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Kaala Teeka 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1


Devri says to get my lost powers back I can do anything. Deva laughs. Kali says on call Manji ma we have been waiting for you please come back. Devri jumps in the mud and comes back out. Deva says congrats on getting your lost powers back. Devri says congratulate me when I ruin and destroy everything. Kali is playing with Naina, Naina cries. Kali looks at the doll on couch. Kali screams with pain and sits on the sofa. Leela takes Naina from her. Nandu asks are you okay? Kali says I don’t know my belly ached. Gauri gives her water. Leela says it could be a muscles pull. Prohit says don’t take it lightly. Leela says you went to himalaya? He says yes I had to leave my pooja amid. I got signals that something bad is gonna happen to this house and I can see it wasn’t wrong.

Yug says its just a pain, she will be okay. Nandu says I will make her tea she will be okay, Prohit looks at the doll. Prohit touches the doll and gets a current everyone is dazed. Prohit says naina plays with this doll and nothing happens to her. This is only because she has devri’s blood in her vein and devil’s blood. He did this. We have to prepare for her purity pooja. Nandu says how will you? Kali says I will do anything for Naina. Prohit asks leela to get everything ready. He says Yug bring water from ganga. We don’t have much time.

Devri is doing his tap with Deva. Deva says you have to tolerate this pain. Devri says I can do anything to make evil powers my slave. Kali took so much from me. i will take all that back. I will give her so many bruises she will remember her whole life.
The pooja starts, Prohit says Kali sit in front of the idol. Leela says yes lets start. Prohit says I am waiting for Naina. Jamna says let me check. Prohit says no one will leave their spots.
Nandu is cutting the woods. Kali prays the pooja goes well. Kali sees a shadow on the floor. She says Prohit ji look there. Everyone is scared. the shadow is moving. Prohit says don’t leave you spots everyone.
Nandu is cutting the woods. Prohit shouts Nandy come fast we don’t have time. kali says who is this? Whose shadow is this. Devri says I am the king of evil. Why are you so worried Kali?
Deva says shadows are your slave too now Devri.
Nandu runs towards the house with woods. He knocks at the door and says Kali open the door. Amma.. He sees the shadow. There are two shadows in the house as well. Kali says who are you? What you want? What has my Naina done to you? Leela says please do something Prohit ji.
Kali says nandu come from balcony. Gauri says dadi ji the shadow is in balcony now. It keeps enlarging. Prohit says it is so powerful I can’t stop it.

Precap-DEva says to Devri use your powers, use the wind. Winds blow in the chaudhary house. Its difficult for everyone to keep their positions. Kali feels more pain. She falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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