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Kaala Teeka 14th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kali is in the cage. She says please leave my baby. What will you get by killing a little girl? What will you get my praying to devil? Kali says the powers you can get is from the path of God. Deva says keep moving. Devri says nothing can stop me. Devri takes the rounds around fire. Kali says whom are you talking to? I can’t see anyone. Devri says Deva. Kali says who is this deva? Devri says this is deva. He has suffered so much because of me. And he is my master. Kali says there is no one here. Its the shade of devil inside you. don’t think he’s your friend. Devri says shut up. He breaks the pot. Devri says if you say a word about Deva I will kill you.


Prohit is doing pooja to see where Kali is. Some stones start falling from sky. Prohit says there is a place

where moon is right above water. Yug says there is only one such place. Prohit says they are there. Lets go.
DEvri says seee your daughter one last time. Moon will be in right direction in few seconds and your daughter will be sacrificed after that. Devri stands up. Kali says nooo. Devri reads his mantra. He says all evils will be my servants. Kali says please stop. For God. Devri says who God? This is devil’s world. I am Devil.
Yug is driving. Prohit says hurry up Yug we are still 5KMs away. Kali says please help me God. DEvri says its about time. Deva says wait devri. Moon is behind the clouds right now. You won’t get anything. Deri says your daughter has few more minutes. See her last time. Kali says i will see her all my life. I will see her growing up and studying. I will see her succeeding. I will see her getting married. You know why? Because you forgot that God wins. God will protect my daughter. You will this place was his temple. You will be killed. Your sins are over. Start waiting for your end. Devri laughs. He says Deva listen, she is waiting for my end. No one can beat Devri. No one can dare messing with Devri. I am the most powerful.
Devri reads mantra and winds start blowing.
Prohit says this wind is blowing because of him. Leela says how can he? Prohit says he can do anything. The car punctures. Manjiri and devri start walking.

Deva says your attack went in vain you have to warm the sword again to attack. Deva sits near the fire to warm the sword. He stands up and moves towards Naina to kill her. Kali screams for help. She breaks the ropes and runs to save Naina. Nandu stops the sword from his hand and his hand bleeds. Devri says Nandu leave the sword. Nandu says I won’t until you leave path of the devil. I never thought this sword would try to kill an innocent baby. Devri says you can’t understand Devri. Nandu says her life is more important than my blood. Deva says don’t listen to him Devri he would make you weak. Devri says leave the sword nandu. Nandu says I won’t. Devri shoves him. Nandu’s head hits the pillar. his head bleeds. Devri runs towards Nandu. Deva stops him and says you are not human you are devri. Do you want to ruin you effort for this useless brother? Go complete your mission. Nandu is fainting. devri says yes I want to become ruler of evils. He goes towards Nauna again. Devri takes his sword. Kali recalls Prohit saying there is only one solution Kali and Nandu’s wedding.
Kali takes Nandu’s hand full of blood and fills her hairline with it.

Precap-Manjiri points sword at Devri. She syas I am Ram’s human. I couldn’t let my husband sin how can I let you do this. Nandu nd Kali are getting married. Devri says don’t do this Nandu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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