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Kaala Teeka 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kali says this is devri’s kofa. Kali says lets go Naina this place is not safe. I asked you no to go anywhere. She is walking out. Naina tries to run again. Kali slips in a ditch along with naina. She screams with pain. Naina is crying too. Kali says naina don’t cry I will do something. Kali tries to stand up. She screams for help. Kali tries to climb up. She screams for help but slips down. Kali screams with pain.
All those four are looking for Kali and Naina. Kali says Yug Nandu Manji ma where are you.
Its raining. Kali says I have to push. She tries to push and gives her baby birth in the water. A guru opens his eyes. He asks his man to look around. he says a good soul has taken birth. But for very less time. Just for six years. She won’t see her seventh


year. Kali sees her baby.She says why is she not saying anything. The baby isn’t breathing. She starts crying. Kali smiles. Kali says thank you ram ji. The water suddenly disappears. Kali feels like fainting. Some villagers see her and take her out. The give Kali a shawl. Kali has fainted. The woman says here is your baby. They give her to Kali. Kali says to naina see your brother. Nandu comes there. He says Kali.. He sees his daughter. Nandu says daughter.. He says this is my daughter. He says she looks like me. Where did you go? I will call Yug. He calls Yug and tells him everything.
Nandu says you three are okay. Nandu’s daughter.

Scene 2
After a lot of time, the population of mithla is under the impact of superstiion.
Kali and manjiri do this arti. Kali gives everyone arti. Gauri is pregnant. Manjiri picks a call and says I have to go somewhere. Gauri says but its pavitra’s birthday. kali says but she has to go. Yug says people of seven villages look for her help. Kali says I am always with you. Manjiri says I should leave now.
Everyone prepares for Pavitra’s birthday. Kali asks gauri to rest. She gives her juice.
Nandu says what are you doing? Is naina up? He says yes. Kali says you must be lying. Kali comes to room naina is asleep. Kali says naina get up. Its pavitra’s birthday. Get up naina. Early to bed and early to rise. She takes off the quilt but naina is not there. Kali says where is naina? Nandu says I don’t know. Kali sees in the closet. Naina is asleep there. Kali says take aside. Kali picks jug. Nandu says don’t do this. She is up. Kali says you take her side that is why she is like this. Naina imitates Kali. Kali says see how she is. You take her side. ITs late. Nandu says she is a baby. I will get her ready. Kali says when will she do on her own? Nandu says she is young.
Pavitra is playing in the garden. A snake comes near her. She says hello snake. Kali sees her and comes running to save her. Kali says it could harm you. Jamna says thank God she is safe.

Manjiri gievs a lecture of superstition. The man asks what do we do with this fake baba? Manjiri says he tried to take a widow’s land. Now he will work in her fields for a year. Everyone cheers for manjirir.

Everyone comes to temple for pooja. jamna says pavitra come I will put teeka on your forehead. Naina says first give me tilak and prasad. I am elder. Yug says she is just like her mother gauri. Kali is daazed.

Precap-Baba 6th year is difficult for her. She can’t see her seventh year.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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