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Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 9 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 9 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Manish welcomes everyone in the show. He calls the special guest Alia Bhatt. Alia comes to promote her upcoming movie Dear zindagi.

1. Spandan and Hardik
Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on the song Get on the floor…. from the movie Chennai Express.

Judges’ Comments:

Alia: I have learnt dance from Spandan by looking at this dance.

Farah: This dance was from heart, it was spicy and enjoyable, I felt Spandan is losing expressions, Hardik is getting star moments, contestant should always be the star.
Karan: It was very cute, Spandan is cute and sweet, the best moment was of Spandan, cute energy is infectious, she always does well.
Jacqueline: Spandan you know you are one of my favs, you went ahead today, you were in top form,

you understand swag, its amazing, you came to teach dance to everyone Hardik showed cool moves, he was brilliant today.

Jacqueline 9, Karan 8, Farah 8. Total 25.

Karan and Manish perform on the romantic title song of Ae dil hai mushkil. Alia acts to direct them.

2. Shantanu and Alisha
Dance Form: Freestyle Robotics

They dance on the song Lungi dance ……..from the movie Chennai Express.

Judges’ Comments:
Alia: I know everyone call cutie to Shantanu, but you are also a hottie. Your dance was so good, I just want to say, that move was outstanding.
Jacqueline: I don’t want to give comments, I want to learn robotics from you.
Farah: Shantanu and Alisha, when we got to know you are doing this song, I thought what will be new, but this is too good, it was amazing, Shantanu you are great dancer, people take years to do this technique well, you are too talented.
Karan: Alisha outstandingly choreographed, hats off, Shantanu you are amazing, if Shahrukh sees this, he will be so proud of you.
Scores: Jacqueline 10, Karan 10, Farah 10. Total 30.

3. Shakti and Suchitra
Dance Form: Tollywood
They song on the song Jalwa…. from the movie Wanted.

Judges’ Comments:
Alia: Shakti did you get hurt on your knee, you danced like this, outstanding.
Farah: Shakti very enjoyable. Everything was good, why do you miss hook step, that was worst part, its signature move which we want to see.
Karan: I had great fun watching your performance, Shakti’s energy is always great, Suchitra you did a good job, I agreed with Farah, it was less on hook step, but punches came out nicely, you got the spice in the masala episode.
Jacqueline: Shakti you always surprise us, not in a great way, you promised your next performance will be full of dance, we wanted to see you in best dancing, its great to see you back, this is the Shakti we want to see.

Scores: Jacqueline 9, Karan 9, Farah 8. Total 26.

4. Swasti and Preetjot
Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on the song Radha Teri Chunri….. from the movie Student of the year.

Judges’ Comments:
Alia: I can’t believe this, it was great, superb, Swasti you danced so well, you are so young, when I shot for this song, I was 17 year old, everyone was praising me, you have beat the original Radha, Preetjot you were outstanding, I m so happy you chose this song.
Jacqueline: When I see this song, I always think of Alia, now I will think of two of you also, Swasti is cute.

Karan: Preetjot is my cutie, you look good, Swasti when we ask people to put energy, you did great.
Farah: Preetjot mindblowing, Swasti and Diwakar, you performed better than us.

Scores: Jacqueline 10, Karan 10, Farah 9. Total 29.

5. Salman and Aishwarya
Dance Form: Flamenco and Bellydance
They dance on the song Afghan Jalebi ….. from the movie Phantom.

Judges’ Comments:
Farah: Oh my God Salman, it was too good, we are finding this Salman since many weeks, Aishwarya we told you to use him properly, I have seen such manly belly dance for the first time, I think every man should do it, I wish the film has such choreography, its far exceeding than what they did in the movie.
Jacqueline: I just want to say, Jhalak hot hai, I did not know Salman will attempt an item, it was amazing attempt, this has taken Jhalak to another level, thanks.
Karan: Dance is form of expression, you had right attitude, that is in your personality.
Alia: It was such nice dance, I wanted to join you and dance, it was hot, amazing and well done.
Scores: Jacqueline 10, Karan 10, Farah 10. Total 30.

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