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Kaala Teeka 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Leela does Naina’s arti. Kali is playing with Naina. She is crying, Kali says calm down Naina. Naina takes off her temple thread and throws it away a crow takes it, Kali is worried. Prohit asks what happened? Kali tells him what naina did and the crow took the locket. Prohit says so she wasn’t agitated after she threw her locket? Kali says yes she stopped crying. I just gave her the meds maybe thats why.


Doctor says to inspector yes he is discharged you can investigate now. They come and Devri isn’t there. Doctor says where has he gone? inspector says he fled. Inspector alerts everywhere.
Jamna comes home and tells everything in hospital was a drama. And he has fled. Nandu says my brother can’t do this. He must be in hospital. Jamna says when will

you understand that your brother will never comes back to right path. Prohit says we have to do havan in the house.
Yug comes to his room. He holds Gauri’s hand and says everything always ruined our relationship. I think its about time we give it another chance. Gauri hugs her.
Kali recalls that Devri has fled. Nandu comes in and says you are worried that brother fled? I can’t sleep. I see his face when I close my eyes. Kali says he will come back. Its late you should sleep.

Scene 2
The havan starts. Yug says before the havan starts I want to apologize you Kali. Will you be my friend again? Nandu says Kali pardon him. Kali shakes his hand. Everyone smiles. Yug says thanks Kali. Yug says lets start Prohit ji. Prohit starts the havan. Naina is behaving weird. so many crows come in. Everyone is scared. Prohit slips the plate. Prohit says Devri has done this. Nandu shows fire to the crows. He takes them out of the house. Prohit says you all touch this plate. We have to do the havan. Water pourson the fire and it blows. While running after the crows Nandu falls from the balcony. Kali runs towards him. Nandu is injured.
Doctor treats Nandu and dresses his wound. Doctor says he is in coma. He can’t react to anything. Kali says when will he recover. Doctor says I can’t say anything. Jamna starts crying. Kali says he will be okay. We are all here for him.

Kali says to nandu get up and play with naina. Jamna says I made your favorite sweet. Jman says to Kali only you can understand the pain of a mother. Please save my son.

Precap-Kali goes to temple and prays for Nandu. Nandu’s body shakes. Doctors treat him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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