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Just One Chance-SS (Chapter 2)

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Radhika was sitting in her cabin with tons of files piled up on her table. Her work was to sign the files and to review the articles to be published. Her marimba ringtone of her iPhone startled her. A smile appeared as she played with her engagement ring that sat on her left ring finger.

“Hey Jai!!” she chimed.

“Hey Radhu!! How about lunch today?” he asked.

“Sure. But I need to finish all of these files” she sighed.

“Oh” his voice fell “it’s ok. I understand” he said as he composed himself.

“No Jai!! I’ll come. Just tell me the venue and time” she said.

“Are you sure Radhu? You’ve got a lot of work to do” he asked in suspicion.

“I can and I will Jai. Tell me” she smiled.

“I’ll pick you up. By 1” he replied.

“Okay. See you then” he smiled.

“Bye” she smiled.

“Love you my doll” he pecked the phone.

“Love you too” she smiled as she ended the call.

She was smiling wide and blushing with the most beautiful shade of red. It was only he who had such an effect on her. They were in love since college days. Sam and Jai were both best friends in college and Radhika always stuck to Sam as she wanted her around and Jai being a good friend made Radhika feel comfortable with him. Things went on well and Jai confessed his feelings to which Radhika happily accepted. They were engaged six months back and were happily enjoying the term of being each other’s fiancée.

“She agreed to go on lunch!!” Jai jumped like a kid.

“Good to know. You’re such a kid. I hope you enjoy your lunch” Saral, his best friend smiled.

“I will for sure. How’s your fiancée?” he asked.

“Our engagement broke. Shalu wanted a month long honeymoon trip for which I said a no. So… I’m single now” Saral smiled a sad one but covered up well.

Jai knew it. He didn’t want to ask more.

“Back to square one eh?” he smirked.

“Someone’s jealous” Saral grinned.

“I’m happy with Radhu. I can never regret us” he replied.

“I know. I’m happy that the engagement broke actually” Saral sighed.

“Why? Shalini was a good girl” he asked confused.

“She was too clingy. Wanted my attention 24/7. Which I cannot do. Need to talk to her whenever she wants. I didn’t talk to her as I was in a meeting and she broke the engagement saying I don’t give Time to her. Aaaahhhhh” Saral rapped in a go all annoyed.

“Well then I’m happy” he smiled.

The two friends kept talking and forgot yr time. Jai gasped as he saw Radhika calling him.

“Where are you? You idiot!!” Radhika screamed from the other side of the phone.

“I’m sorry. Was with Saral. I’m leaving now” Jai said with fear.

“Radhika don’t be too hard on him. I was telling him my sad story” Saral screamed from his seat.

“Whatever” she rolled her eyes.

“I’m coming” Jai said as he got up and cut the call.

“Lol. She’s as hot as a volcano. Don’t forget to get her her favourite ice cream” Saral laughed holding his tummy.

“Not funny” Jai pouted.

“Now go before she called again and starts screaming” he laughed.

“I’m going” Jai ran out jad Saral laughed seeing his best friend in fear. But he was happy for him. Radhika was the right one.

Jai drove as fast as he could and reached Radhika’s office. There she was..

His love..

His life..

His everything in front of the building with her arms crossed. Nose scrunched and a beautiful pout. She was annoyed. But it made her look even more beautiful. She saw his car and threaded towards it in full anger. Jai gulped. He prayed to his ancestors for luck.

“See he remembers us only when he needs help from Radhika” frowned his great great grandfather from the heavens.

“It’s ok. He’s out blood. Let’s help” said his great great grandma.

“No. Let him suffer. Serves him right for going late” smirked his grandpa.

“Oh God!!” sighed grandma.

“Aren’t we the Gods?” asked great grandpa.

All I them sighed and looked down at how their great or great great or just grandson was going to handle his angry cute fiancée.

“Radhu I’m sorry” he stuttered.

“Don’t Radhu me. I finished my work for you and you come late” she raised her voice.

“I’m sorry” he stuttered.

She put a straight face outside and eas smiling inside. He looked so cute stuttering. She was not going to he easy on him.

“Why were you late?” she asked annoyed.

“My Radhu looks so cute annoyed” he sang softly as he pulled her cheeks.

“Don’t butter me. Tell me” she snapped.

“Saral’s engagement broke” he replied.

“Why?” she gasped.

“Shalu framed him. He didn’t pick her call when he was in meeting. She told he doesn’t spend time with her and broke the engagement” he replied.

“Whaaaaat?” her jaw dropped.

“Yep” he shook his head sighing.

“Stupid girl. He’s an amazing guy” she frowned.

“That we all know. Not her” he said.

“Now I’m starving my dear husband to be” she pouted.

“Me too” he pecked her forehead.

“Let’s go then” she pouted again.

“Off we go” he smiled and the engine roared to life.


Arjun was lost in thoughts. Shaina was all he could think about. He hated rr upset face. They should have told her and asked her decision before deciding to get her married to Dev Singhania. He was playing with his paperweight and didn’t notice Neil standing in front of him. Anisha knocked and came in.

“What is it Anisha?” Neil spat to which Anisha cringed.

He hated her for her personality and dressing sense. Her skirts were too short and tops too low. She was trying hard to lure Arjun, who was least bit interested in her. He kept her as his assistant because she did her job well.

Nothing more.

“Arjun.. I mean sir needs to sign this file” she stuttered.

“Leave it here and go” he snapped and Anisha ran after leaving the file on the table.

“Arjun” Neil called out.

“ARJUN!!” Neil banged the table and Arjun broke out of his trance.

“Oh.. Hey Neil” Arjun said in a small voice and looked down.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Shaani” Arjun replied.

“Shooo” he sighed.

“We should have told her Neil. It’s her life. She has her right to take her life’s decisions” Arjun sighed.

“But it’s the family’s decision Arjun. We can’t do anything. Can’t go against bade papa’s decisions” he sighed.

“But Shaani will suffer. Just because they have money? He’s not a good guy. Moreover they’ll have 7 years difference if they marry” Arjun three his hands in the air.

“We can’t do anything” he sighed.

“Where is Anisha? I asked her to come with the file” Arjun scowled.

“She left it here. She came when you were lost in your thoughts. So I asked her to leave it here” he said as he gave the file to Arjun.

“Let’s go home. It’s already late” he said again.

“Forgot to pick up Shaani. Shit” Arjun cussed as he raked his fingers in his hair.

“I dropped her home” he said and Arjun calmed.

“I’ll sign this file and come” Arjun said as he took his pen, verified the file and signed it.

Ok done.. I’m sorry.. so sorry for the late update… Jess hope you liked it.. hangouts la titiko.. inga vanam.. regards Rosie mamma!! I hope you liked it too.. Tata.. babaye.. Love you all loads.. tc.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you 😍😘

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