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Kaala Teeka 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Leela says to Kali you protect Naina that is why I am tolerating you in this house. But after today you won’t have any relationship Yug. You never deserved to be the daughter in law of this house. Leele leaves. Kali hugs Naina in tears. She says i have you I don’t need anything else from life.
Yug recalls what Kali said. He stands in the balcony and says I will free myself today from your memories, from this relationship. He is about to jump. Someone holds his him back its Kali. They both falls together. Its Gauri.. not Kali. Gauri says what were you going to do. Yug says why did you save me. I was going to free myself. Gauri says I won’t let you do any such thing. Your life is mine. I really love you. I know that you never loved me back but I live in the hope that some day your heart will beat for me. Give me one chance I will prove to be a good wife. She hugs him. Gauri says in heart thank you Kali Yug will hate you and love me. I got Yug you can keep Naina.


Scene 2
Devri screams while doing his tap. His back hurts. Deva says you won’t get peace unless you sacirifce Naina. you have only three days how will you do that? All your attacks are going in vain. Do something big. Devri reads a mantra and dark clouds spread on the sky. Kali says how did it get so cloudy all of a sudden. Winds start blowing. Nandu says what is happening. NAian is also out in her stroller. Something sets Naina’s stroller on fire. Kali sees it and is dazed. Kali screams Naina.. Nandu runs towards Naina and saves her.
Devri falls down. Kali says Naina.. Nandu says till I am here I won’t let anything happen to Naina. Kali says your hands are burnt. He says don’t worry amma will apply something on my hands and I will be okay.
Kali says whenever Naina is with Nandu she is safe. Devri got to know that and he wanted to keep NAndu away from me and Naina. This is why he wanted me to marry Yug.
Manjiri says we should talk to Jamna, she might help us.
Nandu says to Jamna why brother wants Kali to marry Yug. He is my brother. Kali says why don’t you talk to him yourself. Tell him it hurts you. Manjiri says yes you should ask him. Nandu says I can’t ask him. Kali says i know you respect him but what he did with you was injustice. Nandu says he can’t do that to me. I will talk to him and prove he is a nice guy. He leaves.
Kali says we have to expose Devri. Manjiri says we have to find out why is devri changing his decision.
Nandu asks Devri why are you doing this? You promised me. Devri says I don’t want to talk to you right now. Nandu says but why.. devri says you mad. I will do whatever I want. Go away from here. Jamna slaps him and says he is your brother at least don’t play games with him. You broke his heart. Devri says his heart broke he didn’t die. Why is he after Kali? He can get other girl. Jamna says why are you doing this with Nandu? Devri says there is darkness in his kundli that is why I did this. You better forget Kali. You won’t marry her and I won’t let that happen. Nandu says why wont you let this happen? He says amma what is he saying. Manjiri says in heart you wont understand but a man is there who knows.

Kali and Manjiri come to Prohit. They show him Nandu’s kundli. Prohit says according to this, this guy will always protect Naina. This boy is Naina’s protector. Kali and Manjiri are dazed. They recall every time he saved Naina. Kali says yes has saved Naina’s life like a miracle. Prohit says whenever Naina is in trouble Nandu will reach there and save her life. One brother wants to kill her and other is her savior. Manjiri says but why Devri changed his game in the end. He promised Nandu Kali but now wants Kali to marry Yug. Kali says if Nandu marries he will be Naina’s father. Prohit says if Nandu becomes her father then she will be protected forever. Kali says what if Nandu adopts Naina with all the poojas? Like I did. Prohit says that ways naina will always be protected. Kali says then I will do this.

Kali and Manjiri tell everything to Jamna and Nandu. Jamna says how can this happen? Kali says this is the truth. Only Nandu can save naian from Devri. I hope you two will help me. Nandu says you are my bride I won’t say no to you. But I will prove my brother is a nice man. Kali says thank you Nandu. He says I don’t need this thanks. I am doing this so I don’t have to see my brother down. Prohit says don’t tell anyone about this pooja. Jamna says I promise you no one would know. Prohit says they are so innocent. they agreed to everything we said. Lets wait for morning. Kali says evil can’t win from good. Its about time it should end.

Precap-Deva says we can’t wait anymore. We have to sacirifce Naina today. Prohit tells Kali and Manjiri that he will try to do the sacrifice tonight. Manjiri says tell us some other solution. He says there is one.. Kali and Nandu’s marriage. Kali is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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