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Kaira And Viyu A Different Story (Part 1)

Hi everyone I’m a silent reader and sometimes comment. The current track is idk what to say. I’m going to start this story from when Karthik proposed in Zurich. Here you go

“I love you Naira. I really love you a lot.” Karthik said hugging Naira real tight. “Kartik I need time to think. Can we leave? We need to reach the airport on time.” Naira said. They had a silent drive to the airport and they saw Akshara Naitik and Gayu and boarded the flight. “The seats are separate. You three have it together and both of us together.” Naitik said and everyone were quite happy with that. After chatting for sometime Gayu slept off while Kaira kept chatting. “Karthik, I don’t exactly know how I feel for you. You are the only friend I have. You are my Jai. Even if we become Laila and Majnu I can still have my Jai na?” Naira asks him. “Was that you telling me you love me too?” Karthik asks trying to control his laughter. “Yes. Only if you will also be my Jai.” She says smiling. “Always.” Karthik says and they hug.


My first try. Pls let me know what you think.

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