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Just a opinion on current yrkkh track..wats urs?

Guyz….This is Just a thought  of mine

I m so upset with the current track….i think most of the fans r …spclly kaira fans…u can count me one of the kaira fans …but m also a very pld yrkkh fan ….i eatch it from 7yrs …in between for few months i left but started again wen leap came where cape town was shown…..


Ryt now they have messed all relation n the actual theme of yrkkh tht is relations  positivity n understanding b/w a family.. ..aftr naira saying no ……kartik started to behave so immature tht he couldnt realise the signs given by naira during karwa chauth episode…n he just went away how can he ,didnt he consider himself to know naira ..then how come he never noticed!!!!!😕

 everyone even naitik who is considered the closest person to naira doesnt see naira’s pain but could see gayu’s pain instead…naira being so strong n a real fighter (which is necessary  in real lyf) is not getting wat she deserves which is comming out as a wrong example tht one shouldnt be strong but should be cry baby like gayu to get everything…i used to relate so much  with  naira ..whenever i feel low somehow i used to think people with fighting spirit n naira’s character was the first one to come to my mind….then y this sacrifice  drama now….😟

I even realted to the bond shared by naira n naitik as the best father daughter duo as i felt it was the same kind of bond i share with my dad but aftr naitik returned from Swiss tht bond is like nowhere  to be found…instead we havnt seen a single naitik n  naira talk scenes 😔

kaira atleast should have stayed frnds..i mean i have seen people being best frnds n then one of them confessing his or her love but they still decide to be frnds…kartik kept himself away from naira was understandable so as to let naira realise her love …but aftr the plan was success kartik’s determination vanished somehow….

In short everyone’s concern for naira suddenly vanished!! Now everyone is concerned for gayu or  r busy in their own life😞

yrkkh is a show which respects even small to small bond n now all bonds r just vanishing ….makers should check on this n rectify this…we all fans  r not being demanding  or bashing but r concerned for our fav show losing its identity n basic concept…i consider yrkkh as the best serial ..n i recomend it to everyone  around me as i consider the watcher  of yrkkh is the one who will always stay happy n satisfied as it doesnt load u with extra luggage  but instead fills u with happiness n gratefulness towards this life…

I dont know how many of u agree..but i would love to know all of ur views ….so plz comment n let me know☺

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