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Kabir to shoot down Bihaan in Thapki Pyaar Ki

Bihaan and Kabir get into a fight but Thapki comes in right time and stops them. Bihaan had doubt on Kabir and checks his bag. He gets a girl’s pic from Kabir’s bag. Bihaan had seen Kabir leaving at night and coming home in morning.


Bihaan confronts Kabir about the girl. Kabir does not answer him as he has none in his family to worry him. He threatens Bihaan. They both fight. Later, Kabir makes a picnic plan and the family agrees. Bihaan refuses to go on picnic, but he goes with them to be around Vaani. Bihaan and Kabir are making plans. Kabir’s background story will be seen connecting with Bihaan. Kabir is angry and wants to kill Bihaan to take revenge. Thapki and family are on the picnic. The family play games on the picnic. Pandey family came on picnic. Dhruv and Aditi spend some good moments. Bihaan tries to bring Vaani’s truth out and asks Vaani to kiss Kabir as they are getting married. He thinks Vaani will not kiss him, but Thapki kisses Kabir. Bihaan gets angry and leaves from there. Kabir follows him and takes the gun from the car. Kabir shoots at Bihaan. Kabir’s motives are not known to Bihaan. Keep reading.

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