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Kaala Teeka 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kali says to Nandu go out with Naina. Nandu says I won’t go without you. Kali says I am stuck here between rocks. A rock falls on Nandu’s hand. Kali tries to stop Devri with trishun. The trishun falls from Kali’s hand. Devri grasps her by hair. Nandu says leave her. Devri shoves Nandu. Devri says you were try being clever with me. Kali says devil always loses in front of God. She picks the tishun and attacks Devri’s hand. Kali and Nandu go out of the case and place the trishun in front of Devri so he can’t move.

Gauri says we should go there Yug. Manjiri says no wait. Kali and Nandu come in. They are injured. Jamna says oh Godf what happened to you both. Gauri hugs Naina. Manjiri hugs Kali. Manjiri says I told you nothing would happen with Naina.

Leela says playing with fire is not a game. Don’t ever risk Naina’s life again. Jamna says because of my son Kali had to take this risk. Nandu says enough amma. Don’t apologize for that human. He isn’t your son or my brother. Nandu goes to his room. Kali says I have decided. We will end this Devri.

They all sit down with Prohit to find a solution. Prohit says there is one solution. We have to clear its roots. Jamna says prohit ji.. She gives him a book. She says its devri’s kundli. Yug says but you this will end.. She says yes I know. I won’t protect this time. He shouldn’t be alive don’t repeat the previous mistake. Leela says you have a big heart. Jamna says all I want is that truth wins and evil loses. Kali holds her hand. Kali says we will never forget your sacrifice. Prohit says on 25th.. thats the date. Kali says tomorrow. Prohit says if he goes in water tomorrow he can be killed there with this trishun. Yug says I will attack him. Gauri says no you won’t risk your life. Prohit says you can’t do this Yug. Only one person can do this, Kali. Kali says I will do this but I don’t know how will we take him near water. Manjiri says we would stay away from water. Yug says how will we do this? Kali says nandu? Prohit says yes.

Kali and Manjiri talk to Nandu. He says I can’t kill him. I can’t be part of this. Amma see what she is saying. Jamna says we all know who he is. Killing him was suggested by me. We have to do this. The evil has to end. Why are you thinking so much? Your live will be safe forever and so will be kali’s. Nandu says no. I will never do this. And Won’t let anyone do this. He leaves. Kali says nandu please listen to me. Kali says what do we do now. No one else can bring him here. Jamna says I will convince him. Jamna gives Nandu milk and says please drink it. Nandu drinks it. After drinking he says my head hurts and he faints. Kali says I understand your feelings nandu but we have given him enough chances a mother has to do this.

Kali does pooja and says give me strength God. Devri has to die. A flower falls in her palms. Kali smiles. Jamna gives Kali trishun and says you will win for sure. Prohit says are you sure you can do this? Jamna says yes.

Scene 2
Devri says why that Kali beats me every time. Jamna comes in and says who lost? You won devri. You should celebrate. DEvri says how you came here and what are you saying? Jamna says because of you your brother has gone to suicide. If you don’t trust me go to river and see your triumph. Jamna says why are you dazed? It shouldn’t affect you. This is what happens to anyone who comes in your way. Jamna leaves.
Nandu is standing at the cliff near river. Devri comes there running. Yug sees Devri. Kali is already inside river breathing from a pipe. Yug throws stones in water so Kali gets to know that devri is coming. Yug loses Nandu’s rope. Devri jumps in water to save him. He comes in front of Kaliand is dazed. Kali stabs him in the chest.

Precap-There is blood is water. Kali tries to go up but Devri holds her leg. Yug jumps in the water and throttles Devri.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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