how I should act. Today, can’t you accept my decision, the only decision I’ve made with such bravery and confidence?

Govind (shouts): No! This is not possible. I won’t accept this relationship at any cost.

Devyani: Mihika, come to your senses. How will you adjust with him?

Mihika (irritated): Oh, Mom, stop it.

Devyani (grits her teeth): You’ll regret this, Miku. Try and understand.

Govind: Forget it, Devyani. It’s no use trying to talk to her. She’ll do what she wants anyway.

Mihika: Dad–

Govind holds up his hand.

Govind: Get out of here, and don’t ever show us your face again. You’re dead to us.

Everyone’s shocked. Mihika cries.

Kapil: Bhaiyyah, Mihika’s not to blame. If it’s anyone, it’s this rascal. He’s led her astray.

Mihika: Chachu, don’t talk about my husband like that.

Govind: See, Kapil. She’s not a child that she can’t see what’s right and what’s wrong. I’ve seen the world and their cruel ways. Thokar khaa kar khud hi isski aqal thikaany aa jaye gi. You want to leave with him, right?

Govind grabs her hand and drags her outside, ignoring the protests of everyone else. Abhishek joins her side.

Govind: We don’t want you here. Leave, and never come back!

He closes the door on her face. They all try to stop him but fail. Tears slip from Mihika’s eyes.

Govind (faces everyone): If any of you try to maintain a relationship with her, I’ll gladly drop you off at her doorstep. Mihika doesn’t exist for us anymore, do you get that? I never want to hear her name in his house ever again.

Saying so, he goes from there. A distraught Devyani stares after him.


Mihika (crosses her arms and giggles): Well, that went well.

Abhishek (smiles sadly and hugs her): You don’t need to pretend in front of me. I know you’re really hurt by what he’s said.

Mihika closes her eyes and sobs.

Mihika: I’m sorry, Abhishek. I couldn’t . . . I couldn’t–

Abhishek (gently shushes her as he moves back): Hey, don’t blame yourself. If anything, I should be saying sorry. You’ve lost your family because of me.

Mihika (shakes her head): They’ll stay upset for a while, but they’ll eventually agree. Won’t they?

Abhishek (wipes her tears): We’ll both make sure they do. But that’s for later. For now, let’s go home. Ma’s waiting for us.

Mihika nods.

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