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Kaala Teeka 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Nandu comes to fill Kali’s hairline. Kali shoves his hand and slaps him. She says are you out of your mind. Just because I don’t live with my husband doesn’t mean I am not a married woman. Nandu starts crying.


Kali says I told you before Nandy marrying an unconscious girl is not marriage. you call me bride, did I ever ask you not to? Because I know there are no sinful intentions in your heart. I owe you but don’t think of marrying me. Please. I am a married woman my husband just.. She looks at Yug. Kali says you are my friend and giving friendship another name spoils it. Yug comes and gives Naina to Kali. He says Naina was yours and will always be. No one can part you two. Manjiri says in heart I am sure Devri provoked Nandu to do this. In Kali’s heart Yug is always her husband.

At night, Kali is crying in her room. She recalls her moments with Yug. Kali recalls the time when she met Yug and after they got married. The song ‘main tenu samjhawan ki’ plays in background. Then she recalls what happened. She says Yug you made me stand here on this where anyone can desire fill my hairline.

Nandu is crying. He says she said she is not my bride. DEvri says this your love? Nandu says the real love is not imposed. Deva says to Devri no other man can come in her life.
Yug says to Kali why are you doing this? When you don’t have anyone else in your heart please come back to her. You can lie with tongue but your eyes can’t lie to me. They tell me that you love me as well. Kali says no I don’t love you. Yug says you do. Kali shoves him. Gauri comes in. Kali says I am grateful you gave me Naina back but it doesn’t mean I will come back to you. I said no to nandu because marriage is not a game for me. You forgot that you broke marriage with me and married my sister, so you are her husband now. She leaves.

Kali is playing with Naina. Manjiri says why are you so scared? Manjiri says I am sick of that devri. He provoked Nandu. He wants to part you from Yug. I will talk to Raj guru. Kali says he brought that scorpion in the house. We tried to weaken his powers with emotions. Manjiri says yes lets go to Raj guru. Kali says how will I come I have Naina with me? She says give Naina to leela. She will take care of her. Kali says you should leave and meet me at the round about. We shouldn’t leave together.
Leela is in temple with Naina. She plays with Naina. Deva says mother isn’t home. We can do out next step. Devri says we will steal NAina’s powers today.

Manjiri and Kali meet raj guru. He says its difficult to say what he is up to. He tried to attack you manjiri and Naina as well. he tried to part you and Yug as well. Kali says it started with the tree in the garden. He grew leaves in the tree. everyone started listening to him after that. Manjiri sasy he sits under that tree and prays in front of some sand balls. Raj guru says he is your daughter’s enemy. He wants to sacrifice her. Kali and Manjiri are dazed.
Leela is telling Naina stories of Yug. Leela hears leakage in the washroom. She lays niana in the cot and checks in the washroom. Devri comes and reads a mantra. Leela faints in the washroom. Kali calls leela. She says dadi ji is not picking up. What if something happens to Naina. Manjiri says lets rush home nothing would happen. They run towards the home. Devri has naina in front of his and he is doing his tap. He moves Naina’s cot with his mantra to come towards him. Manjiri and Naina are on their way.
Manjiri says nothing will happen don’t worry. Devri makes a painting fall. He is trying to hit it on Naina. The painting falls before. DEvri is shocked. He says this is impossible. Kali isn’t home then who saved naina? Nandu has saved Naina. Nandu plays with niana and says nothing happened to you. I will always save you. Devri looks at him in anger.

Precap-Deva says every time Nandu saved Naina. Kundli is in front of you. You can see what happened. Nandu.. is Naina’s kala teeka. Devri shouts no.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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