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Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 44)

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EP – 43 :http://www.tellyupdates.com/jeene-ki-tammanah-hai-ep-43/


ReCap: SwaSan Engagement Fixed…. Soumya tries to create rift between SwaRagni
“Ayush Bhaiyya…. This is not fair…..How can you do like this to me…” Swara complained on phone…. “ You can’t ditch me on my engagement”
“Shona Darling…. I am having a lot of work Darling, That’s why I can’t reach” Ayush tried to reason with his little sister
“No…. I don’t want to hear anything….Just wrap up your work asap and come to me….” Swara ordered… “Otherwise I will complain about you to Daadi and Dida
“Shona Baby, please don’t do such a mistake…. They will slaughter me….Please Yaar … Just try to understand” Ayush begged
“Bhaiyya…. If Laado (In my story Swara’s sister Swarna was called Laado) was here , I wouldn’t have to beg to you like this Naa” Swara’s tone went down
“Do you miss her??” Ayush asked in a dim tone

“ Haan Shona, I miss her too, every now and Then…” Ayush said
“ When will you come Bhaiyya??” Swara asked in a sad tone, melting her brother
“Shona…. I will wrap up everything here and will reach asap….. I promise you that I will be there for all your marriage functions.” Ayush promised…
“ Pakka??”
“ Pakka” Ayush stressed. “by the way, did you guys start with the engagement preparations??”
“On full Swing” Swara beamed. “ I am going for shopping with Soumya”
“ Ohh…. That Soumya, your friend… I heard from Mom that she is Laksh’s Bhabhi…How’s She??” Ayush asked
“ She is good Bhaiyya”
“By the way…. How’s your Sanskaar??” Ayush started teasing Swara. Swara blushed from other side.
“ He is good” Swara shied. Ayush got the essence of her red cheeks through the phone.
“Stop Blushing Shona” Ayush teased again
“ I am not Blushing” Swara tried to defend herself
“Oh Come On….. Don’t lie…. But dear ,I am happy that you are getting married to him….After all these years ,you have loved him ,Now you are getting him as you husband……I am sure ki Laado will be happy with this , where ever she is…. She always wanted to get Sanskaar as her Jiju Naaa”
“ Haan Bhaiyya… She will be happy” Swara replied
“Aur Haan Shona, Mom said that Lucky got married….How’s his wife?” Ayush asked casually.
Swara hesitated for a bit and said . Soumya’s conversation with Sapna rang in her ears. She brushed them off quickly and said “ She is good”
“Shona…., why do you feel that you don’t like her much??” Ayush pruned in
“Nothing like that Bhaiyya, Its just that she is a new person to me, So…” Swara adjusted
“ Acha chodo….Tell me about Sujata Aunty and Ram Uncle.” Ayush and Swara went on with their talks


Swara was dropped at Maheshwari Mansion by her driver. She walked into the mansion, with shyness on face and hesitation at heart. She reached the doors of the house and rang the bell . To her surprise, Sanskaar opened the doors for her. Both of them were taken aback. Swara could hear her heartbeats in her throat
“ Swara, You here..” Sanskaar asked with a happy happy smile.
“Wo , I came to go for shopping with…….” Before Swara could complete her words, their attention was shifted to a screaming sound
“AAaah…”They saw Ragini , sitting on the stairs, and attending her leg
“Ragoo…. “ Sanskaar called and ran to her ,Swara too followed him. Sanskaar sat on the stairs with her and attended her feet
“ Show me Ragoo…” He picked her feet and put on his knees…. Ragini winced in pain.
“ oh…. Sorry Yaar, Is it paining Bad” Ragini nodded “ how did you trip??” Sanskaar asked , still examining her leg.
“ Wo… When I was coming downstairs, my saree got under my feet.” Ragini bit her tongue
“ Ragini, how many times I have told you to abandon Saree ….What Yaar listen to me sometimes…. At least when you are pregnant wear comfortable clothes….Listen to me sometimes… You don’t value me, but I am well reputed doctor after all “ Sanskaar was angry
“ Ragini….” Laksh came down running, looking at Ragini’s condition. “what happened Ragoo?” Laksh asked concerned
Swara was irked to the fact that both Sanskaar and Laksh are concerned about Ragini, and forgot about her completely. Ragini , on the other hand , who was angry with Laksh for the previous day’s incidents turned her face away from he

“Kuch Nahi Laksh, don’t worry , she just twisted her leg” Sanskaar console his hyper brother.
“ See Sanky, she has no sense of control over herself, jumping and falling always…” Laksh complained. “ Just tell me something …. How will I manage to stay calm”
“Did anyone request you to take care of me?” Ragini shot back , giving death glare. Sanskaar eyed Laksh to calm through his eyes ,as his Ragoo Rani was boiling in anger.
“Guys , stop this fight “ Sanskaar requested “Ragoo…. Try to get up ” Sanskaar held her one hand and Laksh another. Ragini jerked Laksh. Laksh was hurt and looked at her pleadingly
“ Arreey Ragooo…. Give it a rest Yaar….” Sanskaar said. “I think that its high time you forgive him.”
“Haa Ragoo….. Forgive me…” Laksh caught his ears and looked at her with a cute plead, which was enough to melt Ragini
“ Ok…. Forgave…. But don’t repeat this….. “ Ragini told in a stern voice. Laksh picked up her in flow
“Ok Darling” He said. Ragini smiled at him like a cute Baby
“ Arrey Shona…. You came…” Soumya came in with a smile. Swara went and hugged her happily. Swara felt that maybe Soumya was the only one interested in her right now. “Lets Go” Swara prompted
“ Ya sure…” Soumya and Sapna was ready to move
“Oh…. Swara , leaving already??” Ragini asked

“ Yes Ragini, Actually we have to go for engagement shopping” Swara said in cold way neatly disguised with sweetness
“ Oh….. I would’ve loved to come with you…. But I have an appointment with the doctor” Ragini said with a sad face.
“ Its Ok … Ragini…. Lets go next time” Swara said , in a relief…. She dint want Ragini to join for some reason.
“ hmmmm….ok” Ragini said…. “Sanky… I think you should also go with Swara” Ragini suggested with a cruel smile…..looking at Laksh. Swara was happy suddenly
“ No Ragini….. Soumya and Sapna will accompany her…. I need to go with you Na…. To see the doctor” Sanskaar refused. This refusal hurt Swara a lot. She was sad that Ragini was Sanskaar’s priority
“ Arrey Sanky…. Ragoo is my wife and I will take her to hospital…. So you concentrate on your fiancée” Laksh said ,giving a side hug to Ragini
“Haa Sanky….. I will go with my Hubby” Ragini betrayed Sanskaar and clang on her husband. Sanky gave a deathly glare to his RagLak

Sanskaar came in his car to the mall , while Swara , Soumya and Sapna in Sapna’s car. Sanskaar went to another shop for getting a new watch. Swara felt that Sanskaar’s interaction with Soumya and Sapna was rather bitter .She dint know why. Swara decided to try on a lehenga. when she went in the trail room .
“Soumya….Don’t you feel bad for Swara??” Swara heard Sapna’s voice
“ Haan Sapna, I really feel bad yaar…. That Ragini has tied both Sanskaar and Laksh to her… My Poor Shona,….. I wish everyone realises Ragini’s truth soon”. Soumya was sad
“ Me Too Yaar…. She is so clever and evil…. She even separated Bua from Laksh…. Now Laksh don’t even look at Bua… Remember that Karthik, Ragini’s first husband …he was a good man… still Laksh believed Ragini” Sapna added

“ Sometimes , I really want to warn Shona…. But I don’t want her to get separated from Sanskaar , whom she loved this many years.” Soumya said
Swara was burning inside, She was confused… the Ragini who Lucky introduced her and whom he loves seemed to be simple and a good person. But the Ragini Soumya had talked about was not that good. It was obvious that Lucky loved Ragini, So he will always see her good side, But why would Soumya lie about Ragini. And that too she never told anything directly to Swara. And Ragini seemed very close to Sanskaar, which Swara was not liking much nowadays……And Lucky’s words about Ragini’s past disturbed her…. Was Ragini innocent?
Swara came out from the trail room and displayed herself in the blue lehenga. By then Sanskaar came in.
“Wow Shona… You look beautiful…..” Soumya complimented. “Hain Na Sanskaar”
“ hmm…” Sanskaar nodded…. “But I think this one will look much better” Sanky pointed a hot pink lehenga and left. Swara dint think twice nor did she try but packed the lehenga which Sanskaar picked.
Swara was happy ……After all Sanskaar was dropping her home. He asked Soumya and Sapna to leave as he wanted to drop Swara. She felt that Sanskaar was no more rude with her. He smiled more around her.She felt that he was giving her a chance. She sat in passenger seat while he was driving, which gave her a wife feeling
“So , I heard that you Bhaiyya is not coming for our engagement” Sanskaar kick started a topic
“Haan…. He is busy there… But he will reach before our wedding functions kick start” Swara smiled. And then silence engulfed them again.
“ Sanskaar…” Swara called him, taking up all her courage.
“ Yes Swara” He listened to her attentively
“Are you happy with our engagement?” Swara framed her question well
“Why are you asking this question to me?” Sanskaar sounded confused
“ I mean, you dint like me then….and maybe you ar ready to marry me for Laksh’s happiness…..”
“ Swara..” Sanskaar cut her words… “Laksh’s happiness is important for me… of course… but I dint tell yes because of that…” Sanskaar kept his eyes on road.
“ Then??” Swara was curious. But Sanskaar dint answer, instead concentrated on the road…and somewhere Swara saw a smile playing on Sanskaar’s lips.
Two weeks passed, today was her engagement. These two weeks went fast and furious… Everything went happy with Swara…. But her thoughts on Ragini went wilder each day, making her hate Ragini. The way Soumya and Sapna spoke about Ragini made her despise Ragini…But she decided give in for Laksh and Sanskaar
Swara was all dressed and beautiful in the hot pink lehenga , which Sanskaar picked for her. She found herself very beautiful in that lehenga
Her maa, Dadi and Dida came in turns to check on her….and left to attend to guests…. She was very nervous…And the next person who entered her room was the person whom she wanted the most in that moment
“ arrey Oh Shona darling…. Looking so pretty pretty” Lucky came near her. She took his hand and shivered
“Lucky yaar , I am scared…. Really nervous…” Swara said. “Sanskaar is really happy about this marriage??”
“ Uffo Shona… Relax…..everything is fine…” Laksh calmed her.. “ And yeah, me and Ragini have an engagement gift for you.”
“What??” Swara enquired
“ Wait Dear….. You will get it once your engagement is done”. Laksh winked at Swara”
Swara was accompanied by Laksh for the engagement function . Ayush bhaiyya instructed Laksh to play brother instead of him. It was a grand function as it was a union of Maheswaris and Gadodias. The engagement function took place with pomp. It was for the first time Swara was meeting Lucky’s badi Maa, Sujatha Maa’s sister, a sweet woman. She had two girls accompanying her, whom seemed of Ragini’s age.After exchanging ring with Sanskaar , Swara felt that now she has got her Sanskaar for herself and was very happy. Laksh came in and congratulated her with a hug. They a had a photo session followed, selfies and portraits. After the session ,sShe and Sanskaar was surrounded by her friend including Soumya and Sapna.
“Hmmmm Swara, you are looking beautiful in this lehenga, I never thought that you would select this one” Sanskaar whispered
“Thank you” Swara blushed Crimson
“arrey Jiju…. You are looking handsome in this sherwaani, where did you get it from??” Swara ‘s friend Smitha asked
“Hmmm… I don’t know, Ragini , my Bhabhi got it” Sanskaar said. Swara turned unpleasant on hearing Ragini’s name from Sanskaar. But gulped down.
“ Sanky..” Ragini tapped sanky’s shoulder from behind He turned , she hugged him and congratulated him.
“ Congrats Swara” Ragini hugged her too. Swara reciprocated uncomfortably
“ Chalo Sanky….. Come with me…” Ragini pulled Sanskaar. “excuse me Swara , will return him in a minute” Ragini smiled at Swara and pulled Sanskaar, who went with her easily. Swara was irked . Her friends dispersed ,she was left with Sapna and Soumya
“ What is wrong with Ragini, how can she pull away Sanskaar from here …that too like this” Sapna said. Swara saw Soumya silencing Sapna. Swara always heard Soumya and Sapna’s conversation when they discreetly talked about Ragini and her misdeeds. Soumya never told about Ragini explicitly. She did this to prevent Swara from having bad thoughts about Ragini… That was considerate about her… But this Ragini, she was over the top.
Soumya passed a Sherbet to Swara. Perhaps she noticed the irritated expressions of Swara and wanted to calm. Swara gulped the Sherbet in a go. She felt an odd taste for the Sherbet . After a while , she felt a heavy head . Along with that the anger towards Ragini shot up
Screen Freezes on Swara’s angry Face.
Precap: will Swara and Ragini be SwaRagini??

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