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Kaira Love Story (episode 7)

Hey guyz m pretty sure u all r excited for the revelation today 😉 i did a lot of thinking n only then came up with this twist …m nervous how u guyz will react ..i hope u like it…btw guyz just for info i have two important  examinations this weekend ..so i might not be posting till monday …though i will try my best to write …as i also have to write for a competetion on tellyupdates…u must have heard about it…m writing about kaira only it will be a diff. Storyline…dont be upset keep smiling readibg n commenting ..do check out the competition too as u guyz r given the right to vote😉

Continuing from the celebrations going on in SM (singhania mansion)


naira (announces infront of everyone):everyone listen to me …today unknowingly  we all have wore  matching color dresses with someone or other…(everyone look at eachother n notice the same tht a particular colour is worn by two individuals)….this was a secret  surprise i mishti kuhu n nanu had planned for u guyz

Naira thinks of this plan to cheer up kartik so asks nanu kuhu n mishti  help

Naira: so now there is a treasure hunt …no one knows  about the things not even me mishti nanu n kuhu as it is hidden by chitti uncle!…. so everyone  will pair up with their  partners wearing same colour n a list of diff things will be given to each pair n then the pair finding all the things listed first will be the winner

Kartik thinks in mind …wow miss rishikesh is trying so hard but this tym kartik  u need to show some tantrums its ur turn …n he smiles thinking this

Mishti: bff y r u smiling ..r u again dreaming  about di….instead of dreaming u should have proposed in switzerland it would have been more romantic

Kartik: ho to gya!

Mishti (shocked):wat

Kartik(realising  wat he said): i mean in my dreams yr

mishti:uffo bff  u n ur dreams!!

Kartik scratches his head n smiles

Meanwhile everyone couples up 
Naksh: wow wife  wat a coincidence  we both r green green 

Tara:ohh no …i thought i will get someone else ..it would have been easier  to win!!

Naksh(faking  his anger): ohh achcha …ok then m going n changing this green kurta u be with whoever u wanna be with…

Naksh was about to leave but tara says oh hello dear hubby …where r u going…without u m so incomplete..

They both smilingly hold hands n go 

Gayu seeing all this thinks  kash me n kartik would  have been together! N gets sad

Yash n rose r together n like this all the couple r together

Kaira scene
Naira(comes from behind n whispers in kartik’s ear):lets go  my prince charming!!

Kartik doesnt answer

Naira:arrey come on yr …m sorry na…u once said we r frnds first so by saying mendhak i was reviving our frndship in our lovely relationship….now its ur wish if u wanna use this opportunity of treasure hunt to be a romantic moment ..or a silent moment 

Kartik: ohh wow my lovely gf is thinking so much ….ok done m not angry with u anymore…tbh i was not angry with u tht much aa i showed i just wanted to show u tantrums like u do

Naira: ohh achcha like i do..

Kartik runs n naira runs behind him…

Naira was suddenly tripping but kartik holds her in his arm romantically n they have a eye contact!!

Naira: got u!!

Kartik: u will always get me always n forever remember (winks at her )

Naira smiles n says ok ok lets go now bf if today u make me loose na then see …

Kartik: ok ok madam lets go!!

Gayu n vivan scene

Gayu searches tht who is in yellow ….n finally sees some one from behind wearing a yellow kurta

Gayu: hello excuse me

The guy turns n its…vivan

Vivan: oh hello gayatri!

Gayu: plz call me gayu

Vivan: ok …btw u look very pretty

Gayu: thnk u

Vivan  realises y gayu was here seeing her in yellow dress…

Vivan: so u r my treasure hunt patner! Gud tht u must be knowing  about places here …as i have no clue

Gayu: yeah

Viyu(vivan+gayu) goes to join others

All the pairs gather …mishti nanu n kuhu  r the judges

All the pairs gets the list n a map of the area counted under treasure hunt…n they all start their quest

Naksh asks naira : who is ur pair


Naksh(beinh insecure): ohhh listen  r u..

Before he could complete Tara noticed the insecurity of naksh n came n said arrey mr. Hubby chale ya harne ka irada h (shall we start or u have intentions to loose)

Naksh:haan haan lets go

Now karia walks out of SM

Kartik: naira i have a plan lets go n have a coffee …everyone is busy in this…

Naira: dear bf …i really wanna win this ..so stop being a romeo ryt now…be a superman n help me find these things

Kartik: as u wish miss gf

Kartik goes left n naira goes right side 

Aftr a while kartik feels someone  is following him

Kartik turns n sees someone 

Kartik: u? 

Someone: yes kartik …long tym huh!

Kartik: wat do u want mr. Dixit…how did u got reminded of me..?

Mr. Dixit: oh kartik y r u being so formal …call me by the relation we have… or r u shy to call me by relation?

Kartik: shy!! M ashamed n watevr relation we had in past i left in past..

Mr. Dixit: oh my god ..so much anger …there shouldnt be so much anger between mamu n bhatija

Kartik: just stop! U r not my mamu …u r my step mamu…n ur actions in past made this more  clear!!! I dont get it …i stopped comming in ur  way long back…then y r u comming in between my path..

Mr. Dixit: i was happy wen u stopped comming in between my path but i think its in ur blood tht u again r trying to come between  my path…so this is just a warning to u .

Kartik: ur path??

Mr. Dixit: u r trying to take the deal of vivan group of industries  to singhania jwellers….stop it ….it was going to be my contract n it will be mine contract….so stay out of it …n yes  tell ur girlfriend  she is pretty but is not smart enough  to know the actual  kartik sharma yet..do u wonder will she still be with u aftr tht!!

Kartik  gets enraged  by this comment about naira  n says shut ur mouth …u say watver u wanna say about me but dont even speak anything about her!!

Mr. Dixit gives a wicked smile n walks away

Kartik feels very disturbed n tensed….just them naira comes ohh kartik did u get anything…

Kartik: yes a big shock( in a low voice)

Naira: wat r u saying ..say loudly na

Kartik realises n corrects himself arrey nothing ..n no i didnt find anything

naira: but i found two things….

Naira notices the change in mood of kartik n asks wat happened kartik…i can get it from ur face something is wrong!!

Kartik: no no nothing

Naira: no u r lying..

Kartik: no naira its nothing come on lets continue

Naira: its ok kartik…i know sometimes there r things which u urself havent accepted but it keeps on haunting u …its a situation where u dont know how to share it…i can understand tht..so dont worry  i wont force u ….u r always welcome  to share it with me wenever  u r comfortable ..n no matter wat it will be i will always be there with u …always n forver!

Kartik suddenly  gives a tight hug to naira….

They release the hug

Kartik: m so glad tht i have u as gf ..u understand me so well…never knew u had this side too naira singhania!!

Naira:naira singhania is full of surprises..

Kartik n naira smile n continue  searching 

Precape:the game goes on….viyu n nakshtara scenes….next day kartik  gets a text n behaves pretty wierd

So guyz how did u like the reveal of the follower someone…..as i said i would reveal who tht  person is i did reveal it..guyz tbh m pretty nervous about wat u readers r thinking about the revelation  coz trust me it took me so many days to decide how to bring out this new someone in a way u guyz would love….u all can even suggest for any change if u think any is required …so plz comment..i hope i made a correct choice of revelation 😅

Btw there is a bigger secret n twist …how will these twists affect kaira…keep reading to know….n do comment on ur views about this revealation …n suggestions!!☺

JUST A REMINDER: do vote in the compition for whichever  u feel like …each of u can vote for three stories  at max…dont be sad will surely post next part on monday!! Wish me luck for my exams guyz!!😁

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